Rules of Life by David Fincher

Statements of the director of famous film "The Social Network," "Fight Club", "Seven", "Game", "Zodiac," "Panic Room," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Alien 3".

Coming soon on the screens of his new film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

Rules of Life by David Fincher

When I was 8 years old, I asked my parents as a gift brass gun or eight-millimeter camera. They never would not have given me the gun.

There are always people, ready to blows your films, because they themselves can not invent anything. "Wow, seven - it's about expansion. It brings a grandmother. " I do not want to say that took a masterpiece, but at least I did not devoid of taste.

I want to make a movie, which would operate on the spectator as I conceived. Instead of film, which would masturbate serial killers.

Not sure what movie should entertain. I interesting movie that hurts. I like "Jaws" for what not to swim in the ocean with '75.

I'm sure that some people in films, just to get better tables in restaurants.

After thirty-five is not the truth. Only different degrees of lies.

In the first class, we were scared of the zodiac (serial killer wielded in California in the late 60's, which Fincher took the same film - Esquire). School bus accompanied by a sheriff's car. I told my father: "You know, our bus is accompanied by the police." "You should know - he said - that the Zodiac has killed several people and sent a letter to the Chronicle, in which he said that he plans to shoot a school bus tires and kill all the children." I thought, "You've got a car, you could took us to school? You're working from home, there is nothing stopping you, "I was aghast. My parents did not care about my life. I decided to become a director of, watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

In our area film industry never perceived as something unattainable. Dude, who lived through the house from us and every day comes out in a robe for the newspaper, was George Lucas.

I have many friends vice presidents and the presidents of the studios, and they do not understand a simple thing: my name is on the bill, and they - no. Their opinion is also valuable as an opinion of any other spectator.

The producers are afraid to sell something new. They always want to repeat: "Do not worry, it's all the same Big Mac with medium fries and a vanilla shake."

I invite actors to play, I needed, rather than those that they would like to play. Sometimes it is difficult to live with it. I have a simple rule: Come, learn the text. I do not mind discussions what does it do, or what is the composition of dramatic scenes with those who did their homework. But not with those who are just suffering from a hangover. It would be disrespectful to others.

Never invest their money in a movie, if you do not Mel Gibson.

It is not often get the chance to to do something like Fight Club. If all the people who bought it later on divid, would come to him in the first weekend, now would we watched Fight Club-2. After the film I did not say "just tell me what you want." I waited for the next sentence to three years.

Entertainment must be accompanied by a small dose of medication. Some go to the movies, to remind them that everything is fine. For me it's a lie. It's not right.

I am responsible for the How do I get the audience to feel, and I want them to feel uncomfortable. Anyone who looks around, in order to achieve harmony - an idiot or seriously ill.

Militancy helps make movies. As well as the fear of failure and an obsessive desire to be liked by everyone. But paranoia is a must.

It is enough to have a passion and some shitty idea, and people will not get in the way, because they need for someone to follow.

Direction - is the work of. Cool stuff, like inventing shots occupy one percent of the time. The remaining 99% - it attempts to put everything together, when all around the fucking chaos, and to repair the damage have to own shit. Work directed - to keep the belief that the results are worth the money, blood and sweat, which are spent on it.

Filming easiest described as: you write something in watercolor, located three blocks from you, looking through a telescope, forty people keep the brush and you command the them via radio.

One day I signed up for a summer film school in Berkeley, with a school friend. There were people, full of high emotions, and intentions to change the world. What a stupid and shitty movies they are filmed. The film schools teach those who can not shoot.

Self - masturbation. I am quite sure.

I will never is not interested in other people's opinion.