Immortals lobsters

The Immortals • lobsters

While the majority of people and animals age, our body stops working properly: we falter, lose reproductive capacity, wrinkles and other troubles.

Immortals lobsters

It appears that the self-healing lobster DNA that basically means that they could live forever if they had so often caught and eaten, or if they did not die from disease and accidents.

The enzyme, called telomerase restores DNA lobster, allowing him to live without aging and reach enormous sizes, such as the Guinness Book record holder, which weighs more than 20 kg.

Telomerase acts on telomeres, which are at the end of chromosomes and protect chromosomes from wear. However, every time cells divide, the telomeres are reduced. Over time, the telomeres become too short, in order to protect the chromosomes and the cells lose their ability to divide. This effect has been called the Hayflick limit. Telomerase acts as an extension, restoring and protecting telomere length cells. However, the lobsters do not cease to produce telomerase, and within these enzymes have a galore. The scientists did not find any lobster signs of aging: no loss of appetite or changes in the metabolism, or the disappearance of the reproductive abilities or loss of strength or health. And if lobsters and die, it's usually an external cause.

Unfortunately, the path to immortality is useless for people, as people, cells that convert the Hayflick limit, usually become cancerous.