Chinese husbands

Residents of the Russian Far East mused about the advantages and disadvantages of combining marriage with citizens of the People's Republic of China.

Kate (26 years) and Eugene (42 years) John Lyandtsyn

The village Poltavka, greenhouses owners

Chinese husbands

"We met through friends. He came, the money helped, business gifts. Now, five years, we have together. We have two children, I sit with them, and sometimes to him in the field helps. Her husband is now in Russian speaks a little bit, and when the first came, I knew the word "eat".

Tatiana (25 years) and Kostya (40) Galyan

Poltavka village, peasants

Chinese husbands

"I was 16 years old, had a summer vacation, and we went with the girls to work on the field. Kostya on the field was the owner - we've got on the field villages, greenhouses and farms - all the Chinese people hold. Well, he asked me to teach him Russian. I do not even think he would take care of me - I think that will help him, why not help a person older than me. Here he watched me for a long time - they love to have no bad habits and I do not drink, do not smoke. At first, my grandmother opposed our marriage. He said he only Russian passport will make and leave you. And he was offended and did not do anything, even become a sign not to not think of self-interest. "

Vika (29 years old) and Vladimir (46 years old), Wang Jun

Putsilovka village, the owners of pig farms

Chinese husbands

"I'm on it first did not pay attention to it in Russian did not say everything went for me. Well, I began to teach him Russian, he learned how, and confessed that he loves me. We now have two daughters and two sons. From morning till night the house with me, but it works. Generally, it is a very positive person. In China, it does not hold, and he likes it here. "

Ira (32 years) and Victor (36 years old) Weijie

Sinelnikovo village, peasants

Chinese husbands

"He looked at me once laid eyes, but he was afraid to go - I think I will not look at him, because he is Chinese. And then I came and immediately said he wanted to marry me. He was joking, says, myself, and cook, and an agronomist, and the captain. I did at first not taken seriously, the foreigner is still here today, gone tomorrow. Thought wants to spend time. And he began to show towards me warm and serious. "

Mary (21) and Kohl nicknamed Bulldog (36 years old) Kaifeng

Chernyatino village, peasants

Chinese husbands

"I'm a girlfriend worked as a nanny, he came to visit, remembered me, have noticed that I'm good, but I do not remember. Then somehow I met - and he immediately said, "I love you." Well, I laughed - and nothing else. And so he began to come every day, drove to the cafe is different, we ate together. He says that the soul is the same in all people. Tries, though, that I did not intervene in serious problems in Chinese believed that her husband was in the house - the main, Captain (Russian word "captain" the Chinese use to mean "chief, chief"). The Russian families women work, and I just sit with a child. Even water or firewood will not let me bring - than sorry. "

Ina (26 years) and Sasha (28 years) Mengjia

Ussuriisk, sellers of men's shoes and sneakers on the clothing market

Chinese husbands

"We met on the market. He struck me by its aggressiveness, but it turned out he was humble in his life - to me first so boldly acquainted with me and last. Wedding we were playing in China. I stood there like a darling - even witnesses not what Russian did not know English. I was a witness at all times in the side pushing: tyts - to worship necessary, tyts - pass. All side repulsed me. There are Russian, even on television did not see when I arrived, they were my cilia thought groped - whether real "

Nadia ('24) and Michael (38 years) Han

Vladivostok, repair shop owners of mobile phones

Chinese husbands

"I was struck by Michael that, when I'm on a first date came to him, he gave me a huge bouquet of flowers. The guests invited, I come to him - he was not home. I called him - and he spree in a restaurant with friends. Then came prepared gorgeous fish itself, so good happened. And then he says: I lie down for a while. And I fell asleep. So I sat, he was asleep, I think, what to do? I decided to wash the dishes, washed, and then cleaned the kitchen. It turned out that he had not slept, and I checked. What's with another girl also gave a check - as she had pulled from his pocket the money and left. "

Katherine (20 years)

The village Sinelnikovo-2, does not work

Chinese husbands

"I have a child by the Chinese, but my father and his no longer live together. He always wanted everything in evoyny was. And I cut her son's case, and that the naked child walks, sunning, too, did not like. short skirts forbade me to wear, had all the time to go in the pants so in a jacket. I told him: "If you like the pants, so he in them, and walk, and I'll wear what I like." But here it is not about forcing the household, all he did. And we met in nature: having dinner together, well and liked each other. Alex was his name, a short, plump. Son, there's the whole in it. You know, we have been working, but we treat them worse than they are to us. We can send away, and in Chinese curse. And they just psycho - and everything. "