This insanely real world # 6

We continue to sum up the results of the insane of 2011. The next step - the events are relatively recent, years of grinding. Let's see what interesting things happened in the last June!

This insanely real world # 6

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As usual, the first in the queue - our countrymen. Once again, the Russian residents spoil our records, but not trivial (like "Eat burgers 1000"), and a truly herculean.

Nomination "On the boat music plays ..."

A resident of Yakutsk Larisa Troeva with your own hair dragged along the shore of the ship "Demian poor" weighing about 10 tons. For fixing the record has arrived to Yakutsk crew of one of the central channels.

This insanely real world # 6

Previously Larisa Troeva already moving a hair of airplanes and helicopters. These experiments were carried out in the suburbs.

There are women in Russian villages!

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While Russian citizens to set records, our neighbors, Ukrainians, indulge yourself delicacies:

Nomination "The sebaceous news"

In Lviv opened a museum of fat. Among the exhibits you can find a variety of sculptures from this product, among them - a humanoid figure. The central exhibit of the museum is a replica of the human heart made of bacon.

This insanely real world # 6

The museum's restaurant, where you can enjoy, such as dessert, "lips of Marilyn Monroe", consisting of bacon, ice cream and fruit. In addition, the menu can be found "Venus chest" in the form of heart, "Gogol's nose" and fat in chocolate.

This insanely real world # 6

Also, the museum visitors can order from the masters of any sculpture of a favorite product to your liking.

This insanely real world # 6

urgently required signs "Teeth do not touch the exhibits!" Claw Gogol's nose or his character - it certainly delivers! In the meantime, let us turn to no less surprising facts relating to the sport:

Nomination "Krieble ... Krafla ... goal!"

Ukrainian sociologists are ranked the most common football superstitions. Do players have to take your list, if ignored, could lead to a bad game and defeat the team.

This insanely real world # 6

First, and most importantly, the player should not get a haircut and shave before the match. Second, you can put in socks lucky coin. Lace up boots should always be with the same foot and it is out on the field, crossing, hand touching the lawn, and in any case, without stepping on the line marking. In addition, players are afraid 13th numbers, so it is rarely chosen. It is also forbidden to watch a penalty kick the goalkeeper into his eyes.

This insanely real world # 6

And finally, before the game, not only can not have a close relationship with women, but even let them on the bus and talk to them. A reliable all players generally remain silent before the match.

Peculiar antireyting made in the United States:

Nomination "Notes microbes travelers"

American scientists have compiled a list of the dirtiest places in the home. The rating included 7 household items, which are a favorite habitat for germs and bacteria.

This insanely real world # 6

It was found that the dirtiest places - not in the toilet and in the kitchen. According to microbiologists on the kitchen wooden cutting board bacteria 200 times more than a toilet seat. 2nd place in their number takes home phone handset.

This insanely real world # 6

Dirty Room 3 - sponge for washing. In fourth place - the shower curtain, accumulating a lot of germs due to moist air. It completes the list of the most polluted places a washing machine.

But British scientists higher ratings. They continue to make amazing discoveries of the century:

Nomination "Breakfast in the nude"

Unusual diet offered to British doctors. According to them, eating in the nude can help curb your calorie intake.

This insanely real world # 6

The Secret "naked lunch" is to undress before eating anything. Experts believe that such a person is more aware of the fact that overeating and embarrassment causes him to eat less.

This insanely real world # 6

If this does not work, you can enhance the effect by placing in front of a full-length mirror. The disadvantage of this diet is only in the fact that the dinner would have alone.

Yeah, "Light of my mirror say yes report back the truth" - and appetite - minus 100.

If so how to set about scientists, somewhat ashamed to circumvent Australian professionals with their sweet discovery:

Nomination "Jaws rock"

Australian scientists have found that sharks like heavy music. Underwater operator has established a special dynamics in the steel cage, which is usually placed tourists by meeting with the great white sharks. At the beginning of them streamed songs from the charts, which are predators react rather sluggishly.

This insanely real world # 6

But when sound AC / DC, as sharks immediately rushed to the cage and began to poke their noses into audiokolonki. According to experts, these harsh ocean predators can react to the low frequencies, which are very expressive sound in rhythm sections in heavy rock.

