KinoFresher - Lesbians attack

• KinoFresher - Lesbians attack

Overview of three films about unconventional woman's love - "Chloe," "Eloise" and "Room in Rome".

KinoFresher - Lesbians attack

Despite the fact that about male homosexuality films much more, much more pleasant to watch and discuss it a female version of this blemish. I'll start with the most beautiful, intriguing, less distortion, but the most exciting movies - "Chloe".

Of course, my assessment is extremely subjective. I will not argue that, "Room in Rome" frankly. But as for the overall impression, "Chloe" and superior "rooms" and "Eloise" on its head. The latter can be safely counted among the domestic films, and "Room" erotica.


The content of this material is intended only for mature audiences.

Let us return to "Chloe". Catherine from the windows of his wealthy homes often sees a young blonde woman in the company of different men. The activities it is not in doubt, but because of the close proximity of the ladies soon meet by chance in a restaurant. Acquaintance would not take place never, but Chloe something was upset, and Catherine, softening, gives her a hairpin. And after a while it begins to suspect her husband of infidelity and decides to enlist the help of Chloe. Her goal is simple - to try to seduce David, and once and for all resolve doubts Katherine in his fidelity.

It would seem that everything starts much as traditional, but look further and you will not regret! The film is very well shot, Amanda Seyfried very beautiful. It spoils the picture a bit grown old Julianne Moore, but fortunately, her body almost does not show. The main "chip" I think the combination of the innocent pictures with the story. Catherine asks Chloe to describe in detail her meeting with her husband, and she does not mince words, draws the viewer a very clear picture of what is happening, even though only a portion of the screen is set. Perfectly thought out reaction of the characters, feelings, words, gestures, and actions. In general, the view - a pure delight. The film, of course, love. Conclusions can be mass. I recommend.

Further, according to the degree of impression produced is "Eloise". French film, in theaters translated as "The Diary of a lesbian." Of course, no diary there. But there is one gay and one "torn by contradictions." And once again about love, but more mundane.

KinoFresher - Lesbians attack

Fell in love with the artist, and everyone is saying it's bad. And it would be okay, right next turns resolutely tuned admirer! What to choose? Contempt of society and the sweet shudder or encouraging mother and marriage with the unloved person? As usual, the heroine is hampered not so much the mother of the groom, as their own cockroaches in my head.

Struck by one scene, when the artist still dragged Eloise bed. It is usually assumed that nasty feel can only be the one who raped. And the one who cleverly took advantage of the situation - well, should rejoice. For the first time so clearly able to express the feelings of the young man, who in the morning proved unnecessary, nasty, ugly - an outcast. This pain no more, because here, I could not pass. As a result, "Eloise" is also tempting to think, everyone will be able to make yourself useful output. But I warn you - look hard, it's still a powerful drama from the beginning to the end. "Room in Rome" does not afflict the viewer and goes straight to the point with the first frame.

KinoFresher - Lesbians attack

As is typical, it again naturalki of seduction. And not just any! And from Russia! Actresses someone may seem ugly, I warn you once. But this sensuality and choice of actors is not as big as we would like. Taken excellent, worthy music.

In between the sex scenes the viewer entertained with stories from the life of the heroine, but do not really understand how they are truthful. Therefore intrigue make watch until the end. But be sure all the secrets, as well as everything that happens to remain in this room, in Rome. As a result, we face another love story, albeit unconventional, but all-consuming. There are many ways to treat the film. One thing is certain - there will be no calm.

T. Travk, especially for our website

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