Judge enduring unusual sentences

• The judge, enduring unusual sentences

In the US, the original judge picks unusual punishment for the offense or offenses in the sphere of morality. 54-year-old Mike Tsikonetti of Lake County, Ohio, offers a choice of the accused - a prison term or "creative sentence".

Judge enduring unusual sentences

For example, 26-year-old housewife Michelle Murray for being left in the forest 35 kittens, was sentenced to spend the night in the cold in the deep woods. The judge pointed out that imposing a sentence, he wanted the woman felt the same pain as the poor animals, which she left. Most of the kittens died in the forest from the cold.

The unusual decision of the judge Tsikonetti - is just the latest example of its "creative jurisprudence", is gaining national recognition. Recently Tsikonetti was elected for another six years as a judge in Lake County, Ohio, and received the presidency of the Association of American judges.

Earlier, the judge sent a man who found a loaded gun in the morgue, so he looked at the corpses. He also ordered the teenagers prokolovshih school bus tires, have a picnic for primary school students. The judge ordered that the noisy neighbors spent the day in the woods in silence or listening to classical music instead of rock. After a heavy snowfall in northern Ohio this week Tsikonetti made a number of judgments in which a prison sentence is replaced by snow removal. "There are those who say that this is too unusual and cruel punishment, - says the judge - but that can be considered cruel and unusual punishment a little embarrassing and humiliation?" When the bound man to a chair and lowered into the water in old England - here it is was unusual and cruel - says Tsikonetti - But when these people make such judgments, it is done for their own sake and for the sake of society. "

The judge himself explains the unique approach to their difficult childhood. He was the eldest of nine children in the family, and he had to work in sanitation to support themselves during their studies at the college, and law, he studied at night school.

Mike Tsikonetti recognizes that not all of his original sentences have a proper impact. He promised the driver was drunk trying to hide from the police car that will soften his sentence, if he will take part in the real races. His place at the finish line to determine how much time he should spend in prison.

"Condemned" trained hard, come to finish fifth, has been in prison for five days and leaving on freedom, he used his newfound athletic skills to steal a woman's purse. Another court sentenced him to prison. But such cases are still rare. Typically, the original penalty had a positive impact. Thus, it became known that in the case of 18-year old boy who stole the tape from pornomagazina, whom he ordered to sit in the shop walls blindfolded and a sign: "I do not see evil," are going well. As part of his sentence, the condition of his parole, was the requirement that he graduated from high school and found a job. He did both.

Has made its findings and a man who called a police officer a pig - Tsikonetti by the verdict, he was supposed to be two o'clock in the center of Painesville with hog adorned with a sign that read: "This is not a police officer." Acted sentence and two teenagers, Christmas desecrated the statue of Christ the inscription "666" - they had to go with a donkey through the streets with a sign: "Sorry, that were the donkeys."

What is felt, performing punishment apology in the local newspapers, the couple having sex on the beach of Lake Erie, not reported.