Most protest t-shirts this summer

Banksy, Marvin Marvin Heemeyer, Alexei Navalny, Julian Assange and other people who make the wearing of T-shirts gesture. Forbes magazine has selected 7 T-shirts, which in addition to the protest, expressed in the form, it is also a protest in its content.

Obey Consume And Stay Asleep, £ 14, 99

Most protest t-shirts this summer

The inscription on the T-shirt: "Obey, consume and continue to sleep"

The name of the movie They Live, filmed by director John Carpenter in 1988, it is difficult to translate into Russian. The most common version of "They Live", which appeared in the late Soviet video, beautiful, but not very accurate. However, it goes well with the advertising slogan, is preceded by a screening of the film in the same 1988: "You see them on the streets. You see them on the TV screen. Do you even voted for one of them this fall. Do you think that they are people just like you. But this is a mistake. Deadly mistake. "

They (the literal translation of They Live - "they exist") - it is disgusting, lizard-like bastard who for a long time ruled the earth, capturing absolutely everything means to influence people: politics, business, television, radio and advertising. With a special radiator they block the consciousness of man, preventing him to see and understand what is happening in the world, in fact. By means of the same device they are working with the subconscious of people. Everything changes when the film's protagonist, an unemployed from Colorado, is designed lizards for personal use glasses that let you see the world that way, it is. Looking at these glasses on a regular poster, you find out that it says "Earn breeding and not what do not think," "Obey, and do not ask any questions" and "Resign" (as well as dozens of similar appeals), and looking in TV, you see on the screen of loathsome monsters, oozing rotting flesh. The destructive power of innocence and spontaneity with which Carpenter expressed his attitude to the modern world, is fascinating - and the film instantly gained cult status. And not as a masterpiece of fantasy genre, as well as the standard of social evil manifest. Now, after nearly a quarter century since the release of They Live on the screens, the film is all also popular, as, in particular, evidenced by the numerous products with its logo. This T-shirt - "two in one": and a gift for fans of Carpenter, and an allusion to the famous British wartime poster Keep Calm and Carry On (ie "Stay calm and continue to work"). But this is the second factor - a nice addition. World War II ended, a new war.

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disobey, $ 21, 40

Most protest t-shirts this summer

The inscription on the T-shirt: "Do not obey: disobedience - the true foundation of liberty"

Anyone who buys this shirt, you need to prepare in advance for the fact that almost everyone will ask him the same question: who is depicted on it. Moreover, the short answer is unlikely to quench the curiosity because of Henry David Thoreau, alas, is known for only a very small number of people in Russia. Nevertheless, it was his programmatic essay "On the duty of civil disobedience" (1849) had a strong influence on the formation of the views of Leo Tolstoy.

But the key word here is not "Leo Tolstoy" and "disobedience". As a consistent opponent of any system, and especially the state, during his short life he managed to restore Toro against a huge number of law-abiding Americans (particularly supporters of slavery) and even spent time in prison. But not for his public appearances, but for the fact that he refused to pay taxes to the state - that which in what does not put. Died at the age of 44 from a severe form of tuberculosis, Toro had to try a lot. For example, during the three years he lived in solitude in the woods, trying to set up an experiment: Can a person live without society and whether it can all support themselves. he himself wrote: "I tried and trade, but found that there need ten years to make its way. But then, so it will be a straight road to hell. "

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Banksy, Abandon Hope, £ 11, 95

Most protest t-shirts this summer

The inscription on the T-shirt: "9 am - 5 pm: Abandon hope"

Among the workers 'big four' audit firms is popular so unfunny, but instructive anecdote: all the department, as usual, working from eight in the morning until midnight, and suddenly one analyst starts to come at nine and leave at six. On the first day all his colleagues are in a mild surprise, the second already beginning to openly squint, and on the third he did not stand up and explains: "Guys, it's okay, I'm on vacation!"

Those who nods knowingly at the joke, the inscription on this shirt may seem too soft. But it may not appear. Dull office space, the cult of profit, margin and ebitdy have become an integral part of the life of so many people in the modern world. A periodic outbreaks of violence office, antiofisnoy popular fiction and a growing interest in Downshifting - a confirmation of this. The unnaturalness of office life style does not feel alone those who are unjustly called a scornful nickname of "office plankton", feel and those who have a vocation is - to feel.

Created this shirt Banksy - mysterious podzabornaya artist incriminating modern society in any more or less noticeable misconduct - is very far from the offices of the world, profits and corporations. But his work hits the target. Of course, a man whose head is hammered by mortgage and credit scratched "Lancer", this t-shirt will look strange. But if self-irony, and not save the world, you probably will make it a little better. Where to buy:

the WikiLeaks, $ 17, 99

Most protest t-shirts this summer

The inscription on the T-shirt, "the first intelligence agency of the people"

Assange, do not converge with the news feed more than six months, tired. It's really tiring - when most of the media reporting on WikiLeaks and its editor comes to minor and superficial things: will be given or not Julian in the eager hands of US authorities and which turns out to be two-faced, these American diplomats, when compared to the ruling in the Russian tandem with Batman and Robin .

