August premieres

The last month of summer - the final part of the show called "prime time to the summer blockbuster." In August, the distributors have in store for us several powerful Hollywood projects - both fiction and comedy - and a couple of melodramas.

The rest of the movie on their background fade, but it is to remain in the shadow of a picture sometimes is worth special attention. And, of course, this month should not miss the full-length "Winnie the Pooh"!

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" (Aug. 4)

August premieres

Next kinopredosterezhenie - let not man fancies himself a master of nature!

People with genetically engineered form of output advanced apes, who are aware of their "servile" position and hold a bloody revolt ...

The film Rupert Wyatt James Franco, Freida Pinto, Tom Felton and Andy Serkis - a prequel to the band in 1968 "Planet of the Apes" (it in 2001 to retake Tim Burton). That is, it is already possible to see what led simian revolt.

"Horrible Bosses" (Aug. 4)

August premieres

Heroes of Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) and Dale (Charlie Day) are tired of boring and hard work and find a radical solution to the situation - decide to kill the bosses of each other: a psycho (Kevin Spacey), stupid (Colin Farrell ) and special, obsession with sex (Jennifer Aniston). The deal will result?

"Beastly" (Aug. 11)

August premieres

late for us for a hundred years, a modern interpretation of the beloved fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast."

Enchantment evil witch (Mary-Kate Olsen) is converted into a handsome Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) in unattractive type of scars and tattoos. To return to its former shape, he should make the love of a beautiful girl (Vanessa Hudgens). Needless to say, it succeeds.

"Cowboys and Aliens" (Aug. 11)

August premieres

A fantastic action-western from the director of "Iron Man" Jon Favreau and producer Steven Spielberg, in which play Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell.

Events absurd at first (and the second) glance kinokomiksa deployed in 1873 in Arizona. The protagonist of tape (Craig) wakes up somewhere in the desert. He does not remember anything, and his arm is decorated with strange "bracelet". Residents of the nearest town of Absolution City is not happy about this guest. Soon, the hero discovers that they are kept at bay glowing balls that appear at night and fired at the city. And it seems that it was destined to deal with this dangerous "phenomenon." Not without the help of an aging sheriff and dashing beauty.

"lay low in Dublin" (Aug. 11)

August premieres

A rare guest in our box office - Irish comedy thriller.

The good-natured cop Jerry (Brendan Gleeson) never thought about heroism, but one day in Dublin there was an FBI agent (Don Cheadle), who called the hapless servant order to help him cover the drug gangs. Load whether cheerful redhead Irishman and a strong African American .. In other roles - Liam Cunningham and Mark Strong.

"The Devil's Double" (Aug. 11)

August premieres

to travel the festivals biographical action-drama about life Lativa Yahia, Uday Hussein's double, the son of Saddam Hussein. Charged Lee Tamahori ( "Along Came a Spider," "Die Another Day", "The Prophet"), and is played by Dominic Cooper and Ludivine Sagnier.

"Conan the Barbarian" (Aug. 18)

August premieres

In 1982, "Conan the Barbarian" ordered Arnold Schwarzenegger to Hollywood. Two years later came the continuation of the epic fantasy of strongmen-the Cimmerian stories of Robert E. Howard, but in the age of 3D this great warrior needed to rejuvenate. Arnie came to replace Jason Momoa, star of TV series "Game of Thrones". Now he will take revenge for the murder of his father and the destruction of his village and he will save the beautiful Tamara (Rachel Nichols) from the mad leader Qilana (Stephen Lang).

"Spy Kids in 4D" (August 18)

August premieres

Robert Rodriguez takes on old and tells another chapter from now on "the four-volume" series about the guys of spyware and how they not only save their parents, but the whole world.

In the film, played by Alexa Vega, Jessica Alba, Jeremy Piven, Antonio Banderas, Danny Trejo.

"Flamenco, flamenco" (Aug. 18)

August premieres

A real gift for fans of flamenco (and in our country there are many).

79-year-old Spanish director Carlos Saura has dedicated his tango movies, fado and flamenco, but decided to return to the last.

His new film - something between a spectacular music video and documentary, he brings to the film a wonderful expression, subtlety and beauty of flamenco.

"One Day" (Aug. 18)

August premieres

is directed by "Sentimental Education" Lone Scherfig film adaptation of the novel by David Nicholls.

This is a story of true love, which fears neither time nor distance.

Graduates Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) were together for only one night, but then gave each other a pledge to meet on the same day every year. And no matter what happens in their lives, they keep their word. Oh, very touching and beautiful!

"Final Destination 5" (Aug. 25)

August premieres

The fifth adrenaline attraction of the horrible and absurd death. Another hero premonition of the accident and thus save a few people. But sputsya a while survivors begin to die under horrible circumstances. This here kinoudovolstvie.

"The Sleeping Beauty" (Aug. 25)

August premieres

to participate in the competition at the Cannes Film Festival Australian psychosexual drama debutants Julia Lee, a protégé of Jane Campion. In the center of the plot - a student Lucy (Emily Browning), who agrees to work as a prostitute in the very unusual circumstances: every night it euthanized and placed in the "Sleeping Beauty room", where customers can do with it whatever they want. The next morning she did not remember anything ... Note: criticism of the film is not happy.

Children in August it will be possible to reduce to a cartoon of Little Red Riding Hood-spy "Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil" (4 August), a film with computer blue dwarfs "Smurfs" (11 August) and the full-length Disney cartoon about Winnie the Pooh "Winnie and his friends "(25 September).

August premieres

"Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil"

August premieres

"The Smurfs"

August premieres

"Winnie and his friends"

But adults also should pay attention to the Franco-Argentine comedy western with the best actor in Cannes 2011 Jean Dyuzhardenom "Elusive Luke" (August 4), and comedy with Patrick Dempsey and Ashley Judd "Velcro" (Aug. 25): as it happens, two bands at the same time began to rob a bank, but met with a very strong opponent - Man in love with operatsionistki.

August premieres

"Elusive Luke"

August premieres