Zombie named Rob

Once the man blew my mind! But that was my idol ... No! And the fact that I first heard one of his singles. For the child's mind not strong enough to settled in the minds of the fear of the same name and music.

"Zombies ... zombies ..." - sounded in my mind, "Why did he call themselves: he is terrible?" -. Does not go out of my head.

Zombie named Rob

But many years later, I realized the creativity and hard work of this guy. Nooo! .. I did not listen to his records. I just looked at his debut film ... And while as a director he vtorosorten, pass by his works is impossible.

But let's order ...

Bartle was born Robert Cummings January 12, 1965 in Heyverhill, Massachusetts. His parents were engaged in that organized all kinds of carnivals, and the Robert from childhood loved to hang around watching TV, absorbing all that haze which was shown on TV.

Peers considered him odd small and especially did not communicate with him. But Rob is not worried, he carefully hammered my brain images of Western culture media. It is this children's passion and enthusiasm engendered in him the idea of ​​creativity, which he brought to life.

All viewed their horror, criminal chronicle, comics, wrestling shows, and other stuff from the life of the American masses were not in vain, creating from it the one we know today.

But I would still not recommend to take it as an example, and day and night to sit in front of all kinds of screens in search of inspiration. Well, let's go further ...

New York met Robert in 1985, where he comes in order to enroll in the College of Fine Arts. But the study does not give the young tomboy, and Rob have not completed it.

While he works Velokurjers, art director for a porn magazine, and later production assistant children's television series Pee-wee Playhouse.

But his irrepressible imagination and thirst drive does not rest, and he and his girlfriend Shauna Reynolds, which met during their studies, creating a group of "White Zombie" and takes place there a vocalist, while Shaun plays bass guitar.

Zombie named Rob

A ten-year existence of the group brings significant benefits - the group breaks out of the underground and firmly consolidated at "severe" stage


White Zombie invited to record soundtracks for movies and television. But over time, Rob realizes that the group ceases to be relevant and announces its dissolution.

So begins a solo career as a musician. Energize past experience and make yourself quite meaningful name, he joins the big stage alone and starts a grand tour in support of their debut album, "Hellbilly Deluxe".

The tour turns out really solid, sound design, pyrotechnic special effects and staging are at the highest level. Nearly a year Rob Zombie spends touring work, and his debut album becoming triple platinum.

Upon returning home, Rob released a collection of remixes, and the summer of 2000 wrote another soundtrack (this time for the film "Mission Impossible 2") and starts to think about the implementation of his other passions - cinema. Zombie cinema swept back in a time when, watching TV, he shot a few clips for "White Zombie" and fellow craft. Also important is the fact that


, his video for the song "More Human Than Human" wins the prestigious award in the MTV Video Awards field of music as the best clip in


, Rob wrote the script for the second part of the movie "The Crow", but as a result of the confusion it rejects.

So, after work on the music for the second part of the epic espionage Tom Cruise, Rob begins to realize his first film, "House of 1000 Corpses." Youth slashers is a success, and inspired by the newly-born director takes up writing the script for the continuation of horror.

Zombie named Rob

Meanwhile, Rob did not stop making music and releasing their second album, entitled "The Sinister Urge". The producer of this album is Scott Humphrey, who has repeatedly supported Rob and acted curator weight than musical groups. This album also reached platinum and brings even more popular performers.

It is impossible to ignore the personal life of Rob, or rather his long passes and his wife Sheri Moon, which, being a "woman's face" group dances with Zombies concerts, plays in his music videos and movies. A successful stage and duet becomes a family, and now it is difficult to imagine any work of Rob, whether musical or cinematic, without his companion.

Zombie named Rob

But not everything went as well as it might seem. If a musical work Rob was all good, then with the release of their debut "House of 1000 Corpses" I got a lot of problems. And though the film, as mentioned previously, after had the audience and, to some extent, the financial success of its output to the big screen for a long time remained under question because of excessive cruelty and excess of the cost of production (as explained by the film company, in which Rob turned). As a result, after making adjustments to the picture, in 2003, she finally came to the big screen, and so we found out about this director Rob Zombie. The second picture Rob (which although it was a continuation of the "House" but was known as "The Devil's Rejects") also deserves attention and recognized more "adult" than the previous one. In it we find all the same characters from the "House of 1000 Corpses" (of course, still alive in the prequel) performed by the same actors who, thanks to the work of Rob, get the chance again to star in a movie, as has already forgotten the modern viewer.

Zombie named Rob

After (not as sensational as the debut) rolled "The Devil's Rejects" Zombies little goes cinema rail to devote himself to the creation of a full-length animated film "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" based on one of his comics, which he wrote between work in film.

The history of the cartoon adventures of a retired wrestler and his sister. Help in the creation of this cartoon Rob have the authors of the cult cartoon series "SpongeBob SquarePants, as well as the actors who worked with him. But delayed the release of the cartoon, and Rob new opportunities in directing.

2007 is full of movies of. Zombie shoots dummy trailer for a nonexistent film "Women werewolves SS" for the project K. R. Rodriguez and Tarantino's "Grindhouse," and at the same time working on the adaptation of the remake of the horror film "Halloween."

Zombie named Rob

Exit and hire "Halloween" is more than successful and elevates talent Rob Zombie to an even higher level. Anticipating success, the film company "Dimension Films" signed a contract with Rob for three of his later works, which are not forced to wait. During the first part of the killer in a mask should be a remake, which is less successful than the original. And in 2009, finally, Rob manages to release "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto". Currently Zombie working on the script for the third "Helouinnu" and is preparing to shoot a new movie with his wife.

Traditionally, it remains only to wish good luck and more success Zombie named Rob :)

Zombie named Rob

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