The strangest pictures

Arts, if not to take in calculation of the realists, has always been, is and will be strange. Metaphorical, seeking new forms and means of expression. But some strange picture of a country other.

Below are two dozen of the most bizarre pictures. We deliberately did not include in this collection of Salvador Dalí, whose works are entirely fall under the format of the material, and the first to come to mind.

"The Scream," Edvard Munch

1893, oil on cardboard, tempera, pastel. 91h73, 5 cm

National Gallery, Oslo

The strangest pictures

"The Scream" is considered a landmark event expressionism and one of the most famous paintings in the world.

"I was walking along a path with two friends - the sun was setting - suddenly the sky turned blood red I paused, feeling exhaustion, and leaned on the fence - I looked at the blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city - my friends walked on, and I stood there, trembling with excitement, feeling unending scream piercing nature, "said Edvard Munch about the history of painting.

There are two interpretations of an image: it is the hero himself engulfed in horror and cries silently, pressing his hands to his ears; or the hero covers his ears from sounding around screaming peace and nature. Munch painted four versions of "The Scream" and a version of that picture this - the fruit of a manic-depressive psychosis, which affects the artist. After treatment in the clinic Munch did not return to work on the web.

Paul Gauguin "Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?"

1897-1898, oil on canvas. 139 1h374 6 cm

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The strangest pictures

Deep philosophical picture postimpressionist Paul Gauguin was written by them to Tahiti, where he had fled from Paris. Upon completion of work, he even wanted to commit suicide, because "I believe that this canvas not only surpasses all my preceding ones, and I never will create something better or similar." At the direction of Gauguin's painting should be read from right to left - the three main groups of figures illustrate the questions posed in the title. Three women with a child represents the beginning of life; the middle group symbolizes the daily existence of maturity; in the final group of the artist's conception, "an old woman approaching death appears reconciled and dedicated his reflections", at her feet, "a strange white bird ... represents the futility of words."

Pablo Picasso's "Guernica"

1937, oil on canvas. 349h776 cm

Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

The strangest pictures

The huge canvas-mural "Guernica", written by Picasso in 1937, says the raid volunteer Luftwaffe units on the town of Guernica, which resulted in six-thousand city was completely destroyed. The picture was written just a month - the first days of work on a painting by Picasso worked for 10-12 hours, and already in the first outline could be seen the main idea. This is one of the best illustrations of the nightmare of fascism, as well as human cruelty and grief.

"Guernica" is the scene of death, violence, brutality, suffering and helplessness, without specifying their immediate causes, but they are obvious. It is said that in 1940, Pablo Picasso was summoned to the Gestapo in Paris. It immediately turned to the picture. "You did?" - "No, you did it."

Jan van Eyck "Arnolfini Portrait"

1434, oil on wood. 81.8h59.7 cm

London National Gallery, London

The strangest pictures

Portrait presumed Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife is one of the most difficult works of Western painting school of the Northern Renaissance.

Famous painting entirely filled with symbols, allegories and various references - up to the signature "Jan van Eyck was here", which made it not just a work of art, and historical document confirming the actual events took place, which was attended by the artist. In Russia in recent years the picture has gained great popularity due to the Arnolfini portrait likeness with Putin.

Mikhail Vrubel "Seated Demon"

1890, oil on canvas. 114h211 cm

Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

The strangest pictures

The painting of Mikhail Vrubel surprising way the demon. Sad long haired guy does not like the idea of ​​universal human should look like an evil spirit. The artist spoke about his most famous picture:

"Demon - the spirit is not so much evil as suffering and sad, at the same imperious spirit, dignified." This is an image of strength of the human spirit, inner struggle, no doubt. Tragically his hands clasped, demon sitting with sad, pointing into the distance enormous eyes, surrounded by flowers. The composition emphasizes stesnonnost demon figure, as if sandwiched between the upper and lower beams of the frame.

Vasily Vereshchagin "The Apotheosis of War"

1871 oil on canvas. 127h197 cm

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

The strangest pictures

Vereshchagin - one of the main Russian battle painter, but he drew the war and the battle not because he loved them. On the contrary, he was trying to give people their negative attitude to the war. Once in the heat of emotion Vereshchagin said: "Most of battle paintings will not write - basta I'm too close to my heart accept what I write, vyplakivayu (literally) Mount each wounded and dead!". Probably the result of this exclamation was a terrible and fascinating picture of the "Apotheosis of War", which depicts the field, the crows and the mountain of human skulls.

