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Answers to curious questions, the answers to which you most likely did not know.

Why in a dream people sneeze?

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Sneezing - involuntary reflex sharp exhalation through the nose and mouth that occurs, usually due to irritation of nasal mucosa. Before we understand why people do not sneeze in a dream, you need to figure out how does this blow. As soon as something irritates our nose sharply, the nerves send impulses to the brain.

He shifts the responsibility for what is happening on the pectoral muscles, after which the lungs fill with air. Holes leading from the throat to the mouth closed, preventing the movement of air from the lungs into the mouth. Then comes the sudden strong exhalation, and a person sneezes. So, during sleep the nervous system is resting - thus giving the team no one sneeze.

If you eat a little poison in the end, you gain immunity to it?

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For some types of venom with frequent use of them really can not buy immunity and tolerance. Usually it refers to the poisons of plant origin, such as strychnine. And also get used to arsenic (but not to the arsenic oxide, which has a feature to accumulate in the body, destroying it).

But the majority of poisons (cyanide, modern technical and military warfare agents) do not cause tolerance. By the way, the tolerance can be not only to poisons, but also other things: drugs, political sensation ...

Why zebras striped?

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You probably guessed that the stripes on zebras body need not for fun, but to disguise, but hardly knew how they help to hide. zebra stripes in perfect harmony with the high African grass, it does not matter that the grass is green and yellow, and the band - black and white. And it's not that the lion, the main enemy of zebras - an idiot. Just a lion, like a dog, do not distinguish colors. He can not see the zebra crossing and walk past. This often saves individuals stray from the herd, who walk alone and unarmed. But more often zebras are surrounded by their own kind. It is highly unlikely that the lion (even an idiot and colorblind) will not notice the herd. However, save zebras stripes here. Strips of individual animals blend in with other bands, and the lion can not focus on any one individual. Instead of the herd, which consists of individual zebra, predator sees something great and variegated.

Moreover, even the lion can not figure out which way to move this mass of wiggling. As a result, a lion attacked the plan flies in the hell. By the zebras stripes (in each individual they are located in their own way) to help identify each other in the herd. Mankind also uses this kind of camouflage vests. They help sailors or not is uncertain, but judging by the fact that lions rarely attack them, rather than not.

Why laughter looks that way: knock the breath, intermittent sounds?

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Despite the fact that laughter is considered a conditioned reflex, he arose by divergent development unconditional, who expressed a sense of danger. This unconditioned reflex can be observed in the dog, if a swing at her. Mukhtar starts barking and baring teeth. Nature laughter associated with the nervous system, which sends impulses of facial muscles, muscles of the larynx and the vocal cords. Cutting, throat muscles make breathing stray stray and moving vocal folds - to publish characteristic sounds during exhalation.

Why is the length of the first call from a landline phone call determined?

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The duration of beeps is called intelligent CPV (control of the Call). CPV depends on what the switch member number. Therefore, the fixed and mobile phone rings and the duration of the first call is different. As a general rule, calls from mobile to landline numbers are shorter than from urban to urban.

Likes to whether the polar bear honey?

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If your apartment has lodged a polar bear and demands of foie gras with berries, know this: it can really eat him and you. Despite the fact that most of the bears - the predators, they are still omnivores, for example you can send another into the jaws of the stapler manual bear. The brown bear lives in the woods, so he more than met the berries, and sometimes honey, and we can hardly imagine his chewing seal. However, even if the polar bear encounters a polar-beekeepers who left a jar of honey, he was happy to eat and honey, and explorers.

Why own outlet in each country? And how many types of sockets?

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All the world's 13 species of sockets (or plugs). They are distributed on the planet is quite chaotic, except that sometimes "British" type found in the former colonies. But if someone is not familiar with the history of the wars of independence, it is best to check with the card. In the Maldives, for example, immediately 6 different species.

And if you buy a vacuum cleaner in Gabon, then it will not work in the Gambia, but on the Cocos Islands - no problem. Why is that? It is not only the different safety standards, but also in the banal fantasies engineers. When the craftsmen from different countries began to improve the original plug H. Hubbell, about travelers thought the least. Or, at least, did not consider that someone pleases to carry the vacuum cleaner from Gabon Gambia.

Why did the cow is always diarrhea, and in sheep - never?

