Exclusive to Fresher - Interview with Sergei Mavrodi

Sergei Mavrodi - the identity is ambiguous. Someone said it was a fraud, and someone - a financial genius. For any relation to it is difficult to deny that Sergey - the identity of large scale.

Sergei Mavrodi has agreed to give an interview for our site and thus dispel some myths and facts to share.

Exclusive to Fresher - Interview with Sergei Mavrodi

In April this year, was released in rent the movie "PiraMMMida" and if someone did not find the time, or did not understand what the "MMM", then the film became clear that the scale has been enormous - enough to mention that the action " MMM "were run on a par with the money.

Exclusive to Fresher - Interview with Sergei Mavrodi

Alexei Serebryakov as Sergei Mavrodi in the movie "PiraMMMida".

If, then, in 1994, your activity is not interfered with the state, what would be your future plans - may make "MMM" international project, or to influence the policy of the country, for example, to run for president, because the support of millions of depositors in

you had?

Plans were: "Russia - for Russians!" It's short. As part of these plans would be all my future actions.

Is "MMM" in 1994 collected 30% of the country's money?

Yes. Really.

Exclusive to Fresher - Interview with Sergei Mavrodi

You spent 4 and a half years in prison, a chief experience you carried out?

There - bad. And to do it - nothing. Here are the main "experience." And do not try to check it. On practice. Believe me so my word for it :)

Exclusive to Fresher - Interview with Sergei Mavrodi

How do you feel about the current oligarchs, who became billionaires through privatization?

Thieves. People without honor, morality and conscience. Embezzled and appropriated public property, works of generations. Millions and millions of their fellow citizens, their compatriots.

They may be cute, cute, smart, charming, elegant ... say the right and fair thing .. But! - thieves. Looted the country and vvergshie it into ruin, poverty and stagnation. They should all be hanged. On the Kremlin wall. Upside down. To longer in pain. In a warning to all other, like, evil spirits, and bastards. And I'm sure it still happens. I do not doubt even for a second!

It is believed that the US dollar is not secured by anything and that this is a global pyramid. What do you think of it?

What is there to "think" it is now well known. Although not bad here, it's a pyramid (any financial structure - a pyramid), and how it is used. This pyramid. For what purposes. But it is already too long talk.

Exclusive to Fresher - Interview with Sergei Mavrodi

How is your new project "MMM-2011", as already participating in this social financial network?

Excellent growth. The number of participants is already estimated hundreds of thousands today. From around the world, and. Not only from Russia. And the pace is increasing rapidly. However, for some reasons I was holding artificially until these rates. Reinsured, so to speak. Slightly. But now the initial period is over, everything is absolutely stable, so it will accelerate. Sharp! Means good, abound. And I want to draw attention. When in January everything just started (from scratch!), All experts croaked in unison that it was "impossible!" To pay such a high percentage (20 to 60% per month). But for half a year all over the paid. In full, promptly and without a single failure. You can visit the site and to read letters on prizes. Scans platozhek watch and so on. Themselves around to make sure. Well? And where all these experts? Cassandra's all these fucking? With their ominous croak? That's the price of all their utterances and all their expectations. And their competence. And you still believe it? :)

And the deputies? Remember their loud triumphant, that "the law of the pyramids! .. ready! .. take! .. that's it! .. as soon as possible! .." Well, where is he? This law? "Already ready"? "Accept"? "Exactly"? "In the very near future"? Six months after, by the way, it has already passed. And nothing has changed.

"I congratulate you, the citizen sovramshi", huh? Once again? Though they ever tell the truth, then? DeputaNtiki-these are our guys? Folk izbrannichki. Just even for a change? Or have been forgotten long ago, how is it done?

There is a famous saying Bill Gates: "If you are not on the Internet, then you have no business." You agree that for the future of the Internet?

Foreseeable future. So let's say. Internet - it's just one of the new technologies. There will be others. The time will come when he will appear yesterday afternoon, primeval archaism. As we are now some antediluvian silicon guns seem, too, were in their time riding progress. But the near future - yes, over the Internet. Yet again, a new anything you can imagine. Even better and more convenient.

Exclusive to Fresher - Interview with Sergei Mavrodi

Now, many people have a desire to work for themselves. What would you advise budding entrepreneurs out what niche you can succeed?

Why now? It is, in my opinion, always all had. The desire to work for themselves. And not for his uncle :)

Only advise everyone immediately worthless. And no special niches there. Where "you can succeed." Here's the rub something. Everyone has to find their niche. Himself! This, precisely, lies the main problem. The world is so constituted. Everything is difficult. On the path to overcome obstacles to the mass falls. Can not? Tired, lagged behind, lost courage? Blame yourself. Woe to the weak! And if everything was simply - "out a niche, run!" - all to the success and achieved naraz :)

Are you a religious person? What is your attitude to religion?

No comments. Now I do not want to answer. The mood is not right.

You did not just say that you want to change the world. How do you imagine this new world?

You will see. What it seems to me. When I'm showing, together with all the others and you will see. Do not worry, do not miss!

Exclusive to Fresher - Interview with Sergei Mavrodi

Sergei Mavrodi, especially for our website