This insanely real world # 6

Who would doubt! Not otherwise cuttlefish off by tectonics, and the pigeons listen to the holes "Aram Zam Zam", because there is a line of "ghouls, ghouls ..."

While the great universe minds busy with their studies, malaziyki care about home comfort.

Nomination "Yes, sir!"

obedient wives club opened in Malaysia. As noted by the head of the organization, she and her like-minded decided to create a women's community to teach Muslim women to obey their husbands and otherwise entertain them.

This insanely real world # 6

The leaders of the club are unhappy that more Malaysian women are married just out of a sense of duty and do not invest in the act meaningless.

This insanely real world # 6

"These women delight and entertain their husbands as if under duress. But if the wife is not to amuse her husband, the marriage will not last long, "- he warned the chairwoman of the community.

The program of the club obedient wives appear meetings and lectures, including a clear demonstration of what it needs to do to be a good wife (about which the actions in question are not specified).

Well, as always ... The most interesting information is still an enigma. Meanwhile, in the United States:

Nomination "Agent 47"

Zebras acquire personal barcode. So identify wild animals offered programmers from Chicago. Unique grid created on the basis on the skin of the zebra pattern, will help researchers fauna track displacement population.

This insanely real world # 6

The bar code is a combination of seven black and white stripes. Individual image created by a computer program based on the pictures zebra stripes.

This insanely real world # 6

Authors program does not intend to stop there. In their plans - the creation of similar programs for tigers and giraffes. Identification of the representatives of endangered species will help track the movement of animals and increase the effectiveness of measures to conserve the species.

Well, the Chinese are in this time worthy to entertain the animals by their actions:

Nomination "Up! And tigers at my feet got "

Staff of the Chinese zoo held exercises in catching a tiger. The role of predator fulfilled one of the staff, dressed in a striped suit teddy.

This insanely real world # 6

Guidelines make a show hunting, so that workers know how to act in case of cells escape the real tiger.

This insanely real world # 6

The area in which "animal" meta between bushes and paths, was cordoned off. On the heels of the dummy tiger running armed police.

This insanely real world # 6

dumbfounded zoo visitors watched with interest what is happening. No less surprised was also a real tiger when past his cage a few people sneaking on a stretcher his dummy relatives.

Nomination "As the ship be called ..."

In England, rescued from death "Titanic." A small pleasure boat with the same name nearly sunk during its very first voyage. During the approach to the harbor formed a dent in the ship's hull. The man tried to pump the water out of the boat, but his efforts were in vain.

This insanely real world # 6

"Titanic" sank together with its owner. Owner soon helped to shore. All those who knew about the incident, wonder whether the ship has not received damage due to collision with an iceberg.

This insanely real world # 6

"In fact, the boat was not too big. I think, in order to flood it would be enough to a small ice cube ", - he joked one of the witnesses.

But what a wonderful news headline "In England, rescued from death" Titanic "! And what a fiasco after.

Let's go back to the records, this time is not dependent on the efforts of the man himself:

Nomination "The smallest man"

A resident of the Philippines is recognized as the smallest man in the world. Height 18 years Junro Baluinga is only 60 centimeters.

This insanely real world # 6

The official ceremony Filipino ads to a small man held on his birthday.

This insanely real world # 6

Previously, the title belonged to a resident of Nepal, whose height is 67 centimeters. The representative of Guinness World Records, who took part in the ceremony, expressed his hope that the fame that came to 18-year-old Baluingu with the new title will attract the attention of people who are able to assist him.

Nomination "lights and charge!"

American designer invented solar swimsuit. It allows you to recharge all kinds of portable devices, while its owner sunning on the beach. In this bathing suit weighs no more than usual, made out of fabric.

This insanely real world # 6

Initially, this model was created as a joke. But then the invention has turned into quite a serious real project. Bikini comes with a standard USB-connection and power is capable to charge small devices such as MP3-players and digital cameras.

This insanely real world # 6

Now, the author wants to come up with new items Men's beach shorts, which can be cooled beer.

Some news of the rising sun:

Nomination "ahead of the rest!"

The Japanese invented "Robot-hugs". Single people at a time will be able to cease to consider themselves as such thanks to a device that reciprocates on the host embracing.

