Seven female images, repelling men

Seven female images, repelling men

Women - being fickle and contradictory. We may be just what we want, focusing only on your mood and vision of the situation. Each selected image is intended to influence the people around them, but rather men. But whether it will attract or repel - guess difficult. There are things that repel all men without exception.

A woman called to excite the sexual fantasies of men, inspire and seduce. But not all women can conquer the surrounding men, or at least arrange to themselves, if they wanted to. There are some of the most common mistakes that striking a strong half of mankind and completely discourage the desire to start any relationship with a woman. All of these failures can be divided into seven categories:

"Appearance - not important ..."

Very rude delusion! Of course, men are important intelligence, sense of humor, and other human qualities of women, but it does not forgive careless appearance, especially if it is not a single phenomenon, but a permanent condition.

Dirty clothes, bad breath, smeared makeup, messy hair, as well as the unshaven legs - all this completely kills any desire on the part of men. Well-groomed appearance - it is the same work on the other, as well as self-education, to approach it is necessary not less responsibly.

"I am not worthy ..."

Men immediately notice what the opinion of himself a woman. Insecure, withdrawn, depressed girl hopelessly loses all sexy in the eyes of men. On the contrary, when a woman in his behavior demonstrates the confidence and satisfaction is, it is a signal of her sexual potential. Uncertainty issue dim eyes with a faraway look, clumsy possession of his body, passivity in relationships, a tendency to complain, muddled speech and nervous laughter.

"Look at me, I have sex appeal!"

Too much effort to become the opposite sex attraction can cause completely opposite effect than you would expect. Affectedness, aggressive, too revealing clothes in inappropriate situations - all this is clearly expressed in the game "seduction of all things." Looking at this game, intuition tells men that there is something not pure, either she does not enjoy the popularity and trying to fix things, "storm", or it may ask for a "reward" for the continuation of the relationship. In any case, it will scare away normal men, and attract only a certain contingent of not very pleasant personality, you need it?

"Cold outside, passionate inside"

A woman can choose to be very sexy and attractive, but her actions and behavior of men say the opposite. These women can not participate in flirting shy to show interest or even behave in masculine ways. One gets the impression that it is "piece of ice cold" without feelings and sympathies, but this is not so. You need to learn to show their location and interest to men to receive a response of sympathy.

The bad habit

They scare everyone, not just men. Nowadays, anti-smoking and alcohol, many men refused these "hazards". They unpleasant woman with a cigarette or drinking hard liquor. For more innocent, but at the same time no less repulsive habits can be attributed constant rumination, obkusyvaniya nails, hand-wringing, pereminanie from foot to foot, and others. Getting rid of bad habits will not only make you more attractive in the eyes of others, but improve well-being.

A lot of things ...

Men call such women "Christmas trees." They are a lot of cosmetics, jewelry, and ringing klatsat things, as well as elaborate hairstyles and too heavy perfume. All this conglomeration of accessories and cosmetics does not allow to see the woman herself. Men like naturalness, only slightly accented, not suppressed.

vulgar behavior

Frank sexuality - a very powerful weapon in the hands of skillful women, and to use it you need to discreetly. If it is used compulsively, then it begins to push away. Revealing clothes man admits when he knows that the only outfit to seduce him alone, not to conquer all the others, leave their sexiest outfits for meetings alone. Just flirting with several suitors simultaneously discourage hunting for further communication.