I'm hooked

• I sat down to

I'm hooked

It was prom night, after the 11th grade. I was ready and dresses. But an hour before leaving the house, my mother asked me to go to a neighbor for soda, for the preparation of some dishes. Soda had to be a little, so her neighbor paved in small transparent bag, which usually sell beads and other small pieces. Dish mom never cooked, and I went to the prom with a package of soda in his pocket.

About the exhaust will not tell. More to the point, as they say.

Disco in the first floor lobby. Vodka from plastic cups behind the school. Vodka from plastic cups in the bathroom, under the table, around the corner, and so on. D. I went outside to smoke, and, pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, dropped the bag with soda.

The precipitate package noticed Maxim. Maxim was a school bully. Their school was a lot, but Maxim was the hooligan. And even as many rumored, he was a good fight. In short, they are respected.

Half an hour later, they came to me and told me to wait in the toilet. In the toilet I met Maxim:

- What's in your bag?

- And yourself, then do not you think? - I vaguely answered. - Share?

- Are you sure?

- I'm sure.

I took the bag and emptied the contents on the cover of the toilet and did little finger track. So as soon as I never did not do it, the track turned 6 centimeters long and a centimeter in width. In a word, it was a lot of soda.

- Well, tell me what to do. I had never tried it.

I realized that all this should be stopped immediately, but had nowhere to retreat.

- Just a sniff.

Maxim was on his knees, holding one nostril, and a confident sigh inhaled the entire dose. The next moment, Maxim hissed his nose, snot flowed, tears flowed from his eyes, and his mouth drooling. Maxim did not look very. I was sure that I will now be beat. But suddenly I heard:

- Nichesebe! Here is a topic!

After washing, he asked for more. But I said it was going to kill him, and he went to dance. Maxim danced wonderfully. So just dancing gods. He was happy.

The next day, after graduation, my door was a knock. On the threshold stood Maxim.

- Look, I need more. We are now thumps in my house, if you want, come to me.

I remembered that I do not have soda, Maxim asked to wait while he went to a neighbor who lived across the street. All my movements, Maxim perceived as a kind of scheme of conspiracy. And it concluded that the goods at home, I do not hold. After 20 minutes, Maxim, and his company has listened to rap and sniffing soda.

A few days later, the phone rang. The tube was nasal voice of Maxim. As still soda, only a week, changes people.

- Dim, I sat down next to a campaign. Is there some more?

I realized that this is necessary to tie and told Maxim that most do not do it. Maxim upset and left, left alone with his addiction.

And that evening, a neighbor came to me and Aunt Val said that today it came a young man and tried to buy her heroin. He also said that he knows exactly what he is, and she will not tell anyone.

Later, Maxim went to a military school, and I no longer had never seen him.

Maxim, if you are now reading this text, know. It was not heroin. But the mucous you no good.