100 facts about China

North, south, east and west of China do not differ much, but food and some habits. Therefore, in general, everything is the same everywhere. I live in the South East, 4 hours away from Shanghai, and so I will write as they are all here.

100 facts about China

1. There are a lot of small cafes and bars, in each house for a few pieces, I at first thought that they just do that to cut and eat. In these cafes dishes cheap and very tasty.

2. The bread in the shops - bad bread in bakeries - bad. It is sweet, or to taste something sweet. Russian man here is not easy in this respect, although you can buy in a foreign supermarket long loaf, which is without any flavoring, but dries in a day.

3. Cooking the Chinese are very diverse, extremely tasty dishes and they are proud.

4. Prepare all know how, and I think they even have no culinary training schools or courses taught throughout the home.

5. Prepare the Chinese everything that moves and a variety of ways. Sam ate ants and snakes. Strange, but delicious.

6. Vegetables raw almost do not eat, they necessarily boiled, fried or soar.

7. The store sold "Lace" with taste of blueberries, and many other sweet potato chips. I can not imagine how you can have sweet potato chips.

8. Sale grilled chicken, completely impregnated with sugar. The first time was led to the appetizing appearance and bought this stuff ... sweetbreads - it's just too much.

9. On the street never meet in a drunken Chinese junk. If drunk, then friends dovezut home.

10. Beer is cheap and tasty, more than 4 degrees does not happen, only if imported.

11. House Chinese binge drinking are not satisfied.

12. In general, the Chinese culture there is no drinking. They never drink beer, in order to just have a beer and relax. They are the most important - if gathered in a noisy restaurant company to celebrate a festival, it's a beer as much as possible and as quickly as possible, you can make it all then went to the toilet, and they are strongly encouraged each other. 13. Ciocan they're not all together, but each with each and every one that is willing.

14. Chinese clubs - this is a very amateur. Firstly, there R'n'B playing only the Chinese, but it is - not very good, and secondly, people are doing the same things, and on holidays, restaurants, try to drink beer as much as possible and as quickly as possible to all It was in the toilet or on the floor next to the toilet, and then go back to drinking.

15. In the clubs the Chinese, by the way, rarely dance, there stands a great number of tables, and they are these tables are playing a game in which in the 3 'Pirates of the Caribbean "played Will Turner with Davy Jones in the" Flying golandtsev ", there where they threw dice, hell knows how it is called in Russian :) And in general, who loses, he drinks, but since it all happens quickly, the result does not make coming.

16. Of the 100 men, 90-95-smoking. Women did not smoke (it pleases). For 3 years seen with a cigarette only 2 girls.

17. Cakes, pastries, and other baked goods - all fresh and in general does not go to comparison with ours.

18. In the glasses go, 70 percent of the total population.

19. The Chinese are very friendly and kind, good attitude to foreigners.

20. Generally, in a city where not a lot of foreigners, you walk down the street and all the Chinese people staring at you, and the children show a finger and say, "Mom inostryuga see coming." Initially terribly annoying, but then you get used to.

21. The Chinese can distinguish Chinese from other Asians. I can not :)

22. They are very fond of the white skin, try to do under the sun's rays do not fall, and never tan (it's about women, of course).

23. And in general are very fond of foreign appearance. You can come here with nothing and horseradish knowledge of the language, go to any advertising agency and get a model, with absolutely no bearing model appearance.

24. China is a very quiet place, no terrorist attacks, no revolts and movements. Natural disasters occur mostly in Sichuan and Hong Kong. 25. In the streets very clean, because all the time, clean, although they litter our pohlesche.

26. Everywhere there are free toilets, and there inside is clean. Although the Chinese no problem walking in the bushes, and not really hiding. I have no walking is not held to the eye is not caught ssuschy Chinese :)

27. The Chinese people are very hard working, they do not leave, and do not even have the words to convey the meaning of the word "vacation" in the Russian language. There are only something like the English "holiday".

28. Rest one week in October, in honor of the founding of the PRC, and one week in February, in honor of the Chinese New Year.

29. Chinese Valentine's Day in August, like the number 8. Guys just give girls flowers, paper hearts, go to the movies, walk along the quays, well then getting lucky :)

30. Often heard that Chinese students are diligently taught. In fact, this is nonsense, they do not teach more than any other student of any other country. All students - lazy creatures.

31. Students and people who commute to work by bus, breakfast is usually held in the bus, they eat most often some cake.

32. With age, their situation is more complicated than ours. When a child is born, he is a year, and if it was born before the New Year, then add another. In general, every Chinese person by our standards can add to his 2 years. Often, because of this confusion with foreigners. So be careful if she tells you that she is 18.

33. In the Chinese language exactly 100 families.

34. The names of the "Wang" and "Lee" are 20% of the population.

35. In China, an incredible array of dialects. But there is a general, in English called "Mandarin", which took the official not too long ago.

36. You can study his 20 years, but did not understand what talking 2 people sitting opposite you on the bus.

37. Chinese language itself a simple and remember the characters do not have much of a problem. And the Chinese are admired, if you talk to them in Chinese, and experience even more delighted if you write the characters. 38. They always say that you speak excellent Chinese, regardless of whether this really is.

