Schelbany or butterfly effect

• schelbany or butterfly effect

"We influence the world around us as much as we would like, but a lot more than we think ..."

Schelbany or butterfly effect

A week Sasha spent on sick - sick bruised back, a cameraman with a bad back is not an employee. The heavy iron bricks, for a whole day and a healthy back in the arc will bend. The most offensive, that he had to fly to Italy for a month to shoot the beauty of Rome, but - bad back, whether it is not right ... Do not grow together, instead it sent quite young, but healthy patsanchika.

But if the hospital were given because of a bad mood, then Sasha has a month to lay at home - drink and moped, looking out the window. Peel and moped ... so depressed had to be moved on the legs, and only a month later the blues a little vain.

I was the first to Sasha poured sick soul. I even surprised myself this. He was always so serious and of few words, and much older than me (he was fifty dollars a penny), but apparently a joint trip to Peter had done its work, and at night, under the sound of the wheels, Sasha told such a story here:

- A month ago, I have formed a day off, and I alternates to a distant park even walk properly his spaniel Hashanah. The mood is perfect, each leaf backlit looks like a work of art, sorry I did not think to bring your camera down. Seven o'clock in the morning, almost no people, only now we have overtaken rare meteors with correct breathing, horse-speed and music in his ears.

Here ran towards another healthy horse in a tracksuit, we Gosha outsiders. I have thought - and I would have to quit smoking and start jogging in the morning - and health and Gashanu zaschaste.

Suddenly, just run past the "horse" stopped a dozen meters, he came back and said: "Hello, I'm sorry ..." In view of the horse forty, tanned, all gray, but wildly sports. If you describe it in two words, it was a meat cube ...

Kubik went

- Excuse me, tell me you do not accidentally in 1655 attended school?

I am puzzled and said:

- Yes, in 1655 the first and ...

Cube smiled and asked:

- And in the ensemble played the drums ?!


- Yes! And you? .. I know you?

Kubik replied:

- Unlikely.

Then it began something difficult: I get a short putt in the stomach, and then it makes me fucking sambist trick in store from which my feet are flying above your head (this is my sort of pressure), resulting in a two-meter height, I fall back on.

I lie and do not know from which the patient is breathing, from the back or punch in the stomach. Frantically to think, that in addition to the keys to the apartment and the old phone with me and take a nothing. In my head buzzing, confused thoughts - what does our 1655 I school and my drums? Cube leaned toward me ... and made a reference to the forehead ...

It was schelbany satanic power, I even for a few seconds, was forced to go to a black and white vision. Such schelbany probably distributed noodle their employer ass. Here meat cube and says:

- I am of course you do not know, but once, when you was in the tenth grade, you come into the dining room, there was a line of first-graders. Very first you are not looking, he gave bream, lifted by the collar and threw it from the queue.

I then fell from the hands of a glass of tomato juice and filled in the entire form. I like this could not go to the control, ran off with the lessons received from my mother for a white shirt, and the next day got two deuces for truancy, because of them, by the way, I am not the coach took over the camp in Anapa ... Well Come on, we have to swing, there are healthy and I'm sorry for the company ...

Cube stroked my spaniel and ran on, and I have a long time lying on the ground, very regretting that this was no ordinary robbery. Cheesy Gosh jumping around and licked my face hard.