IgroFresher - Tropico 4

Aplausos amigos! holiday stepped outside the small dictators of various banana republics! Haemimont Games and Kalypso Media have pleased the next, already the fourth in a row by a series of Tropico - the best at this time the simulator Fidel Castro.

IgroFresher - Tropico 4

Personally my expectations game live up to one hundred percent. What is so good the new part of the series, see the review below.

Welcome to paradise

So what expected from Tropico players? Urban strategy with elements of simulated policy against the backdrop of a beautiful tropical landscape, and flavored with a large number of first-class humor. And if you need a brief summary, it was and get to play.

Urban planning part is convenient and logical. Micromanagement, though present, but totally unobtrusive and you can simply forget about it.

The inhabitants of the tropics are in need of shelter, food, religious buildings, education, medicine, recreation areas, and law enforcement. For the maintenance of all this we need money. You can earn on exports (from corn to weapons), and for this you first need to establish production chains.

For example, for the production of furniture, you must first build a sawmill and sawmill and has only then a furniture factory. And if anyone can chop wood, then for the assembly of furniture already requires at least schooling.

At first, the best way to fill the budget will be the export of coffee and tobacco, but as the government will be pumping oil and to export high value-added products.

The second source of income - a generous donation from the superpowers. And the Soviet Union, and the United States want to pull your little country in his camp, and so regularly send humanitarian aid. The most surprising is that the game can be maintained excellent relations with both sides at the same time and get the buns and from those from others. Superpower particularly generous at the start of the game, but over time, donations are coming less and less, so do not sleep, and actively develop the economy.

The third source of income - is tourism. Build hotels, improve logistics, do not forget about the attractions and entertainment just for the rich foreign moneybags and the tourism industry will be a truly chicken that lays golden eggs.

The art of politics

The Tropico is a strong element of policy simulation. It is divided into external and internal.

In foreign policy, you should try to maintain good relations with all world powers. In addition to the two superpowers, it is the European Union, China and the Arab world. The most important for us, of course, is the relationship with the Soviet Union and the United States, because if you are very much with anyone of them quarrel, it is possible to end up like Saddam Hussein.

However, if it came to military threat from a superpower, it is always possible to invite the other party to arrange a military base on our peaceful island. But the best option from enemy invasions - is its own nuclear weapons.

The rest of the world powers, though can not land on your island landing, but bad attitudes negatively affect trade and the flow of tourists from these countries, so let's live together. The world the way is not in place, everything is taking place some events and we have to take one side or another, and a corresponding effect on the relationship. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Whom we support, the Soviet Union or the Arab world? Between the US and the European Union broke trade war because of duties, to whom we express support? In domestic policy, all too interestingly. Tropico society is not monolithic, and is divided into fractions. The communists, capitalists, nationalists, fundamentalists, loyalists, and even green. Each faction has their own needs, often contradicting each other: Communists want affordable and comfortable housing for the masses, and the fundamentalists need to build a new cathedral and to organize a visit of the Pope, the capitalists offer to attract foreign investment, built near sawmills and drive logs overseas, and green, on the contrary require prohibit deforestation.

And you have to somehow try to take into account the interests of the majority, because the country's elections are held periodically, and you need to defeat them at any cost - a defeat is tantamount to the end of the game. Of course, the election may not necessarily held honestly, the local CEC can always provide the desired result, and if you are very unpopular among the people, the elections can and do cancel.

However, voter fraud, and even more so their cancellation radicalize society and lead the country to the Orange Revolution. Peaceful demonstrations can be replaced by riots and attempts to remove power from the el presidente. And in this case rescue mode can only the army and the secret police. Needless to say, that unpopular among the people especially the dictator must zealously safeguard the welfare of the military and police? Also, do not forget that the political repression could cost you your reputation with overseas friends and patrons.

Obeying the latest fashion, the game is very much integrated with social networks. Game achievements, you can automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. I wonder whether to add support for the Russian version VKontakte?


As I wrote above, summarizing, Tropico - it's a great town-planning simulator with interesting political superstructure. I recommend to everyone, in such games is certainly worth a play.


- Interesting, addictive gameplay.

- Low system requirements.

- Great sense of humor, as far as possible all the humor in the strategy.


Specific disadvantages noticed. Probably it could be to something to find fault, but I will not. Tropico - excellent game.


IgroFresher - Tropico 4 IgroFresher - Tropico 4 IgroFresher - Tropico 4

The Americans need to pay a "tax freedom".

IgroFresher - Tropico 4

Luckily I already have a means of forced democratization.

IgroFresher - Tropico 4 IgroFresher - Tropico 4 IgroFresher - Tropico 4

Do not always work both ways, sometimes you have to make a choice.

IgroFresher - Tropico 4

When nature gets angry at our paradise island in case, here are a tornado. What's wrong with a picture from the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"?

IgroFresher - Tropico 4 IgroFresher - Tropico 4

Golden statue of a loved one, and a huge statue of Christ beside - the dream of any dictator.

IgroFresher - Tropico 4

The giant structures like a magnet for tourists.

IgroFresher - Tropico 4

With this rating, no manipulation of the elections are not needed!

IgroFresher - Tropico 4 IgroFresher - Tropico 4


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