Rules of life Denzel Washington

Rules of life Denzel Washington

I would not want to see your face on a magazine cover.

I practically grew up in the church. My father was a priest for 60 years, and we pray every day. All our prayers end with the word "Amen, God - this is love," and as a child I thought that "God - is love" - ​​one word. It took quite some time before I realized what it really means.

My mother was very stubborn. I have done something wrong in school, and they drove me to go home. But she kicked me out of the house, so I went back to school.

As a child, I almost did not watch the movie. My father allowed me to go to the cinema very often. "101 Dalmatians" and "King of Kings" (a film by Nicholas Ray in 1961, tells the story of Jesus Christ) - that was my allowable range.

In a sense, Jesus was radical. Recall, as he drove out of the temple merchants.

Everyone has their own vocation. On both sides of the conflict in Iraq, there are people who are doing what they are doing, guided by religious considerations. And with that, and on the other hand, people believe that God - with them. Some of these people amazing destroys others. Well, maybe it's his gift.

I worked in a factory, was a dustman, then turn over the post. It was not so long ago. At most times, in order that I could still consider himself an ordinary man.

Be Denzel Washington - it's very simple.

I live outside the party, and of the actors do not know almost nobody. Only those who have worked with.

I do not like to talk about the movie. I still look too short films.

You never know - look at you or not. And so always try to behave well. It is best that you give celebrity status. In Los Angeles, all consider themselves stars.

I'm not too serious about the awards. I was present at all these ceremonies often enough to understand what it all means nothing.

People forget that the biggest job in the movie is done not in front of the camera and behind it.

The work of the actor - it's just a way to take his place in life, but not life itself. Life - it is a family.

The problems of our children - it is almost always our fault.

Send your child to serve in Iraq - that is what is difficult. And being both a film director and actor in it - easily.

I do not know who I am, but I like how once said Julia Roberts: "I am an ordinary person who does extraordinary work."

Good luck - it is when you are completely ready to provide you opportunities.

Do what you have to do now. And then you can do what want to do next.

I regret that I refused to play "Seven" movie.

I really played many historical characters, but it is rather a coincidence. I have no list from which I gradually cross out the names. When Richard Attenborough offered me to play Steve Biko (known fighter against apartheid who was killed in 1977, the protagonist of the film "Cry Freedom"), I said "yes." When Spike Lee a few years later invited me to play Malcolm X (fighter for the rights of African Americans, the ideologist of the movement "Nation of Islam" -. Esquire), I said the same thing. But no specific plan I did not.

I have little to remember them in detail, but one thing I remember well. When we started shooting the film "Cry Freedom", I flew to Zimbabwe alone. I got off the plane, and my hand was "uokmen" and "uokmene" was Janet Jackson. And I thought, "Wow, I'm in Africa. This is life!" I would not want to be remembered as Mr. biography.

I'm an actor. You have to be cruel - I'll be brutal.

A long time ago, almost thirty years ago, we were shooting a film about the prisoners. We arrived at the Cook County jail in Chicago, and almost the whole day there I went up and down the corridor and made a terrible face - to prepare for the role. Suddenly one of the prisoners said to me: "What are you doing, kid" - "I'm trying to understand the role - I say. - I'm trying to feel the nature of the character. " And then he was like, 'Why are you then stagger with such brutal mug? You know, I've been here 57 years. When I was only convicted a couple of days I was probably angry. But you do not think that I always go the way you now! "And it was one of the best lessons I received in life: sometimes to difficult things must be treated easier.

Any work can show your life, if you look carefully. When we were shooting "Unstoppable" (film, which tells about the train out of control -. Esquire), we went to West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. It is extremely depressing place. When you give the announcement that the extras you need 50 people come to you two thousand. Because people need at least some work. In one of the cities where we were shooting, it was a 70-percent unemployment rate, and it's great to give you on the head, if you allow yourself to think even for a second. You look around, and everything that you see - it is poverty and abandoned steel mills, which buy Russian.

The poorest people are usually the most honest.

I do not like when the drivers are called ordinary guys. There is nothing ordinary in a person who is able to control a hundred thousand pounds, rushing at breakneck speed. I starred in several films about trains, so that if anything can easily replace the locomotive driver.

I like to be provided in the new locations. But I love the surprise. I will never read anything about the place where I go. I like it when something new falls on me from all sides, and I was completely unprepared for this.

Nervous about flying on an airplane is necessary when the aircraft still on Earth. As soon as he appeared in the sky, to experience something no longer makes sense.

When you live in fear, at some point you just forget what it is afraid.

You can not live life on the sunny side. Shadow - this is also part of life. But now I'm in the sun.

I do not know what it means to be successful. But I know what it means to be happy.

Age never seemed like a big problem. Cinema - this is a business where no one thinks your age. Only your money. As long as you bring the money the studio, they do not tell you, even if you rolled onto the set in a wheelchair without both legs. But I say this only because I'm not a woman. Men are not allowed to grow old. And women supposed to be in their twenties.

I can easily grow a beard, but I will not do that. It will be too much gray hair.

A friend of mine said: "The first 50 years, you live for them, then 50 years you live for yourself." I like this approach, but one thing about old age, I was still scared: you begin to notice how people around the die, about which you say, "he was very young." I remember that I said so about my friend, who died of a heart attack 58 years. At fifty-eight, yes. But when you're 20, it seems that 58 - a great age. Do not try to sit back and relax on it. Occasionally it is useful to ruin something.

Closer to sixty, I realized that he was ready to play in a comedy.

I have not watched "Avatar" and I'm not. Cameron does not need my money, believe me. He is without them in order.

Make a movie that everyone hates - is also a success. Remember how people hated "The Passion of the Christ". And look how well it affect his duties.

If you have an enemy - studying it. Let not the hatred does not lead you anywhere.

Today it is very difficult to be independent. People want to know who you are - Republican or Democrat. Other options for them does not exist.

My main rule: do your job well, and see what happens.

Before leaving the camera, I always do forty deep breaths. And I do not stray from the account.

I do not care to analyze yourself.

I have one recurring dream - about the elevator, which travels horizontally. Nothing special. Just one very strange elevator.

When I get old, I want to be Clint Eastwood.

If you beg the heavens for rain, I am prepared to scoop mud boots.

As a child, everyone saw the angels.

Rules of life Denzel Washington