39. The institutes usually have Chinese language courses for foreigners, to 2, 5 years from scratch. This is enough to speak Chinese very well. In addition, due to the fact that China has now become very popular, a lot of foreigners come here to learn to exchange or simply wrong. Therefore, all groups are international. If you can come here to learn, go.

40. You can enter on a tourist visa, and the Institute will have a student with no problems. Take people of all ages, I have learned in the group, even 50-year-old American. During the six months of training, I paid 6400 yuan (32 000 rubles). In Beijing and Shanghai, of course, more expensive. There were friends all over the world.

41. The method of learning like much more than in Russia, went to school with pleasure, and no stupid cramming.

42. Every Chinese has a vehicle, if not enough money for a car, then it is either a bicycle or a moped. China is sometimes jokingly referred to as "Country Bikes".

43. Many girls so strongly inflated legs, and this is somehow "ne ochen '".

44. The largest denomination - 100 yuan (500 rub.).

45. On each paper bill shows "The Great and Terrible," Mao Zedong.

46. ​​Those Chinese who "know something", not like Mao Zedong, and in fact he did more harm than good.

47. In the iron coin depicts a lotus - the symbol of China. The biggest iron coin - is 1 yuan. And for these 6 yuan can be quite dense and tasty lunch.

48. It would not have offered up China's economy, that's it not so clean. Everyone wants to be given "on the paw." Huge bribes, corruption is high. Officials greedy.

49. My boss at the firm with a turnover of 100 million. Dollars a year, he says that if all this continues, then in 15-20 years, the great Chinese economy will collapse. 50. The death penalty is permitted here, and applies to all. Not so long ago executed the Minister of Health.

51. As for the death penalty against foreigners do not know. I've heard that somewhere in the border town of Russian truck driver knocked down a half-dozen Chinese children to death, but like 2 years spent in the pit and just released it.

52. I went once on the plant for honey. articles, watched as their production is. The workers - mostly women, sitting in a stuffy room with a strong smell of glue, burnt plastic and rubber, where I could not be more than two minutes, do not sit in respirators and conventional masks, and repeat the same movement from 6 am to 6 p.m. Receive no more than 2,000 yuan (10 000), and they are quite happy with everything. Work, of course, only the village, which read something hardly know how, and they do not care what happens in the world or even in China.

53. Produce they are really high-quality and expensive thing, but the fact that poor quality, cheap costs accordingly.

54. The law that only a child can be, does not apply to the village, and it is certainly very clever.

55. On the fence around the dormitories and universities hanging drawers, throwing in that 2 yuan, you can buy a pack of condoms.

56. Children grow up spoiled, because the family only one child and the parents to him in every way please.

57. They never pass people at pedestrian crossings.

58. Not so long ago introduced a law banning driving while drunk. The Chinese are so strongly indignant about it, and very much surprised when I told them that we had been so long and rightly so.

59. The homeless do not have dogs, and all dogs, they began to make recently. Poop on the sidewalks can be found, but rarely.

60. To be indifferent to animals and birds Chinese are taught from childhood. We went once with friends to eat in a restaurant. There are cells at the entrance, one pigeon to another chicken, duck, and the aquarium snake with a bug. Mom asks the son, that you will have, he looks at it all, poking a finger at a pigeon, after 20 minutes we had already brought. 61. Live fish thrown on a hot frying pan, only to give it an oval shape. And how to prepare the brains of the monkeys will not write, or you will be ill.

62. National food they have - it's dumplings, pose (Buryat posture, by the way, delicious) and dumplings (bread made from rice flour). Analogue bread serves a cup of rice.

63. There are several holidays which they eat all sorts of unusual things. For example, there is a celebration of the full moon, during which the need to eat moon cakes, all the Chinese say that they taste good, I also say that they taste good, but eating them all, because it requires the tradition, and the people that produce them, are doing great grandmother because a billion people to buy their product robust design? :)

64. Cellular communications are public and cheap, only a few tariff.

65. The Internet is also the state, great speed, pay 900 yuan (4500 rubles) a year.

66. Adults who seldom go on a visit, and often do not know their neighbors. Young people, of course, goes to the guests. Favorite activity at a party - it is something to eat.

67. In general, they are very hospitable, at least, I'm constantly, and the main occupation besides eat and watch telly.

68. At the table, do not talk about politics, mostly about business and work.

69. Land and Construction expensive and getting more expensive every year, but, of course, cheaper than in Moscow.

70. Rent an apartment cheaply. Rented 3-room with all facilities for 2,500 yuan (12,500 rubles) per month. Familiar Russian remove 4-penthouse 3 balconies 6,000 Yuan. In Shanghai and Beijing is more expensive.

71. In grocery stores prices are cheap, fruit year round, all fresh.

72. The company employs mostly all the relatives or friends. I, for example, the head of his wife, her brother, his wife, their childhood friend, his wife and sister, and so on.

73. Who can not work in the office, working in a warehouse or a factory, and all around are delighted. 74. You can find the foreigner with a Chinese woman, but a foreigner with the Chinese is very rare.

