Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset»

• Royal Goa sunset at "Sunset" Villa

Someone is going to Goa for the azure endless beaches, someone craves true Indian flavor, and some want to relax in comfort in a new and interesting place. But there is another option - to combine all enjoyed the trip in full, with new, incredible experience.

Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset»

Comfort accommodations with all the comforts - it is the first thing to be taken care in a foreign country. Live in Goa too far from the sea does not make sense, and too close, usually not very convenient - the beaches were always crowded places.

But all rules have exceptions. Do you want to enjoy the bright crimson sun every night dipping into the sea? You want the path to the beach was short, easily and naturally? Such a place is, and it is called - villa "Sunset".

Other place you will not find, even if you search the entire infinite Goan coastline, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers. Only here purely European exclusive comfort meets with the eastern peace that you've been looking for.

Villa "Sunset" - is: - 7 luxury bedrooms with sea views;

- an exclusive three-level living room with dining area;

- comfortable cozy kitchen;

- spacious pool is filled in the edges;

- garden, parking, protected territory;

- competent and discreet staff.

One of the bedrooms - a truly royal. Unlike the others, it has not one, but two bathrooms and a spacious terrace. Its size and design is really striking.

Despite the fact that from the villa to the beach - just 300 meters away, it is hidden from human eyes, so no one will disturb you to relax as soon as you want it.

The architects have taken care of that, so you can enjoy the famous Goan sunset from home - each bedroom has a large balcony, in the hallway, kitchen and even the souls are large windows facing west. Even swimming in the pool, you will see the most beautiful sea sunset.

The cost of living in a villa not only be pleased with, but simply strike if it housed 14 people, living a day with each will be only $ 30 US, $ 45 in the New Year period! That is why the villa "Sunset Royal" - the perfect place for the corporate or leisure friendly company. Ashvem Beach, which is located near the villa - not one of those, past which just pass by without finding anything remarkable. Rather, local flavor will cover you with his head here! Bamboo huts, deck chairs and canopies, woven by hand, obliging Indians, many small cafes and restaurants with local and European food: Russian restaurant Shanti, Dobriy Vecher, Chaykovsky, Sky Bar are located here. Sometimes they arranged the very famous Goa-party.

Book a villa can be through the company Tara Travel (Incoming Tour Operator in India) site, or by calling in the Russian representative office of our company: +7 812 923-25-32Csylka the villa: // 436

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Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset» Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset»

Sunset in Goa

Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset»

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Royal Sunset Goa villa «Sunset»

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