What do they write in foreign guides to Russia

What do they write in foreign guides to Russia

Traditions in Russia

Many people come to irritation if you take pictures of drunks.

Men need to take into account that from them in Russia is not just waiting for the traditional gentleman's behavior, but consider it somewhat for granted. So do not be surprised if you see a woman who is standing at the closed door in anticipation of what is unclear.

On the streets is not accepted smile at strangers. If Russian smile, he may think that my clothes dirty?

Russian in many situations are very close to each other and speak very softly into each other's ear - as if whispering.

In Russian - two faces: the one he - on the street, and quite another - at home. Until the mid XX century Russia was inhabited by mostly peasants. And it feels so far: they are incredibly loyal and infinitely generous to those who know, and extremely distrustful and hostile to strangers.

Like most Slavs, Russian do not associate sex with shame.

Politics in Russia

In Moscow, so concerned about their own status, it is quite fair to call it a bourgeois town. Perhaps it is the welfare of Muscovites due to their complete indifference to politics. While in the neighborhood, and the rage Orange Revolution Rose Revolution, Russian lead a quiet existence and watching to see how Putin introduces censorship and eliminates their right to choose the government. Muscovites, as can be seen, are more concerned about new restaurants, than the discussion of the new rules of life.

Young Vladimir Putin spent his youth playing on the streets of St. Petersburg, his family lived at the Basque, 12.

In the second half of 1980, while still a young man, Putin is engaged in recruitment of potential spyware in the West. Obsessed with patriotism, he has always defended the secret services of the Soviet times and said: "I have never read a book written by a defector, a man who betrayed the motherland." In 1989 (shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall), Putin returned to Leningrad and soon worked as deputy mayor. For temper and dedication earned him the nickname of Stasi.

Statistics of Russian

Per person in Russia is about 16, 4 sq. m living space (in America - 60 sq. m).

The representative of the middle class is buying roughly 5 books per year.

Russian go to the movies on average five times more likely than Europeans.

Vehicles in Russia

Cars do not slow down over pedestrians, and some drivers even increase speed. Of course, the intention of killing them is not - they just want to see the fear in your eyes.

The dangers in Russia

If you go one on the street, try to look Russian: it carry in his hand a plastic bag.

Perhaps, in Moscow you will need a mosquito net - the model that is attached to the ceiling and covers the entire bed.

If we talk about pickpockets, be especially vigilant in the metro area "Guerrilla" - our readers informed us about the incident occurred there.

There are cases when the fish spawn white painted shoe polish, so that it looked like a black, and then packed in branded banks.

The trains are sleeping with hidden on the body of the money and passport. Tie the rope locks, belt or tie.

If you drink at 30-40 degrees of frost hot tea or coffee, the teeth over time begins to crack and blacken, as can be seen by the example of many of the inhabitants of the Yakut city.

Female traveler should know that the majority of Russian men are aggressive, are not familiar with the rules of decency and tend to treat women as sex objects.

If you hear a mat on the street - go from there as far as possible.

Entering the underground, keep a hand in the face - so you do not have beaten out a tooth.

Food in Russia

Soup - a dish popular in the Caucasus.

Local water from the tap - one of the worst problems for foreigners. Some people use bottled water, even when children bathe.

Greens in Russian cuisine is almost not represented. But if it is taken in hand, then all dishes, as a rule, is a green blanket of chopped dill. So it is better to tell the cook in advance: vsyo bez ukropa.

Many foreigners are surprised that in fact the most popular alcoholic drink here - beer.

White bread called "white brick" black - "black brick".

Restaurant "Prisoner of the Caucasus" in Moscow named after the movie, and Lermontov's novel.

Music in Russia

Musicians from Yekaterinburg, Boris Grebenshchikov and his band "Aquarium" wherever it played - everywhere made a splash.

Russian rock god was born in Kazakhstan Viktor Tsoi. Stage movement in the style of kung fu did Tsoi steepness king.

Fashion in Russia

New Russian in the sense of style is still behind his girlfriend. New Russian soul with AC / DC, it is "back in black" (Back in Black - the name of the album AC / DC): a black suit, black shoes, black tie, Hermes, black sunglasses. To distinguish the new from the Russian guard - and their favorite color is black, too - look at his hands: if there had a Cartier watch.

In Russia, there is the phenomenon of wearing sunglasses on his head (bow mounted on the ears).

