Man with white gray

Man with white gray

As a child, my parents and I went to Leningrad and there in the underground heard the announcement - "If you see a man with a white gray, help him - it's visually impaired ..."

I went, gazed at the faces of people and could not understand the connection between gray and blindness? Even the parents asked. They remember laughing for a long time. Well, I did not know the words - "stick" ...

At the same time, in our 3rd "B" Sasha studied. In five years, he was seriously engaged in football and their nine years, has famously rocked and dropped huge losey- graders on a school football pitch.

Unlike us, Sani was a real purpose in life, he dreamed of becoming a member of the USSR national team. And would certainly, if not the building, a bottle of champagne and carbide.

Oh, how much each of us navzryval this shit, would be enough for a small border conflict between Kenya and Somalia, but he was not lucky ... Sasha lost both eyes.

At first, we went to the whole class to see him, then made duty roster, and six months later have not walked none.

Already hurt terribly and absurdly looked Sashka pennants on the walls and Hungarian soccer balls in the closet. We ezhilis under his unseeing eyes, trying not to fall into it, and even Sanin mother smiled and fed sweets, but still rather badly concealed envy burning our eyes.

Sanya We were in different, non-overlapping worlds.

It's like the most faithful friends of entrants in a moment forever separated list to go to college ...

But ever since I have never in my life will pass over the blind. Any help and I bring out or bring out just to clean water, if it is a charlatan-poberushka. Unmask imaginary blind is very simple - I sit, waiting until he heaped slowly moving along the car.

Two fingers hold the bill, but not in his way, and a little to the side. If he is like a tank passes by, the meter three catch up and lay down, and when, as if by chance to make a battle turn to denyuzhku expectantly stop, then by universal laughter hide the money back in his pocket, and a fake blind man immediately lost to our carriage of every kind financial interest and moving briskly toward the exit.

I once brought a blind man in the right place, he thanked me warmly, and at the end said a little embarrassed:

- Young man, can I give you some advice? The next time you want to help a blind again, do not ask - "I help you?", But simply help.

Some of pride refuse, but help is needed for everyone. Imagine that you see a child walking through a minefield. You do not ask him - "I'm sorry, you all right?" It is understandable that he Nichrome not normal and he's going to explode. Sorry for the harshness. Around the house or in the park - it is easy, but on the street, or worse - in the subway, when everyone around rumbles and vibrates, we feel like a compass at the North Pole - the arrow loose, but no good there. Here and with eyes not everyone will understand.

I took this advice and never more did not ask anything, but simply attacking the blind, took under her elbow and said, - "Which way do we go?"

Of course, I did not help selflessly. Firstly - all of them - this is our Sasha, and secondly - how many strangers, going to sleep tonight, think about you - "What is he still a good man, and a pleasant voice ..." And it's worth it. Yesterday on the escalator behind me I saw a blind man. One hand was pressed to his chest and hung in a scarf, the other - white cane. Waited, gently took him by the arm and asked cheerfully - "? Where are we going?" He said, and we went. Suddenly, after a pause, the blind man said:

- And by the way three years ago, you helped me to have to go to the "Ring" to "Chkalovsky". Do not you remember?

- Honestly, I do not remember, but it can be.

We were silent and I thought that the blind is still acute for some sixth sense that helps to live. Here in fact, I recognized my voice and smell. The devil knows, somehow they still manage to move normally. And I remembered, with a smile, as a child, experiencing for our unfortunate Sasha, conducted a scientific experiment. Cut a stick, he tied his eyes and tried to look like along the house. I managed to get about ten meters until he met with protruding from the wall phone booth ...

I still remember the taste of blood in his mouth and sickening state of knockdown. But at present the blind for sure it's not that simple ...

Pause, however, dragged on and I decided to keep the conversation going. I ask:

- Well, what are you doing proceeded over the last three years?

- Yes, in general, nothing, I'm fine, thank you.

Then suddenly blind cheerfully laughed and continued:

- A week ago, however, it has managed to me to fall off the platform onto the rails. Here's arm dislocated. Yes, do not worry you so, it happens, I have often fallen. The most disgusting out there - it is oil - infection. How then the suit is not washed, but I still say that the spots were ...