Vitka, Gopnik and third level of skill

Vitka, Gopnik and third level of skill

I Yonchikom was returning home from the construction site at dusk. We walked through Borok-Telep, the most unfortunate part of the city. Here Runaround gypsy camp, Sasha Baron determine their laws and aliens move around the territory was more dangerous than the conquistadors in the Amazon jungle.

The police here do not appear even in the daytime, and the doctors and staff sotssluzhb ceased to meddle in the camp after it went missing three inspectors from the power company. Although Sasha Baron and keep order, built a chapel and suppress drug trafficking, dark punks still climbs out of their holes at night to shake the bystanders.

We walked from Misha-butcher, the mosaic was almost ready, had to lay it on the glue. Vic lagged behind us: his wife told him to buy yogurt for Petka. Petka was dysbiosis and yogurt restores intestinal microflora. I'm with Jonas stepped into the narrow concrete bridge spanning the drainage channel. As would be expected at the end of the bridge have been waiting for a bunch of small idlers.

- Smoking forbid - in broken Russian said memorized the longest formula.

- Smoking is injurious to health, - I said mechanically. From the outside it looked like a password exchange.

- What do you say? - choosing his words began to make long - you who say, bastard?

The side of the long loomed two brats pozhmakannyh fifteen years. Nearby sat under a canopy four strong aubergine and one, in a leather jacket, dropped the knife down on the edge lying between his legs watermelon. Finn always get stuck. On the hairy hand he flashed a gold watch. The rest quietly whispering glittering teeth in the dark.

- Take off your nut, bald goat - with a head in his voice choked long and looked at my ring. - What do you think, Jønch, "elephant's trunk" or "Hanuman"? - I asked Jønch.

Beginners Gopnik alert.

- "Hanuman", - said Jønch - although, hell knows.

Teens strained and crept closer. Sitting under the canopy stood up and the one with Fink, pushed the foot watermelon aside. We are playing for time, and Victor did not show up. "Probably, beer sucks at the counter, a scoundrel" - angrily I thought.

Regarding Vitka can note the following: Victor was a born antigop. That's it, I fell in the hospital from his mother's womb and said, "Here I am Hop - antigop ...!" It all started trite.

Once Victor was walking home from the grocery store and on the footpath near the fountain caught a left jab to the right ear and a black eye under both eyes. Czech beer, bought Vitka for domestic needs, drank uncultured rosvigovskie gopas.

This fact is somewhat confused Vitka and he decided to give tough resistance. Since Victor had not muscled torso, it was low and covered with cellulite, then the choice of street fighting techniques was very meticulous. Round of fighting reviewed all the films, comic books and leafed through all focused on Muay Thai.

Any schoolboy knows that a professional Muay Thai fighter has in its arsenal of nine major attacks, not counting the blocks. Vitka enough two. First, he has mastered the devastating "elephant's trunk, falling on the grass."

Vic practiced punches with abandon, was falling "trunk in the grass" for many hours a day until it cracked parquet in the bedroom and do not sprinkle plaster. Neighbors bottom first fought hysterically, then sold the apartment and went to live in the village.

Then Victor took up a lightning "Hanuman tears crow's beak." After a week of the walls had been torn out all the switches, as well as patches of Belarusian carpet standing in a roll behind the curtain. The passion for sport has also been taken out dentures from a neighbor on the site of Ivan Abramovich. The jaw is inserted, and the carpet had to throw. Then Victor began to methodically go for a beer.

In the first week to the city hospital received dozens of mutilated Gopnik. Injuries were the same character - a strong bruise base of the skull bones, a broken nose and tapered cartilage. damage to the body depend on which hand Vitka kept beer bottles.

Last razgildyaya brought by Adam's apple shifted: Our Vic grew up technically. And Rosvigovu soon could walk quietly if Victor broke his little finger. One summer evening, he gracefully lowered the "elephant trunk" to "grass" next gopa, but that turned out to be on his head wearing headphones with a metal frame.

- You can not behave this way - good-naturedly chided Vitka trauma surgeon by superimposing it on gypsum ruku.- must be able to control his emotions. Do not fret over nothing, keep yourself in their hands. For you to stick, and you ignore. Self-control, the internal self-control.

- In-in, listen to the doctor, - said sitting opposite hefty Gopnik. Nearby lay flattened headphones. The nurse bandaged the boy's head and he winced in pain. It looks like "trunk" reached the same goal and lightly pushed cerebellum bully. - And then just that, right hand to dissolve ...

