The results of the British political correctness

• The results of the British political correctness

The results of the British political correctness

... Cornwall police officer is forbidden to say "gypsy skirt." Instead instructed to use "skirt traveler."

... on the disc with the recording of "Tales of Mother Goose" changed the ending of "Humpty Dumpty": "All the king's horses and all the king's men can not Dumpty, Humpty Dumpty, Dumpty, Humpty bump" to "Humpty Dumpty to ten counted and again on I jumped the wall. "

... Schools Edinburgh recommended reset by football matches, if one of the teams suddenly starts to outpace rivals in 5 goals and added two players to the team losing.

... Kids Club, which is a pirate themed party, has forbidden its members to wear a bandage on the eye and a hook to hang on his hand, so as not to offend people with similar injuries.

... Horus forbidden to sing the song "Happy Birthday", so as not to offend the sect of "Jehovah's Witnesses", who do not recognize this holiday.

... buyer accused the company that produces "thick Irish sausages" for the name of the product, making out in it an allusion to the fact that the Irish people believe fatties.

... In one of the hospitals of Halifax visitors banned agukat over babies in the campaign for respect for all patients, including newborns.

... One of the officials of the education offered to forbid teachers to talk about the children as "gifted" and "talented" in order not to emphasize the exclusiveness of the draw.

... Go to Wakefield prison inmates are now supposed to address not by name, but "Mr. So-and-so."

... a group of artists banned from calling himself "Freak show", so as not to offend the real freaks. ... One of the organizations have not given shorten its name to an abbreviation because this abbreviation - POPO - in Turkish means "ass".

... School Islington ordered to remove the word Saint - "holy" - the name so as not to offend the feelings of believers of other nationalities, despite the protests of teachers, residents, parents and ... local Jewish and Muslim communities.

... A man who drank 5 liters of beer and fell down the stairs when I was a light bulb, received 75,000 pounds compensation for the fact that the lighting unit has been installed builders too high.

... the Christian Union at the University of Hull told to take atheists Union, so as not to violate their rights.

... Swing in Wiltshire hung in place for 25 years. Recently, they were told to remove, because ... are too high above the ground, and it is supposedly undersized greatly offended.

... hospital guard was punished for violation of safety rules and a threat to their health when climbed the scaffolding to save suicidal.

... The owner of the machine, which was parked correctly fined for what he left the window ajar at 1, 5 cm: What if a passing child to throw a match and start a fire?

... School in Sutton changed the sign "Do not run" and "Do not cry" to "Please, go on foot," and "Please speak softly," so as not to injure the feelings of children.

... The government has asked the British diplomats working in Afghanistan, to pay special attention to the issues of equality between men and women and to remind Afghans, to listen to their wives.

... The headmistress of one of Britain's schools are not allowed to sell in the cafeteria Easter buns, which depicts a cross on top, so as not to offend other faiths children. ... Woman indicted his boss because he treated employees alcoholic drinks at the Christmas party. After all, it then on the way home stopped and forced to breathe into a tube.

... professional criminals received 248,000 pounds compensation for a nasty fall in the prison shower. He has not worked in their lives a day, but the explanation for which compensation is given, there is a line "for the loss of earnings".

... A woman is suing the store (and ruined it) for her child, who was rolling around this store, Rollerblading, crashed into the door.

Inspectors ... health and safety recommended commanders install railings on slippery dirt training slopes to avoid falling recruits.

... Stewardess "British Airways" forbidden to wear a cross.

... The convicted armed robber who was accidentally captured on a police hidden camera, received £ 1,000 awarded by the European Court of Human Rights because the police intervened in his personal life! No wonder that regularly confronted with such cases, 80% of Britons said according to surveys that are fed by political correctness to the ears.