55 facts about Cuba through the eyes of Russians

• 55 facts about Cuba through the eyes of Russians

55 facts about Cuba through the eyes of Russians

1. The Cubans - very sociable people, it is not surprising many compliments street (note, not vulgar, but very nice), especially if you're a pretty woman with a friendly attitude. Also for the local it is quite normal to have a stranger in the street nor noncommittal conversation, simply because his mood is good or, conversely, sad.

2. In Cuba, a very weak education system. In Soviet times, it was fairly good base of teachers who are currently retired polls. The schools teach the former high school students with a low level of knowledge, but many subjects such as biology, geography, chemistry, etc. Are combined into one subject called "Ciencias naturales".

3. Only free education exists in Cuba. For admission in any college you need to take three subjects: the history of Cuba, Spanish and mathematics.

4. Cuban nationals any medical care free of charge, this also applies to dentistry, which is not at the highest level, and even services such as abortion.

5. The Cuban medicine is considered one of the best in the world. The relatively low cost of treatment attracts many foreign patients with severe or rare diseases. Cuba has a reputation for not only tourist region, but also the medical infirmary with a broad base of specialized hospitals and a large staff of medical personnel.

6. Cuba regularly delivers its medical leasing to third world countries in Africa and Latin America.

7. The Cubans are incredibly clean, they are trying to take a shower in every opportunity, change clothes at least twice a day and actively use antiperspirant and perfume. Have wet underarms in this hot tropical country is considered indecent and disgusting. 8. I have never seen more sexy and alluring gait than the Cuban girls. This feature manifests them for about 10 years and continues to 30.

9. The usual Cuban brown cane sugar - humid and smells of home brew. That does not detract from its merits, and even gives a certain piquancy.

10. In Cuba, still retained the system of purchases on the cards, so-called "Libreta". Cards enable citizens to acquire in specialized stores essential goods such as rice, beans, oil, milk powder, sugar, etc., At an affordable price. Therefore, hunger here nobody swollen, even with meager incomes.

11. The average salary of middle-ranking officer is about $ 20 per month.

12. Virtually all residential Cuban home, except for a few high-rise buildings in Havana do not have glasses. Instead of glass are commonly used wooden or metal shutters.

13. In Cuba, there is no high-speed Internet line. The island is expensive satellite communications, delivering Internet in all public institutions, hotels, and private users. Therefore, the majority of Internet connections - dial-up and leased line speed is not much different from the phone connection.

14. Access to the Internet is carried out for tourists or hotel with state-owned computers, with the exception of a couple of expensive Havana hotel with a weak Wi-Fi connection, or from post offices, also in the state. computers.

15. Cuba has banned the private sale of seafood (shrimp, lobster) and beef. Although the markets "under the counter", you can buy almost everything and at the normal price. 16. Some foods, such as potatoes, beets, carrots, occasionally disappearing from the shelves a few months since the seasonality of their cultivation.

17. In Cuba no central hot water supply system. Cubans generally washed under cold, but after a day in the sun Spent tanks cold it is difficult to call. Some fans put comfort in homes boilers or speakers.

18. Until very recently in Cuba were officially banned, electric kettles, toasters and grills due to national energy savings.

19. Every Cuban has the right to issue only one SIM card for a mobile phone. And itself cellular communication is very expensive per minute for local Simcoe will have to pay about a dollar. one mobile operator, called Cubacel.

20. The most traditional and favorite Cuban dish - "Congri", consisting of rice and black beans. Served at the table, as a rule, at least 4-5 times a week together with meat or without it.

21. Also in the Cuban cuisine is widely used banana, whose different varieties are used as a dessert, all kinds of chips options and just a bit of sugar to the main dish.

22. The Cuban alcoholism differs from the Russian. The street is almost impossible to see a drunk wallowing in wet pants, or walking along the wall. Drinking alcohol then goes slowly, and the maximum effect is reached only the level of "slightly under Shafei". There are exceptions to the rule, but they are very rare.

23. The Cuban people do not like to go out in the rain. Often, this natural phenomenon is the reason for absence from work, school and so on. D.

24. The average Cuban on a sunny day will come without an umbrella on the street. Which in most cases is justified, because the umbrella gives at least some shade and protection in the sultry tropical day. 25. With a sufficiently rich variety of species of tropical flora plants, terrestrial fauna of the largest of the islands of the West Indies is represented by only a few species of winged and all kinds of reptiles and amphibians. Among the mammals known type of carnivorous Cuban SOLENODON, until recently thought to be extinct.

26. The Cuban central channels broadcast without advertising. The grid is full of educational, scientific and popular music and television programs, sports broadcasts and novelties of the world cinema, the copyright of which, according to my guesses, just do not pay attention.

27. Probably the most popular Cuban sport - baseball. Cuban baseball players are highly regarded in the world of sports, and often entice American teams.

28. Cuba has a low crime rate meant a complete non-aggressive people. But it is dangerous even here wandering at night in the poor neighborhoods, lighting the way iPhones.

29. The most pet clothing Cuban women - denim shorts. The girls you see a short, but in older women - knee length.

30. In Cuba, quite a strange policy regarding contraception. It is believed that condoms should be used only in case of momentary contact and to provide protection against disease, and protection with a permanent partner it will be perceived as a sign of mistrust offensive. Therefore, the number of abortions reached epic proportions for such a small country.