Throughout the night Victor pondered the doctor's words, contemplate your inner world, develop self-control, and early in the morning all started to ignore. Especially adept he ignored Jønch when he asked him to mix the tile adhesive.

By the end of the day Victor even learned to ignore me. After work in the evening he was standing with his hand zagipsovanoy at a bus stop in Pavshino when he was surrounded by several men unshaven. -Semki there - I asked one smaller.

Victor was silent.

Hey, zagipsovany, you che, mummified ?, - small rapped his knuckles on the plaster. - Look, guys, Pharaoh Tutankhamun ... - all together neighing and one in dark glasses, poured Vitka at the remains of the beer head

At Vitka pounding heart, he was already mentally broke his nose and two Adam's apple jerked one, but did not let on.

"... I Ignore will ignore - thought Victor, - the true strength of the fighter is not hidden in his fist, and in his soul ... All to ignore."

Meanwhile, the boys began to shake slightly Vitka from side to side, and put on his dark glasses and something wove about morning erections and the rubber member. Victor began to boil, the right hand twitched slightly - this because she was eager to Hanuman. Smallest noisily breathed in his breath and blew his nose profusely at Vitka's jeans. The chest Vitka heavily burned and the world in the dark glasses and so, suddenly narrowed and went out. If one of the teens is not just caught him in his arms, then Victor, falling, would break his head on the concrete box.

-Infarkt infarction, - said the woman doctor looking at a long piece of paper. - What are you, Viktor F., themselves have not kept? Nervous. Well, the guys have got compassionate, brought you to the department.

- You're it, Che did not say that unhealthy? - said one of the "compassionate", standing in a glassed cupboard - can take you home, Tutankhamun?

During the next week ignoring Vitka has twice brought to the aunt-kardilogogu with cardiac arrest, after which she said:

- Listen, Viktor Filipovic, if you continue to expose themselves to such stress, the end of the month does not make it. Always keep yourself emotions splash out them out. Splash out. Victor began to pour out of ISO. Pinkie merged and "trunk" was lowered to "grass" with a vengeance. From different parts of the city to the hospital damaged Gopnik received periodically. Trauma was overcrowded, urban surgeon tired fold gangster skull and sew porvanye nostrils, but in September it was possible to walk the streets at night without worrying.

Moms released children to school with peace of mind and mentally thanked the unknown guardian of urban order. However, this area Borok-Telep, Vitka was still unexplored, so dark punks started borzet more.

- take off the ring, bald - closely approached me long. - And right now vyplyunesh teeth in ...

However, where I spit teeth remains a mystery, because the long suddenly received a resounding blow to the head from behind a large white object. Two pozhmakanyh briskly rushed to the side like cockroaches in the kitchen with the lights on.

"Oh, Victor has come" - I thought with relief. But it was not Victor. Big bright woman masterly lupila long white package on the head and, judging by the sound, in the package was an empty pan.

-A te boss Curvo! - shouted sternly colorful gypsy - Dorshon hozo dere! His father around the area looking for, and he fyue to decent people stick. Come home, you rascal! A te Curvo!

Blows rained down on a long with such speed and at such angles that Bruce Lee would applaud, standing with wide eyes. In this case, the gypsy managed to free a hand pump with a baby stroller. Jingle empty pots complemented select Russian-madyarsky mat, the firing of gold teeth as a woman from a large-caliber machine gun. Covering bluish head in his hands, long on bent legs smartly posemenil to home. - Come on, boss, pulled me by the sleeve Jønch - will not interfere with the family conversation.

From under the canopy came a disappointing fidgeting. Tons again began to stick the knife in a watermelon. We left.

- Do you think Jønch - I asked Jonas the next morning - Vic slipped across the bridge?

- Stopudovo slipped - Yoni replied, laying on the floor mosaic of Spanish. - The question is only: "elephant's trunk or Hanuman"?

- I think that "Hanuman".

- And I - "elephant's trunk".

Closer to lunch came Vitka. He was wearing a new leather jacket and a gold watch on his wrist. All our questions he ignored.

Then I learned that night in the trauma received four victims of Roma origin. We all had the same, but previously unheard injury - a failed chest and broken ribs. In conclusion, the doctor wrote that he was hit hard blunt object round shape in the solar plexus.

It turned out that a month as Victor moved to the third level Muay Thai skills and mastered the stunning reception - "Heron feeding nestlings weakened." Then "chicks" for a long time learning to walk, and the "obtuse round object" though henna - a hat dressed and went for yogurt.