The painting was so deeply and emotionally, that every skull lying in the pile, you start to see people, their fate and the fate of those who have these people never see. same Vereshchagin himself with a sad sarcastically called the painting "Still Life" - it shows a "dead nature". All details of the picture, including the yellow color, symbolizing death and destruction. Clear blue sky emphasizes mortvennost picture. The idea of ​​"The Apotheosis of War" is expressed as the scars from swords and bullet holes in the skulls.

Grant Wood "American Gothic"

1930 oil. 74h62 cm

Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

The strangest pictures

"American Gothic" - one of the most recognizable images in American art of the XX century, famous art meme XX and XXI centuries.

Painting with dark father and daughter is full of details that indicate the severity of Puritanism and misoneism images of people. Angry person pitchfork right in the middle of the picture, an old-fashioned even by the standards of 1930 clothes, exposed elbow joints on the farmer's clothes, repeating the form of the fork and, therefore, a threat that is addressed to everyone who would encroach. All these details can be viewed and endlessly shiver from neuyuta.

It is interesting that the judges of the competition at the Chicago Institute of Art embraced the "Gothic" as "a humorous Valentine," and the people of Iowa terribly offended by Wood because he depicted them in such an unpleasant light.

Rene Magritte "Lovers"

1928 oil on canvas

The strangest pictures

Painting "Lovers" ( "Lovers") exists in two versions. One man and a woman whose head is bundled up in white cloth, kiss, and another - "look" at the viewer. The picture is surprising and fascinating. Two figures without faces Magritte conveys the idea of ​​love and blindness. About blindness in every sense: in love one can not see, can not see their real persons and we, moreover, in love - a mystery, even to each other. But this apparent clarity, we will still continue to look at magrittovskih lovers and think about them.

Almost all the paintings of Magritte - this puzzles, which are completely impossible to solve, because they raise questions about the very essence of being. Magritte always speaks of deceptive appearances, its hidden mystery, which we usually do not notice.

Marc Chagall "Walk"

1917 oil on canvas

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The strangest pictures

Typically, extremely serious in his painting Marc Chagall wrote a delightful manifesto of his own happiness, filled with allegories and love. "Walk" - a self-portrait with his wife Bella. His favorite soars in the sky and carry off that look in flight and Chagall, standing on the ground unstable, as if touching her toes shoes only. In the other hand Chagall tit - he is happy, it also has bird in the hand (probably his painting), and two in the bush.

Hieronymus Bosch "The Garden of Earthly Delights"

1500-1510, oil on wood. 389h220 cm

Prado, Spain

The strangest pictures

"The Garden of Earthly Delights" - the most famous triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, got its name on the center, dedicated to the sin of lust. To date, none of the available interpretations of the painting is not considered the only true.

Enduring charm and at the same time the strangeness of the triptych is how the artist expresses the main idea through a lot of details. The picture is full of transparent figures, fantastic facilities, monsters who have found the flesh of hallucinations, hellish caricatures of reality, to which he looks searchingly, very sharp look. Some scholars have wanted to see in the triptych picture of human life through the prism of her vanity and images of earthly love, others - a celebration of sensuality. However, simplicity and a certain detachment, which treated the individual figures, as well as a favorable attitude to this work on the part of church authorities cast doubt that its content could be the glorification of bodily pleasures.

Gustav Klimt "the three ages of woman"

1905, oil on canvas. 180x180 cm National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome

The strangest pictures

"The Three Ages of Woman" is both joyful and sad. In it three figures written history of a woman's life: carefree, relaxed and despair. Young woman organically woven into the pattern of life, the old - stands out from it. The contrast between the stylized image of a young woman and an old woman naturalistic way acquires a symbolic meaning: the first phase of life brings with it endless possibilities and metamorphosis, the last - unchanging consistency and conflict with reality.

The cloth does not let go, it gets into the soul and makes us think about the depth of the message of the artist, as well as the depth and the inevitability of life.