31. The Cuban Ballet School - one of the most respected in the world. People say, "Russian ballet striking skill, French - emotional and spiritually rich, and Cuban personified both." One Alicia Alonso, the world famous Cuban dancer, which alone is worth! 32. Cuba is attacked Cyclone. There is even such a thing as a "hurricane season" lasts from September to November and rarely ends tragically, because the majority of craters passes or more is absorbed in the ocean. The most powerful hurricane category five in recent years - "Andrew" born in 1992, has caused a lot of damage to the western part of the island.

33. During the cyclone (not to be confused with a hurricane, for a cyclone - heavy and prolonged rain) Cubans sit in a close family circle at home with candles and absorb pre-bought goodies for the occasion. With this approach, the majority of local residents cyclone is something unplanned vacation.

34. Patron Saint of Cuba considered the Virgin Mary throughout the sculptural image towering above the boat that holds the three representatives of the population of the island: the conquistador-Spaniard, Indian and negro.

35. The indigenous population of Cuba from the time it was completely destroyed by the Spanish conquerors.

36. Mixed marriages on the island are not welcome. And the union of white women and black Cubans condemned to a greater extent than the other way around.

37 Cubans - rabid dog lovers, almost every house has one, or even several doggie. Rage is considered possession of a pedigree dog, preference is given, for unexplained reasons, the most hairy breeds such as Huskies and Chow are also numerous small Chihuahua.

38. Cats are not particularly pampered and at home do not hold, so wild and unsociable cat living on the streets, keep near garbage dumps and is not suitable caress the local call "Misu Misu,".

39. Few people know that the main revolutionaries in Cuba were not two, but three. Camilo Cienfuegos - poet and comrade Fidel Castro and Che Guevara different charisma and love of the people until his mysterious death in a plane crash in 1959, which has no confirmed evidence of its existence, and even the aircraft wreckage. After the tragedy, Fidel took the reins in their hands, and Che Guevara, by all accounts, was forcibly exiled from the country. To date, both the dead revolutionary revered by Cubans, and the image of Che Guevara are in great demand among the local population. 40. Cuban is quite normal after work comfortably on a bench under a tree or on a warm stone Havana waterfront and take a little nap. Life passes slowly here, and it shows in everything.

41. Scoring own cows and bulls for meat is illegal. After natural death of the animal must be stated in the associated service, then arrive and take away trupovozka carcass. In case of disobedience to the law the offender awaits criminal penalties, providing a considerable period in jail.

42. Mass Cubans visit the beaches in the summer only, despite the tropical climate and constant air temperature. Some individuals are swimming in the winter, but it is rather an exception to the rule.

43. In the 15 years girls celebrating birthday with special solemnity, dressing up in princess costumes and lush photographed.

44. After the overthrow of Batista only officially owned US territory is part of the Guantanamo province, located on the eastern tip of the island. The Guantanamo prison is located for terrorists and international criminals.

45. A few years ago in Cuba outbreak of deadly disease, which is spread by ordinary mosquito. Therefore, the local government set up a special office, engaged in fumigation of state institutions and centers of reproduction of these insects. Often, a person with a smoking pipe in her hand interrupts the work of the whole department or theater for a couple of hours before going sweep.

46. ​​The plates with the registration number on the Cuban machines have different colors depending on the membership to a particular owner. So, government vehicles are marked in blue, and private - yellow. 47. In Cuba, the "walking" two currencies: the Cuban peso and the convertible peso CUC. The difference is that CUC is used mainly by tourists, easily exchanging dollars or euros on the currency, the Cuban peso and dwells in the wallets of the local population. Almost all the shops sell goods of cookie, but there are a number of places, such as public transport or market, where it is better to pay with pesos.

48. In Cuba, there is oil, but because of poor reservoir location, namely in the tourist area of ​​Varadero beach, it is almost not extracted.

49. Cuba is thriving patriarchal family unit. Easily related to premarital relations among young people, the Cubans are very strict approach to the issue of morality and the distribution of roles in the family after marriage. Wife must do all the housework and child care on their own, even when working along with her husband, often earning more.

50. hen parties and all kinds of holiday apart from her husband not only welcome, but also considered absurd. Husbands also have every right to be away on business at any time.

51. The ability to dance is inherent in every Cuban birth. At the sound of rhythmic music of any local resident, even being in the workplace, will be a little dance. At night discos are all constraints are discarded and you can see really "dirty" dancing.

52. The most frequent breakage of Cuban cars is the dumps, since the strong depreciation of the suspension, the wheel, because razgildyayskogo relation to technology among the locals.

53. In Cuba, there is a railway and highway, stretching the entire length of the island. True rail transport is not particularly popular because of the infrequency of flights and the lack of any kind was a comfort. 54. The Cuban men carefully watching their appearance. In beauty salons common male hair removal treatments of various parts of the body and even plucking eyebrows.

55. The population of the island is 11, 5 mln. People in the capital, while living 2, 5 million. Inhabitants. The capital of Cuba Havana Spanish style is spelled and pronounced with the letter "b" in the middle - La Habana.