75. Among the familiar Chinese have just great guys who are always ready to help you in all things, throwing all his affairs, but sometimes, of course, come across impassable nerds who hunts to kill the most horrible way. Although there are in each country.

76. The Chinese have always tried to pay for dinner at a restaurant for you. Sometimes, on this occasion there are big arguments, as all want to please each other. At first I tried to pay for dinner, but they are still not allowed to do this, now do not even try. I pay only when the invite to celebrate his birthday, and they still try to pay.

77. They have acclimatized foreign holidays without any problems. They recently celebrated Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. For some people, this is another reason to get rich, but for another reason parents treat their child with gifts. They are not really understand when I explain to them why we celebrate Christmas on 7 January.

78. Among the many Chinese Catholics, although they may not know anything about the Christian religion. In the city where I live, about 5 Catholic churches, maybe more, foreigners built in the late 19th century, all of them valid and very beautiful. In Shanghai, there is a Christian church that preaches the Russian Father.

79. For many Chinese men's long nails - 1-2 centimeters, for easy handling of the sensor. Touchscreen phones almost at all.

80. The majority of Chinese - Nokia. They certainly do not change the call to the "super-year-old hit-for-your-mobile", and leave the default ringtone. I was at the very beginning, and Nokia just kills me that the bus every 2 minutes someone's phone rings, and the whole bus climbs to fumble through his pockets, and I with them.

81. World premieres always go with a solid delay, I do not know why, probably, the dubbing is not easy given :) For example, "Source Code" that's just ended, and 18 October, "Limitless" only were released. In general, the films in the main they are in English with Chinese subtitles. 82. The Chinese are incredibly fond of Transformers, even the girls. During hire third part of the central square installed a huge 10-meter figure in and around many of the same, but smaller. In general, distributors work better than others.

83. The Chinese have reason to know and love Vitas, often from the music store, you can hear his song.

84. They are incredibly proud of their actors, directors, and athletes who have achieved international fame.

85. They are incredibly proud of her four inventions - gunpowder, the compass, paper and block printing (printing). And they do not care that they have not invented anything new for 1500.

86. By the way, often say that the Chinese are buying wood in Russia, then make furniture and sell to us at exorbitant prices. Recently I learned that this is not true. Russian pine is too soft to create furniture, and they are buying New Zealand pine. Although he saw that our wood export made ugly in large quantities, apparently to create toothpicks, Chinese chopsticks and other unnecessary things in Russia.

87. The most popular sport - this is basketball. Are playing, but play poorly. Just as we have in Russia a favorite sports - football, playing, but play is not very :)

88. 90% of Chinese kung-fu movies, and all the stories are based on legends that began to appear even 3000 years ago, they are simply very much. On TV series by type of "Carmelites" and about how hard it is to live in the capital. Yet they love the show "Prison Break". But how can you not love it, right?

89. Many Chinese do not like the Japanese because of the sad events in Nanjing in 1937. Then the Japanese during the war "just" cut more than a hundred thousand civilians.

90. It is not often see that Chinese people read books, read newspapers but all throughout the day.

91. Construction is always, even when everything is built up around, they will demolish anything and begin to build anew. For example, yesterday went to the sauna, now in its place has ruins, and six months would be a new shopping center. 92. In the markets it is necessary to negotiate, because they always throw up their prices. And in general, you can bargain everywhere except shopping centers.

93. Very cool them in the tea market. It is entirely different from the concept of the market. There are many small rooms and few people. When I first came, I had tea there 4:00 at tea ceremony, talked about all sorts of tea, and sold at a discount.

94. If you got into a taxi without knowing the Chinese, trying to say the name of the store or the place where you want, in English, then you are likely to be brought to the nearest McDonald's.

95. Around them a lot of incredibly beautiful and nezasrannyh parks. They are very large in size with the original architecture. Basically, located near the river.

96. Green River, probably due to the soil, but not dirty, but they still can not swim. They catch fish and sell local cafe.

97. Most of the park is occupied by green lawns. For some reason, there are few Chinese people, but mostly families go to foreigners, picnic, play volleyball, badminton and more.

98. In every yard there are Chinese trainers, with no resemblance to Russian, but they kind of funny.

99. At first glance it may seem that the Chinese are untidy and not far removed from monkeys. In fact, from what they considered normal Russian person may experience culture shock. But once again, they have that's fine, and as they say, in someone else's garden does not climb with your cabbage. For example, a burp at the table during the meal, and they even like to do it. Everywhere smoke in the elevator, in line at the supermarket, and they do not care that may be near children or asthmatics. Fart at any time they, too, do not bother. Harknut relish on the floor, while in the crystal clear lift 5-star hotel is surrounded by 10 people. Yelling like savages in the phone, or just yelling, talking with each other, although the youth in this regard seems to be civilized, but there are exceptions. And a lot of bleak detail. 100., and if you are traveling from Russia goodies friends Bring the chocolate and chocolates for adults and children Kinder Surprise, because Kinder surprise here is not for sale, and chocolate - bad.