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Cheerful horoscope


Motto - "guns to fight!"

Favorite book: self-published "Journal own wise thoughts."

Favorite hobby: shoot first and then ask questions.

Ideal job: sex therapist

Key phrase: "It is you telling me?"


Motto - "What is mine - is mine, that yours - it is also mine!"

Favorite book: "A voracious foodie".

Favorite hobby: to talk during dinner.

Ideal job: judge, often enduring terrible sentences.

Key phrase: "Why do you make me attack you?"


Motto - "Crossing Europe!"

Favorite book: "How do you get anyone to agree with anything."

Favorite hobby: to jump to conclusions.

Ideal job: sell everything and open all the doors

Key phrase: "Because I Said So!"


Motto: "Come to my house!"

Favorite book: "Manual of the martyr."

Favorite hobby: whimpers.

Ideal job: advisor on all vital issues

Key phrase: "After everything that I've done for you!"


The motto - "All will be in my opinion, that is great!"

Favorite book: "How to quickly master the art of intimidation." Favorite hobby: to give orders.

Ideal job: boss of the bosses.

Key phrase: "Well, doprygalsya?"


Motto - "Znayka need love too!"

Favorite book: "1001 step to full and complete organization."

Favorite hobby: worry.

Ideal job: manage the Eiffel Tower, personally checking all the spare ladder rungs.

Key phrase: "So it will not work!"


Motto - "Light of my mirror, tell me!"

Favorite book: "How to marry with a picture of the Mona Lisa."

Favorite hobby: unnatural smile.

Ideal job: lawyer anyone anything.

Key phrase: "On the other hand ..."


Motto - "The best remedy - attack!"

Favorite book: "How I have found mercy - the prosecutor's confession."

Favorite hobby: calculate your next move.

Ideal job: judge, jury member.

Key phrase: "Well, you have me for this poplyashete!"


Motto - "More than you wanted to know about anything!"

Favorite book: "How one minute to become a philosopher."

Hobby: rant to anyone who will listen.

Ideal job: senator in charge of the pirates. Key phrase: "Did I really do that?"


Motto: "My stubbornness not break!"

Favorite book: "Ten Secrets to achieve world domination."

Favorite hobby: pretend boss.

Ideal job: financial advisor millionaire.

Key phrase: "You can never be too rich or too poor"


Motto - "Surprise! Surprise! Long live the surprise! "

Favorite book: "How to take advantage of the fun and the sleeping hedgehogs."

Favorite hobby: to come across someone's eyes.

Ideal job: input and output plane of the corkscrew.

Key phrase: "Resistance is futile!"


Motto - "... but his thoughts were far away!"

Favorite book: "The Interplanetary Communications Manual".

Favorite hobby: to bring the pirates and rescue the millionaires.

Ideal job: a professional mourner.

Key phrase: "I'm so embarrassed!"