Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

For the high-tech world in 2011 was very rapid - the triumph of Android and the Samsung, the fall of the Nokia, the departure of Steve Jobs, the battle of social networks, the emergence of a new class of laptops.

We summarize and present the ten most striking technological breakthroughs of the outgoing year.


Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

Google has spent half a billion dollars to run their social network, designed to compete with Facebook. At first it seemed that this money is wasted - users are not particularly impressed with Google+, and mass outflow of users of Facebook has not been noticed.

However, by the end of the year it became clear that the idea that Google was much more ambitious. The company has integrated all of its services in a single ecosystem, which has a good chance to survive in the confrontation with the social network Mark Zuckerberg. In any case, the dynamics of attracting new users from Google+ just rolls over. To date, the network enjoys the daily 50 million. Man.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

The strangest gadget of the year. Overgrown smartphone and tablet-ignoramus in one person. Display diagonal 5, 3 inches, powerful "iron", excellent performance, stylus and a plurality of commercially available accessories.

The gadget has become a cult immediately after its introduction. Maybe a few will buy it - still expensive and outlandish thing. But the impression Galaxy Note makes a great even to the uninitiated. Such success before could boast except iPhone.

of Siri

Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

Voice control is present in smartphones for a long time. But, as often it happens, that Apple has managed to make millions of users a new way to look at the familiar, seemingly service. Siri allows you to literally speak to your smartphone, it is a kind of prototype of the artificial intelligence in everyday life, which had long dreamed of science fiction.

It seems to be specific and not everyone is a necessary thing, but after a few years of 2010, Siri will be remembered as a precursor of this gadget revolution.

All Android

Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

The operating system created by Google to compete with the iPhone in the smartphone market, in th 2011 has become a true giant, taking a leading position in the market.

By year end, the number of daily activations of new Android devices reached 700 000. At this rate, by the end of next year in the world will be half a billion smartphones and tablets on Android.

Google's dream come true, iPhone with iOS platform remained in second place. The remaining competitors do not count. Decent sale is only for smartphones on the dying Symbian platform from Nokia, but it has not long to live. Recently, Nokia has decided to even eliminate the use of Symbian name.

Originally a niche Bada from Samsung and have a "bubble" Windows Phone from Microsoft played a minor role in the market. Locomotive called Android has no one to catch up. For the next few years - this is a new market of king.

Mac OS X Lion

Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

Apple a few years ago touting its operating system Mac OS X as a kind of alien creature, the likes of which the world does not and can not.

Millions of owners "apple" computers are ready to sign this statement today. Mac OS X in 2011, received an upgrade to version 10.7, codenamed Lion. Apple has established it is very democratic price - just $ 29 and made it possible to download the system from the Internet. Mac OS X interface has undergone significant changes, the system has become even easier and more intuitive. Stability, the absence of viruses - everything is the same. For use on the desktop is probably the best OS in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

Apple's competitors managed to spawn a lot of 10-inch tablet designed to "kill" sverhuspeshnyh iPad. However, to really shake Apple position in the tablet market will be only a 7-inch device. Such as the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

More compact size allows for another way to use the device, for example, to wear it in a jacket pocket, rather than in a backpack. Yes, and communicate with the smaller tablet easier. To travel is much better solution.

Apple at the time refused to release the 11-inch version of the MacBook Air, saying that the 13-inch is the minimum acceptable size. Last year and the 11-inch Air still came under pressure from competitors. It is possible that after the explosive success Tab 7.7 - but the fact that the device will be successful doubt practically no, - Apple will have to think about the iPad similar to the diagonal.


Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

Ultrabooks come up from Intel, formulated a number of stringent requirements for a compact notebook - dimensions, on-time, and so on. But it's nuances, which only experts know.

Simple townsfolk obvious that ultrabooks - a collective response to the group of major notebook manufacturers on the phenomenal sales of MacBook Air. The answer is somewhat belated, but better late than never. For those who, due to some reasons does not want to buy Air, for example, do not like Mac OS X, or just do not want to see on your gadget with the bitten apple logo, ultrabooks - a worthy choice.

Performance, autonomy, portability, what do you need for happiness? Gamers, of course, such laptops will not work, but they are not designed to meet these challenges.

the Gnome 3

Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

The developers of the most popular desktop shell for Linux operating systems this year, have been subjected to fierce criticism from many reactionaries.

The fact is that Gnome 3 bears little resemblance to the familiar Gnome 2, which, in turn, had a lot in common with the typical classic interface of Windows, with a specific user skill became similar to Mac OS X.

Gnome 3 - is something quite cosmic, with a clear eye to the future tablet running Linux.

Developers put bold cross on the long tradition, made as simple as skin, but it has become amazingly intuitive.

In general, Gnome 3 - it is a serious step forward. Though will take some time to lovers of the "Start" button and its various variations are accustomed to innovation.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

This smart phone has become a cult. Even out in the first half of 2012, his successor with a quad-core processor will have little impact on the situation. After all, with a decrease in Galaxy S II price will attract more buyers. You can be sure that after the cessation of the production model will be relevant for a long time on the market b / a phone. And all because that in this model, Samsung managed to achieve true harmony. Powerful "iron", a gorgeous screen and slim body. Magic combination. Competitors did not manage to build a decent Galaxy S II enemy. All attempts were in vain. Suffice it to recall, with its HTC Sensation. Qualitative, in principle, a smartphone, but when the battery life at light load is several hours, it's just ridiculous. Galaxy S II, with all its power runs several times longer.

Motorola Droid RAZR

Ten breakthroughs in the world of IT-industry in 2011

The Great the Motorola, the progenitor cellular, once again surpassed its competitors. Remembering the tradition of their iconic clamshell V3 RAZR, the company has released a smartphone on Android with the same idea. Slim metal body - only 7, 1 mm - and truly futuristic design ensures Droid RAZR models of large sales. And competitors will have to get used to the idea that the performance of a smartphone should be even and beautiful.