10 most unusual ancient weapons

Mankind has always led the war and had a gun you need for this. Therefore, different peoples and created their own tools for the battle. Here is a list of tools that are unique in appearance, history or use.


10 most unusual ancient weapons

Use the Maori in New Zealand. This seemingly simple thing was made of jade. For Maori it was a sacred weapon. They gave the names of his baton and passed them on from generation to generation. Maori even believed that they contain their own mana (spiritual power). Truncheon they had a leadership symbol.

The curved swords

10 most unusual ancient weapons

Such curved swords worn by Shaolin monks in China. These beautiful swords were forged in a hook shape to their owner could join them and wear as a solid blade. Made crescent-shaped guard perfectly blocked punches and literally cut through enemies. Ephesus was sharpened to attack the enemy at close range. The length of the sword was 121-188 cm. These swords used mainly civilians and not army.


10 most unusual ancient weapons

Kpinga - a throwing knife that was used by experienced warriors Azanda tribe. They lived in Nubia, the African region, which includes northern Sudan and the south of Egypt. This knife had a length of 55.88 cm and had a blade 3 with a base in the center. The closest to the handle of the blade was shaped like male genitalia and represented masculine power of its owner. The very design of the blades kpingi increases the chances as much as possible to hurt the enemy on contact. When the knife holder married, he presents kpingu as a gift from the family of his future wife.


10 most unusual ancient weapons

This is a heavy wooden stick, seated on both sides of sharp obsidian spikes. Since macuahuitl was not the sharp end, it was impossible to use as a thrusting weapon. However, sharp spikes on the left of the enemy's body is very deep scratches. The tree from which was made a club, very hard, they could easily knock out the enemy, so that the Aztecs could grab someone from the enemy tribe for their sacrifices. There are many stories that macuahuitl can carry a horse's head, and it is something stronger than a human skull.


10 most unusual ancient weapons

This is a strange kind of weapon was used in gladiatorial combat in the Roman Empire. Metal cavity based skissora closed hand Gladiator, which made it possible to easily block the blows, as well as apply their own. Skissor was made of solid steel and had a length of 45 cm. It was surprisingly easy, allowing you to quickly strike.


10 most unusual ancient weapons

Since this is not exactly play Frisbee. It is usually thrown vertically instead of horizontally. This deadly metal circle was 30 cm in diameter. Its very sharp edges can easily cut off the arm or leg. This weapon has appeared in India, where it was used influential Sikhs. One way of throwing chakrams was: the unwinding of the ring on the index finger, and then a sharp movement of the wrist throw weapons at the enemy.

So Chu Ko

10 most unusual ancient weapons

Another Chinese weapons, it can be called the progenitor of an automatic rifle. The wooden section on the crossbow had 10 arrows, which are recharged when the triangular lever is pulled back after the shot. The last time the chu to see well in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, after the appearance of a firearm. On average crossbow gave 10 arrows in 15 seconds. Compared with the speed of conventional recharging bows and crossbows it was a great achievement. For greater damage arrowhead lubricated poison flower of aconite.

A swarm of bees

Another invention of the Chinese, the so-called swarm of bees or a flying fire is actually a wooden container filled tubes in the shape of a hexagon, which, when viewed from the front, resembled a honeycomb. Inside each tube was arrow. At the same time it was possible to produce up to 32 arrows. The Chinese fired at once thousands of swarms, which led to massive losses on the part of the enemy.


This Indian weapons gave the holder claws Wolverine, the blade is missing only the strength and cutting ability adamant. At first glance, Qatar - is one blade, but when you press the lever on the handle, the blade is divided into three - one in the middle and two at the sides. Three blade not only give weapons effectiveness, but also intimidate the enemy. handle design for easy block the blows. But it is also important that the triple-blade can cut any Asian armor.


Another Chinese arms. Iron "hand" Chuang had claws at the ends, which easily tore chunks of flesh from the body. Chuang of weight was enough to kill the enemy, but with claws it look even more eerie. If Chuang used the experienced warrior, he could pull off the soldiers with horses. But the main purpose was to wrest Chuang shields from the hands of opponents, leaving them vulnerable to deadly claws.