KIA Picanto: design "Pepper"

• KIA Picanto: design "Pepper"

KIA chief designer Peter Schreyer believes that there are no trifles when designing vehicles. Its design solution - "The Shreyer line" - made the lineup KIA dynamic, modern and recognizable. It is not surprising that this team Schreier commissioned the development of an updated appearance KIA Picanto.

KIA Picanto: design

The project was code-named Spice ( "Spice"), and for good reason. In an effort to get an unusual result of shocking the Germans can go far: while working on the design group was fed only spicy dishes of Korean cuisine. According to auto design guru, it is allowed to dive deeper into the ideology of the model and tune in a truly acute and progressive image. Perhaps this was the reason for the success of the new design, but team members still consider the approach Schreier ambiguous, though not devoid of originality. Very satisfied with the work done, - said one of the engineers - but kim-chi (spicy pickled cabbage flavored) I can not have a very long time, and because it was my favorite dish.

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