But for all the hype unfairly lost the main thing - the desire to Assange and his team to make journalism literally meat snatch this tool from the hands of the top and give it (and with it, of course, and control over what's happening) people. "The first intelligence agency of the people" - says one of the T-shirts that can be purchased on the site WikiLeaks. "Information - is the currency of democracy", - says the other voice of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States of America.

In an interview with Australia's The Sydney Morning Herald Julian Assange wondered: "How is it that the five men published more classified material than all the world's media for three years together? It's just a shame. " And let those secrets seem for the most part small and ridiculous, but perepoloshit the whole world, as it has done WikiLeaks, well worth it.

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V for Vendetta, £ 18

Most protest t-shirts this summer

The inscription on the T-shirt: V

A mysterious man with no idea of ​​the face and no name has arisen in the mind of the author of the cult comic book by Alan Moore in the early eighties - as a reaction to policies of Thatcherism. A little more than twenty years, thanks to the efforts of the Wachowski brothers Guy Fawkes mask, under which the V and hiding revolutionary, has become (thanks to the film "V - for Vendetta") in universally recognized symbol of struggle against the system. Who has not used the smiling image of old-fashioned thin mustache. Last loud example - a group of online activists called Anonymous has, for the last about eight years I have done a lot of loud and unpleasant situation in the western segment of the Internet, including the blocking of government websites in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya during the local revolutions, and swamping YouTube porn clips site response to the removal of the administration of the service set of a music video. The appeal of this image is caused by the cathartic moment in the film and comic book - when behind the mask of Guy Fawkes crowd of thousands out to the Palace of Westminster in anticipation of something grand. And gets her. Involvement in something big, and the right - that is what attracts so good-natured mask and swinging the V letter, enclosed in a circle, like a sign of anarchy. And the fact that the historical rebel Guy Fawkes was still caught up in the failed plot, tortured, by which he gave his accomplices - this is a few people care about. Apart from the fact that V - it's a vendetta, V - it is also a victory.


K is for Killdozer, $ 20, 95

Most protest t-shirts this summer

The inscription on the T-shirt: "K - is killdozer"

The legendary rebel from the United States seven years ago, teaches a great lesson system, Marvin Marvin Heemeyer when life is not very violent temper. But to call him a gentle character was not - in order to restore justice Marvin Heemeyer was ready to sacrifice even a long-standing friendly relations.

Apotheosis of personal struggle against injustice Marvin Heemeyer happened June 4, 2004 - Unborn Marvin Heemeyer year and a half shock to the system was calculated and cold-blooded as coolly executed. The conflict began operation of a cement plant, cutting off access to the garage Marvin Heemeyer. On the side of the plant stood administration Granby-horse town, where there were all the subsequent events.

Almost completely ruined Marvin Heemeyer a bulldozer equipped with armor, surveillance cameras and loopholes and immured himself in this edifice, I went to destroy property offenders. Arrived on the scene the police were powerless against the carefully sheltered spot gun - the bullet could not penetrate the armor of steel and concrete, and climb and hold on "Killdozere" as it was called then, was very difficult - prudent Marvin Heemeyer smeared with engine oil the entire surface of their transport and destructive means. Breaking 13 enemy buildings and causing damage to a multimillion-dollar corporations (later to be named the sum of $ 9 million), the bulldozer has become a serious knock - police still managed to shoot through the radiator and engine damage. And when the car finally stopped, unable to move on, commandos heard a gunshot inside the cabin. To make sure that Marvin Heemeyer really committed suicide, I had twelve o'clock cut armor "Killdozera".

Riot Marvin Marvin Heemeyer (contrary to expectations - and the efforts - the authorities) has attracted a lot of supporters. And no matter how the authorities tried to explain the incident an act of "domestic terrorism", the public continued to consider this case it is a protest against the state system. Therefore, until now the anniversary of the death of Marvin Marvin Heemeyer in many US cities are memorable meetings, and fans of his actions is growing.

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Check your eyesight, $ 15

Most protest t-shirts this summer

The inscription on the T-shirt: "Check sight: United Russia - the party of crooks and thieves"

Slogan, descended from the language of light Alexei Navalny has spread rapidly among people who have Internet access. Its popularity speaks, for example, that if you enter into Google this phrase, in the first place will be a link to the official website of "United Russia".

In addition to the Internet, the slogan appears regularly on posters and demonstrators, and, for example, on T-shirts and billboards - and, not only in Moscow. To some extent, this has contributed and the party itself: his attempts to whitewash its own name. On public radio debates with Navalny about this intolerable insult deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov was determined, given Bulk data (blogger showed a screenshot of the official document) for all life anywhere except in the civil service are not hunted, and at the same time having owned a house and four and a half apartment a total area of ​​nearly four square meters (and, in addition, one more little thing: "Mercedes" S-class). What his opponent immediately and informed the subscribers of his diary, disrupting storm inaudible applause. Where to buy: //