• Horn


- Tell us your favorite anecdote.

- So, now try to convince all of us here that for this role, we must take it you.

- What are you working behind a movie?

- No? Thank you, we will call you back ...

And so several times a day. Sample tests, auditions, again and again, casting samples. And time is running out. First, the life passes and should hurry to give people a great acting talent, but to hell with it with life. The most important thing - a month passes and is about to have to pay the owner for the room.

While Andrew studied at the theater, pop schlock though tiny, was fun and believe in tomorrow. But now it has come, the diploma, happy student parties behind and no more or less a role that let not happy, so at least the helm.

We had to play even a bear. Bear-foot foam, and inside Andrew looks through the holes on the bear's neck and invites children on rides. Children say no thanks and their idiotic dad also strive to break the bear straight on the case, to show all his courage before a giant, though cotton, animal ...

At such moments, sweaty Andrew was angry and regretted that he was only an actor-loser, wrapped airtight insulation, rather than Valuev in tight bear suit ...

Not PEYRELEAU him. The poor man was already thinking to spit, to stay on this side of the screen and no longer trying to become an actor. Go home to mom and dad there to pull to get a city-forming enterprise - the fire department.

Actor differs from prostitution, but the fact that the actor's casting the lack of professional experience - more minuses than pluses ... Looking ahead, I will say that one fine day Andrew won his evil karma and now he had not jump the turnstiles in the subway and do not go to the auditions, behind him for about five meters and complete countless roles in serials.

And it was so.

After another unsuccessful audition, Andrew, as always promised to call or anything released back into the dark streets of Moscow. He did not want to go home until I fell asleep his landlady, because Andrew has a couple of days must have known that she would tell him, instead of "hello" ...

He went into the cafe, took coffee and slowly began his strain. I passed by a girl in search of space and landed to Andrew. We talk, get to know. Her name was Alla and she was a psychologist. Andrew open up, and in return received the most important piece of advice in his life. Alla briefly explained what the problem Andrew:

- You could until retirement to go on casting, but you never choose, and not because you're incompetent, you can be even itself Smoktunovsky, but the producer intuitively feel that you're a loser, and he previously accepted the fact that you do not take on the role of .


- So what do I do? Go to my mother and to become a firefighter?

- No. Feel free to go tomorrow for the next audition, but go with the feeling that your desire is already realized and you do not expect the role, and it is you already have. People will feel it and will not pass by you, but it will be tomorrow, and now let's go meet with my parents, get married and give birth to a child. (Oh, this is something I ran forward, though so eventually they came out and ...)

Andrew took Alla telefonchik, goodbye, come home, quietly slipped past the grandmother in her own room and think hard ... Easy to say - Imagine that you are all in roles in sables, how I will be able to demonstrate? I thought all night. By morning, he took down a dusty trophy deer head with glass eyes and good jigsaw cut off his little horns. In Babkin instruments I found superglue and tightly taped antlers himself on the forehead.

- Tell us your favorite Anek ... Oh, it's you that ..?

- This is a horn, do not like?

- It looks like, and you can touch it.

- Go ahead ...

Then came running all the numerous casting group, even the camera operator is thrown, he also wanted to touch pyatisantimetrovym deer horns.


- True luxury? This I'm shooting in Poland in a joint project, and play there a feature that gradually turns into an angel. That accounts for half a year to go with these damned tusks. But thank God, before the end of filming only a week. A divorce can not be, firstly, they are fastened tightly (Hollywood make-up artist), and secondly, the director makes always wear them to used as a family ...

Needless to say - who among the vast crowd was on this day the long-awaited role .. And then they'd go, Andrew learned from scratch and forehead feel little horns and now the roles themselves behind him running?.

P. S.

Grandma was upset and surprised - as it so badly it fell off the wall and deer pootshibal itself both horns, and even so rovnenko. But getting on the guest goodbye rich gift - electric blanket, I forgot about everything.

And Andrew Alla soon married, but is now for you this is not news ...