55 facts about Turkey through the eyes of Russians

• 55 facts about Turkey through the eyes of Russians

55 facts about Turkey through the eyes of Russians

1. The Turks, greeting, hugging twice, touching cheeks. In some regions of the temples, as if bumping heads.

2. The Turks - a very hospitable people.

3. The Turks still practice blood vengeance.

4. Turkey is washed by four seas.

5. Mediterranean Sea, the Turks call the White Sea.

6. The Turks - born traders.

7. In eastern Turkey seeds called "semychka", and potatoes are called "kartol".

8. "Fool" in Turkish means "stop" (bus).

9. The most popular alcoholic beverage in Turkey - raki (Raki), smells like anise.

10. The Turks know how to fake almost everything, and forgery are not prosecuted if they have four differences from the original.

11. The economic capital of Turkey - Istanbul (Istanbul).

12. The first capital of Turkey - Istanbul (1326).

13. The Turks are still arguing with Greece over the island of Cyprus.

14. Turkish "Lenin" was the name Atatürk (in translation - the Father of the Turks) Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

15. The Turks have no official religion, but the majority is Muslim.

16. The Turks do not fight hand, is usually accompanied by a fight just screams.

17. The Turks - a very hard-working people, private shops do not have a set schedule. Usually open early and often close very late.

18. In financial matters always leave a margin to bargain. Even getting a job, it is necessary to sound the desired pay more than you want, the result will come down to the planned amount.

19. Most Turks do not like Armenians.

20. The people are very fond of showing off.

21. In some regions of Turkey is snow up to 5 months of the year.

22. there is a mosque in Istanbul with preserved on the walls of iconography (Ayasofiya, St. Sophia Cathedral). This mosque was once a church. 23. Istanbul - the city lies on two continents, Europe and Asia.

24. City Maras is famous for its ice cream, which stretches like rubber, and it must be chewed.

25. The most popular souvenirs from Turkey - a fez and charm "Nazar Boncugu" from the evil eye.

26. Turkey uses the Latin alphabet, but there's no letter "Q", "W", "X"

27. Prior to 1934, the Turks did not have names. With the adoption of the law on surnames, people began to take names according to their craft.

28. The Turks like to "charge" a huge price to tourists, even throwing off half the price, the Turks will profit. The customer is satisfied at 50% discount and the seller happy, because also gained.

29. The Turks love football fanaticism. Even children with small age agitate cheering for their team.

30. Turks "Natasha" means "easily accessible girl."

31. The city of Bursa is the famous ski resort Uludag (Great Mountain).

32. At weddings in Turkey decided to give gold.

33. At weddings longer dancing than feast.

34. More than 3.5 million. Turks officially resident in Germany.

35. Many Turks believe that the word "pardon" the French have borrowed from them.

36. Two-thirds of the world's hazelnuts are grown in Turkey.

37. An unusual kind of fight common in Turkey Oil wrestling where the wrestlers wearing leather shorts and coated with olive oil.

38. Saint Nicholas, now known to all as Santa Claus, was born and lived in Demre (World), on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

39. Coffee and tulip came to Europe from Turkey.

40. Blue Mosque - the only mosque with six minarets. According to tradition, the Sultan ordered to make a gold minaret ( "hit the jackpot" - "gold"), but the architects have made six minarets ( "Alta" - "six"). 41. For the rest Turk in Turkey is more expensive than for a foreigner.

42. All "slant-eyed" for the Turks - the Japanese.

43. Turkish "Chukchi" - Laz (indigenous people of the Black Sea region).

44. Inside Turkey, too, is the people who wants to secede - the Kurds.

45. In Turkey, a very tasty and varied cuisine.

46. ​​The Turks rarely celebrate a birthday. Also, I do not like to celebrate the New Year.

47. Long-distance passenger transport by bus, rail transport is not developed.

48. In some provinces of Turkey still speak the native language of Jesus Christ.

49. In Turkey, there are two of the seven wonders of the world - the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

50. Mount Ararat, where legend on biblical Noah's Ark, located in eastern Turkey.

51. Turkey - the largest supplier of textiles to the European market.

52. Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, is now in the church of St. George in Istanbul.

53. Diamond Kashikchi - the largest in the world, represented in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

54. In April 2011 came into force on visa-free regime between Russia and Turkey.

55. Turkey - a wonderful country! With all of its people, cities, streets, seas, nature, emotions and sun.