Facts about condoms

• Facts about condoms

In Germany they are called Parisian, French - English hood, Italy - Glove, Lebanon - coat, in the United States - Jimmy Cap, South Africa - letter in French.

Facts about condoms

The Serbian advocates safe sex staged, pulling a 18-foot condom on one of Belgrade's landmarks. The authorities did not appreciate the action and fined the activists for "unauthorized shrouding the monument."

The organization of divorced fathers of Britain Tony Blair once threw condoms filled with a mixture of flour and ink. Condoms exploded in the air and covered the premiere blue powder. When the hype after this campaign is over, press raised another problem associated with the incident. Discussed the quality of English used condoms: torn away!

Condoms can save lives. One woman during a cruise in the Caribbean Sea at night after a few drinks fell overboard. Stay alive helped her a box of condoms. Inflating them, she has built from them something like a life buoy. Three days later, it picked up one of the little ships passing by.

Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini and sculptor sculpts of condoms sculptures and clothes to them.

The Indian city of Varanasi 600,000 condoms per day are used in the production of sarees. Workers of condoms rub shuttle looms that due to this unusual lubrication running smoothly. Smugglers are known to ingest them, filling pre illicit drugs to the stomach to carry drugs across the border.

In the Middle East condom use in many places, peasants carry water in them; they stretch between the concrete layers to make the roof waterproof performance; road workers throw them in vats of hot melt resin to give the pavement smoothness.

American soldiers in the desert, pulled a condom on the barrel of machines in order to prevent weapons from falling into the sand.

During the musical performance of "Cats" performers wear microphones for leotards, however, actors sweat a lot during the performance, and if the microphone gets the pot, it can go bad. On microphones wear condoms! During one performance they used to 400.

In youth Alexander Gorodnizky engaged in search of uranium deposits: evacuated from the wells and the samples sent to the laboratory for the determination of airborne radioactive gases. Tara samples were condoms are purchased in a drugstore, and even in such numbers, that saleswomen often frightened. Once the head is allowed to sell the number of condoms because it suggested that young buyers scheduled party.

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