Egon Schiele's "Family"

1918, oil on canvas. 152.5h162.5 cm

Gallery "Belvedere", Vienna

The strangest pictures

Schiele, Klimt was a pupil, but like any good student, he did not copy his teacher, and was looking for a new one. Schiele much more tragic, strange and frightening than Gustav Klimt. In his works, a lot of what might be called pornography, various perversions, naturalism and at the same nagging despair.

"Family" - his latest work, which brought to absolute despair, despite the fact that this - the least strange looking its picture. He painted it before his death, after the Spaniard from the death of his pregnant wife Edith. He died 28 years later, only three days after Edith, having to draw it, themselves and their unborn child as well.

Frida Kahlo "Two Frida"


The strangest pictures

The history of the hard life of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo became widely known after the film "Frida" with Salma Hayek in the title role. Kahlo wrote mostly self-portraits and the reason is simple: "I am writing to myself, because I spend a lot of time alone and because I am the subject that I know best." Not a single self-portrait of Frida Kahlo smiles: serious, even sorrowful face, bushy eyebrows grown together, faint tendrils of tight-lipped. The idea of ​​her paintings are encrypted in details, background, figures that appear next to Frieda. Kahlo's symbolism is based on national traditions and is closely linked to the Indian mythology of pre-Hispanic period.

In one of the best paintings - "Two Frida" - she expressed male and female, joined in her single circulatory system, demonstrating its integrity.

Claude Monet's "Waterloo Bridge. Fog Effect"

1899 oil on canvas

The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

The strangest pictures

When considering the paintings up close the viewer sees nothing but paintings that bear the frequent thick oily smears. The magic works is revealed when we begin to gradually move away from the web to a greater distance. First, before we begin to manifest strange semicircle passing through the middle of the picture, then, we see a clear outline of the boats and went away to a distance of about two meters in front of us sharply drawn and arranged in a logical chain linking all the work.

Jackson Pollock "No. 5, 1948"

1948 fiberboard, oil. 240h120 cm

The strangest pictures

The strangeness of this is that the fabric of the American leader of abstract expressionism, which he painted, spilling paint on the decomposition on the floor a piece of fiberboard - the most expensive painting in the world. In 2006, Sotheby's paid for it $ 140 million. David Giffen, filmmaker and collector, sold it to Mexican financier David Martinez.

"I continue to move away from the usual tools of the artist, such as easel, palette and brush. I prefer sticks, shovels, knives and pouring paint or paint mixture with sand, broken glass or something else. When I was inside the painting, I did not realize what I'm doing. Understanding comes later. I have no fear of change or destruction of the image, because the picture living its own life. I'm just helping her to get out. But if I lose contact with the painting, it turns out the dirt and mess. If not, it is pure harmony, ease of how you used resh and you give. "

Joan Miró "man and woman in front of a pile of excrement"

1935, copper, oil, 23h32 cm

Joan Miró Foundation, Spain

The strangest pictures

A good title. And who would have thought that this picture tells us about the horrors of civil war.

The film was made on a sheet of copper for the week between 15 and 22 October 1935. According to Miro, is the result of attempts to portray the tragedy of the Spanish Civil War. Miro said it was a picture of a period of anxiety. The painting depicts a man and a woman stretching to each other's arms, but not moving. Increased sexual organs and ominous colors were described as "full of disgust and loathing of sexuality."

Jacek Yerka "Erosion"

The strangest pictures

Polish neosyurrealist known worldwide for its amazing paintings that combine reality, creating new ones. It is difficult to consider it very detailed and somewhat heartwarming work on one, but it's the size of our material, and we had to choose one - to illustrate his imagination and skill. We encourage you to read in detail.

Bill Stoneham "Hands oppose him"


The strangest pictures

This work, of course, can not be counted among the masterpieces of world art, but that it is strange - it is a fact.

Around the picture with the boy doll and palms pressed to the glass, is legendary. From "because this die" to "children living in it." The picture looks really scary, that give people with weak mentality a lot of fears and fantasies.

The artist also insisted that the painting depicts himself at the age of five years, that the door - view of the dividing line between the real world and the world of dreams, and the doll - a guide who will be able to hold the boy through this world. The hands represent the alternative of life or ability. The picture gained prominence in February 2000, when it was put up for sale on eBay with a history, which tells that the painting - "Haunted". "Hands oppose him," bought for 1025 dollars, Kim Smith, who then was just swamped with letters from horror stories and requirements to burn the picture.