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Because the sheep life difficult. The difference between these animals is that the cows do not protect the water and sheep cherish each droplet. In the evolution of domestic cows ancestors won itself the best in terms of herbivores, "pieces" in ecosystems: the plains and lowlands in warm climates. The sheep were driven into the desert, the highlands and the steppes with a sharp continental climate and a poor food. Therefore, the sheep had to rebuild physiology according to harsh environmental conditions. For example, fewer pick and food. So, of the 800 species of plants growing on natural pastures, cows eat only 150, while the sheep - more than 400. To enroll in the stomach feed the sheep body belongs much more careful cow, trying to learn from his way through the digestive tract a maximum of nutrients and water . After all, if high yielding cow drinks water a day for a quarter of its weight, the sheep can not afford such a luxury.

Accordingly sheep intestine length is approximately 30 times greater body length, whereas it is more cow only 20 times. Therefore, in the cow manure contained 77% water, and in sheep - only 64%. Hence the difference in the consistency of the sheep "nuts" and the cow "cakes".

Why do all the astronauts in zero gravity, and can not walk on the floor?

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If you're talking about the movie "Star Wars", that is because there is no gravity. And humanity will learn to create it if it can overcome the world. It is possible to walk on the floor of the ISS astronauts will be able to in our lifetime: Russian scientists from the Institute of Space Systems Institute. Maximov is actively working on the creation of artificial gravity and is already conducting trials of the corresponding apparatus. In addition, the tests produce results, do not know anything more.

How much can you eat scraps with sensitive information, like in the movies?

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The correct paper is composed of hemicellulose and lignin. All these elements are absolutely harmless for our body. Today, however, manufacturers often add anything you do not mind: colorants, polymeric binders, resins, glue. So you should be careful with the choice and read the product. Eating clean organic paper is absolutely harmless. Just do not fill your stomach full, and the paper will begin to swell, which can lead to volvulus.

What happens if one of the Siamese twins commit a crime?

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This is, of course, grief, if brother devised evil. It would be nice to talk him out. But if that happens, people with birth defects that limit their actions and lives, and people with disabilities in group I (which, in particular, are Siamese twins) are not punished in the common prison.

But if the Siamese twins commit a serious criminal offense, they conclude under house arrest or detained in a psychiatric clinic. The penalty will be strictly enforced for both parts of the body. So, even if the second part of the body neither sleep nor spirit, she is automatically considered an accomplice in the crime.

Why make cuts on the button?

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For the beauty. It is widely believed that the cuts on the bread serve to release carbon dioxide, which is formed due to alcoholic fermentation in the dough during baking. And if they did not do before hitting the bread in the oven, he allegedly released independently, ugly crust breaking and spoiling the taste of the baked product. But in fact, everything is much easier.

The fact that carbon dioxide during baking easily seeps through microscopic pores in the test, nothing breaking and mutilating (because, for example, the black bread "brick" no cuts there, and its crust is still intact; it same goes for some varieties of muffins). Cracks in the crust of bread may appear if too high temperature or absence of steam in the oven (if a bread rassyhaetsya).

And the cuts on loaves have a purely aesthetic function, creating a characteristic pattern, which allows the buyer to know your favorite bread "in your face", without confusing with others. Incisions can be deep and not so oblique and direct, like go across the loaf, and along it. This does not affect anything.

It is necessary to drink a beer in aluminum cans?

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Manufacturers always leave a protective layer on the surface of such dishes. Beer cans used once, so the protective layer is not damaged and drink from beer it is absolutely harmless. As for the usual (and therefore reusable) aluminum cookware, its protective layer is gradually erased.

A dairy products and vinegar further corrode it. In other words, the early or late oatmeal milk ceases to be so useful. It is also important that now in addition to aluminum manufacturers add in dishes other substances that are even more dangerous for life.

As in Japanese dispense with onomatopoeia, interjections?

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As it is known, in modern Japanese adopted a mixed message (kanji-kanamadziribun) consisting of characters (kanji) and the phonetic alphabet (channel). So onomatopoeia, interjections in Japanese kana is written, and special characters for them there. Onomatopoeia so much popular in Japan that it has been named one of the dishes "syabusyabu" - derived from the laundry rinse sound "dzyabudzyabu".

Another example, "Sinsin" - onomatopoeic heavy snowfall. Interjections such as "anoo", "saa", "Eto'o" in the Japanese language used as well as in Russian "uh," "um," "like" - to fill the pauses between words. The event was: Assessing the cooperation with Japan, Vladimir Putin said: "The turnover of 7 billion dollars a year, of course, not so hot for the amount of our countries." Translate "not so hot" the interpreter could not. Analogue of this interjection is not Japanese.

How do I stop the escalator?

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Standard escalator able to withstand not only one person at each step, but even as many people as possible will fit on each step and how many more will climb on each other's neck. Although, if you will be found something that will put pressure on each of the steps of weighing an average of about a ton, it is still able to stop the lift.