KinoFresher - Tower Heist

• KinoFresher - Tower Heist

Try, try for decades, but all efforts are in vain and worthless, and you - only a cog in the mechanism, which is to replace a piece of cake. You - a bargaining chip for a rich snob who lives in the penthouse of the building shining.

KinoFresher - Tower Heist

This is true of life suddenly opened for all staff of the Tower - a skyscraper of the most prestigious in the city. Arthur Shaw, a nice and kind man, turned thief and a hypocrite, deceiving not only ordinary people but also the FBI.

Stolen millions are still not found, and Rich wheeler-dealer is about to leave from justice. But a handful of brave men led by Josh Kovacs so simple their pension savings will not give up!

KinoFresher - Tower Heist

The film, of course, first of all, a very topical and important for each of us the truth: "Never give up!". Although what is happening on the screen looks crazy, but the meaning remains the same.

Even the "little" people can influence events if you do not lose the spirit and lowered his head. In addition, the theme can be traced well, "We wanted the best, but it turned out as always".

KinoFresher - Tower Heist

It is because of Josh Kovacs people were involved in the scam. And at this stage, suddenly pops up another very correct theme - the theme of responsibility. Deceived himself, be the cause of misery of others who lost work, Josh Kovacs is not running in fear, nurturing powerless to powerful and rich man, but finds the strength not only to take responsibility, but also to join the fight.

KinoFresher - Tower Heist

Humor at a level no toilet jokes. In many places, the hall shook with laughter explosions. Basically, thanks to Eddie Murphy, of course. But jokes on the basis of situations, too, was enough. Looks happy, some moments and dialogues clearly in memoris.

So beloved in the last century of saliva and mucus is not in principle. Very positive and cheerful, even suicide to beat without any strain.

KinoFresher - Tower Heist

twists trivial, but because intrigue lasts until the end. Adds relish in the Russian box office so very artfully translated name. It is confusing at times.

The only perhaps negative - it's too taping. Those who are able to endure, will receive the award in a very lively and interesting finale.

Verdict: 4/5 - long strings, despite all the advantages, the impression still spoils, but you can watch safely!

T. Travk, especially for our website


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