Facts about millionaires

• Facts about millionaires

It turns out that the business on which you can earn a lot - very boring. In America, for example, is a network of car parks, production of welding equipment and so on in the same spirit. If you are a genius programmer - forget the millions. Employees are not millionaires.

Facts about millionaires

Many rich people do not advise others to sit long in institutions. Millionaires who "have made themselves" without daddy's inheritance are usually not advanced beyond 2 University course. In any club of millionaires have not asked a higher education diploma.

20% of millionaires never attended university, only 6% have a doctorate, 8% - the formation of a lawyer, another 6% - medical education.

Smart millionaires prefer to marry a woman and live with it for life. Because the left hobbies harassed mentally and financially, and God forbid, the new lady of the heart that something is not like it - it can sue and win back some of the capital.

China is increasingly becoming millionaires who have no time to find a life partner. It is for these employees the rich organized a special cruise, where they are looking for a suitable life partner. On board a cruise ship is raised by about 50 people, most of which has the state more than $ 20 million expected to ship in the enviable bride millionaires. Carefully selected girls who dream of a happy and rich family life.

Statistics: more than 35% millionaire working hard - about 45 - 55 hours a week (for comparison: the conventional plodder employs about 40 hours per week).

The most economical and effective are considered among the Scots millionaires, with no one can explain why. But the greatest spenders millionaire considered Russian oligarchs. Immigrants from Russia account for only 6% of the total number of American millionaires. On the other hand, on average come from Russia six times more likely to become millionaires than Americans.

As found out a special study millionaires become the head of the family, where there is not only a strict family budget, but also maintained tight control of costs. Most millionaires have stated that, when planning your financial future, they spend a lot of time.

In Russia, the US and Europe to the millionaires are treated differently. Our main source of information about millionaires are jokes about the "new Russian", every kind of dirt, as well as interesting stories about how you can spend in style nowhere who had taken the money.

In America, the main principle is: "If you know someone with money, do not be envious and do not conflict with it is better to try to make it, for example, to sell something to the rich man.".

Western millionaires never make a fuss with their children. The only thing that did not skimp rich in relation to their children - is education. No super-expensive toys, and other vagaries of execution - children must become worthy successors of family businesses.

Millionaires prefer not to buy too much house. It is believed that a big house, it is, first, terrible utility costs, and secondly, it is necessary to pay a lot of helpers for the cleaning and, thirdly, Europe is just not right.

50% of American millionaires buy cars not more than 25 thousand. Dollars. 20% of millionaires have never bought a car more than 20 thousand dollars. And more than a third of American millionaires experiencing a steady craving for used cars. Successful millionaires rarely try to get into the circle of the high nobility. They prefer not to enter into any clubs, because there is always need to pay a membership fee and shell out for charity.

In Russia, everything today's millionaires made a fortune for yourself. In the world of this category of millionaires is 80% and only about 20% of the wealthy received millions in inheritance.

In the West, the most expensive Assistant millionaires - the analyst. Of course, analysts fees are kept secret, but it is known, for example, that the psychoanalyst Robert De Niro and several well-known oligarchs recently bought the eighth house.

Usually the millionaires in the world live relatively modestly. Instead of spending money on themselves, people who have become millionaires invest. On average, each year a millionaire invests about 20% of their income.

Portrait of the average millionaire has appeared that's how. This man of 57 years. He is married and has three children. About half of the millionaires wives all over the world work. And here is the most popular profession - teacher.

One survey was conducted among millionaires, they were asked how to make your first million? The most popular answer boiled down to one thing: Always work! Everything should be under your full and complete control, do not trust your money to anybody.