Many Russian wear long underwear - even for a business suit.

Of all the clothes very seriously in Russian - to the shoes. If you want people to think of you as a man of culture and comfort - to polish shoes to shine.

Russian capital

In Moscow, it is practically impossible to pitch a tent.

Private cars, in a variety of circling the city, known as the "gypsy cab".

From the square, bearing his name, Alexander Pushkin overlooks the possession. The field of view - a cinema "Pushkin" cafe "Pushkin" and metro station "Pushkinskaya": surely in the ideology of the new Russian Pushkin took the place of Lenin.

"Male toilet denoted by the letter" M ". Women should look for the door with the letter "Y".

A typical Moskvichka is arrogant expression on his face, it seems to her quite disgusting its environment (which it really is disgusting). Despite the fact that she has lived here all his life, his whole appearance it shows: in fact, I belong to Paris.

Private space in the Moscow apartment absorbed by the public: a living room every night turns into a dining room, and with the onset of the night - in the bedroom. That is why on a park bench - so many young couples kissing.

Muscovites feel sincere and well-deserved gratitude towards their mayor, who has restored and upgraded the city center over the past few decades.

Clubs in Russia

How to pass face control. Dress up: women should look like Barbie dolls, men - dressed in black. Drive up to the club in the car: the higher it is - the better.

Hotels in Russia

On each floor of each hotel there is a "duty", which will be glad to help in problems related to hot water, washing and peeping.

Gay in Russia

In Russian slang for homosexuals called goloboy (blue boy).

Vodka in Russia

The main thing that vodka was not illegal (podelnaya, falshivaya, levaya). In the best case, a collision with fake vodka is over the fact that you drink a weaker drink than ordered, at worst - you will be served diluted with methyl alcohol, the use of which can lead to blindness and even death. Among the hundreds of local brands are considered the best "Smirnoff", "Liviz" and "Dougan". Decent liter of vodka cost in the shops around 120-130 rubles. A history of the origin of the word "drunk" is as follows: on the banks of the river, two drunken army of one army drunk opened fire on each other.


"We went to the office of" Intourist "in Ulan-Ude, pulled the Lonely Planet travel guides, and noticed that the smile on the manager face began to fade. "You can not imagine how my pops noggin from that of your little books, - she said. - Here come the tourists, they are in a bad mood, because they insulted conductor molested them drunk in a cafe, a church, which they wanted to see is closed and the restaurant, where they would dine, no more. After that, they open the book and tychat in her finger: "But here it is written!" Please enter somewhere in bold: "Do not forget it - Russia."

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Zda-ro-va mu-zhih-ki! - Wow, guys

Chto a-baz-na-cha-it slo-va pup? - What does the word "navel"?

Kak pi-shiht-sa Pu-tin? - How do you spell "Putin"?

Va-shih pla-nih u-sta-nav-lye-ni-ya mi-ra-vo-va kan-trol-ya zhal-ka-ya il-yu-zi-ya - your plans for the establishment of global control - a pathetic illusion

Mozh-na zdes 'pa-kar-mit' rib-yon-ka grud-yu? - It is possible here to feed her baby? Ga-zuyt-ye, pa-zhal-sta! - Gazuyte, please!

V af-to-bus-ye nyet tu-al-ye-ta! - The bus no toilet!

Ya ish-yu chto-ni-bud 'Pav-la Ka-shi-na - I'm looking for something in Pavel Kashin

Ya zhih-vu v Mask-vye, ya nye bu-du pla-tit 'tak mno-ga! - I live in Moscow, I will not pay so much

Kho-chish ', ya zdye-la-yu tib-ye ma-sash? - If you want, I'll give you a massage?

My nas-mat-rye-lis' tserk-vyey - We have seen enough churches

Ga-va-rya o su-ma-shed-shikh, ska-zhiht-ye, is ka-koy psikh-bal-nit-sih a-ni vas vih-tash-chi-li? - Speaking of crazy, tell me, from what they have pulled out of a mental hospital?

Oy, ka-ka-ya va-la-ki-ta! - Oh, what a red tape

Ab-yi-vit-ye, pa-zhal-sta, kag-da mih pad-ye-dim k Ma-ga-da-nu - Declare, please, when we podedem to Magadan

Min-ya tash-nit! - I'm sick!

Raz-ve e-ta zhihzn '? - Is this life?

Gd'e my? - Where are we?