This insanely real world # 6

It looks like a mannequin covered with silicone skin and equipped with pressure sensors. The robot is connected to a special jacket that fits the person. It creates the illusion of arms with the help of air compressors. Jacket, in turn, is equipped with artificial muscles and vibration devices.

According to scientists in Tokyo, hugs robot can be used in medical therapy, as well as for the comfort the elderly people who live alone.

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And here:

The latest pop star in Japan was a computer model. It turns out that Aimi Iguchi, a new member of one of the Japanese group, is a virtual composition of the six other members of the group. It was created by mixing the nose, hair, mouth, eyes, eyebrows and body shape of real members of the team.

This insanely real world # 6

Each of them was recorded using digital motion capture, allowing developers to Iguchi choose the best features for the pop star. The keys to its real nature were laid down in the name - it comes from the name of the company - the manufacturer of sweets, as well as songs from advertising. It is also not the first virtual pop star of the country. For example, Hatsune Miku, synthesized singer, performs in Japan holographic concerts for hundreds of fans.

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That's one good programmer, designer - and a whole bunch of stars ready. Is not it our factory? And the fees do not, well, if only creators.

Nomination "Our office and the dangerous and difficult!"

Austrian soldiers are forced to stare at the storks, to scare them away from the airport. This unusual task got more than twenty soldiers.

This insanely real world # 6

This is to ensure that birds are not prevented from carrying out air show and left their nests, suites near the airport. by environmental experts Prince Siegfried claims that storks hard to flush out the loud noises, but a closer look gives them more uncomfortable. Watch soldier goes from five o'clock in the morning.

This insanely real world # 6

Birdy (ek) sorry!

And while some are fighting the birds, others are trying to instill in them professional skills:

Nomination "Detective Story"

German police disappointed with necks sniffer. Hired to work instead of dogs birds of prey have not been able to express themselves and never helped employees.

Initially, turkey vultures, Sherlock, Miss Marple and Columbo were discharged from neighboring Austria, to carry out the job of finding human remains in inaccessible places for dogs.

This insanely real world # 6

However, as it turned out, the birds do not show much interest in such activities. Moreover, one of the bloodhounds losers even refused to fly - Sherlock spend days walking waddle in their cage, and in no hurry to get in the air. In turn, Miss Marple did not get along with Colombo, and both birds are constantly fighting and conflict.

On the future of the police-turkey vultures have not yet been announced. Birds precarious position! Here will be held Thanksgiving Day, and the need to recruit new employees already! Do not look at what the vultures, the main thing - the turkey!

Nomination "Bagel"

Bagel girl living in the US. The body of 22-year-old Randall stash completely strewn with punctures - a total of 3200. In this way, the American decided to set a new world record for the piercer and get into the Guinness Book of Records.

This insanely real world # 6

First, Randall wanted to do 3600 punctures, but could not stand the pain any more. However, the 3200 holes is quite amiss for the record, because the previous one was 100 punctures less. Needles that were in the American body were removed, and the remaining puncture wounds will heal.

This insanely real world # 6

This type of body modification called play-piercings and is not intended to be used for the puncture of wearing jewelry.

Yeah, so a bagel bagel. And it does not need to cushion needles, pins and other things.

So in conclusion - the most positive and motivating news:

Nomination "Always believe in your strength!"

American without arms took the Olympic team archery. In case of successful qualification at the end of the trial performance of the team in Italy, he will take part in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. His goal - gold medal.

This insanely real world # 6

Matt Shtutsman was born without arms, but not allowed to break the disability itself. He has learned to drive a car and a motorcycle and shoot a bow legs.

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Nomination "Man - it sounds good!"

The owner turned the mountains to save his dog. The Australian went with his pitomitsy named Jesse to hunt for rabbits. At some point, she chased a stray cat and disappeared from sight. A little later the owner heard the plaintive barking and rushed to the rescue. However, Jesse could not help immediately, because it had failed in a hole at the foot of the mountain, and it got caught under the 45-ton stones. Man called rescuers hired a hydraulic crane, and together with three friends began to work hard on the dog's removal.

Seven days later, Jesse was able to raise to the surface. Ironically, it was in good physical condition, and the veterinarian in the same day, let her go home.

That summed up the year June! And ahead - the hottest events and incidents, there are also two summer torrid month! And when they do not in the winter, with -20 outside, nice to just dive into the warmth of the sun and soak up remembering the past amazing event!

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