What's it like - to protect Lenin

Former Private First Company of the Kremlin regiment told about the features on guard duty near the body of the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Ulyanov.

What's it like - to protect Lenin

Oleg Teter, Olympic category referee in judo

Get into the Kremlin regiment - this is not the focus. That's the first company gets only a hundred people - it's just the ones who guard the mausoleum. I remember us still quite green, the first time to lead. We went down. It originated in the dark any lump. I realized that this lump - Lenin. The officer then told us that more than the sarcophagus with Lenin's Mausoleum and the building body, there is nothing in our country.

After a month or mausoleum was already ours. We knew it all along and across. Interesting cases was the mass. Sparrows sit on us - they do not know that we are alive. Sometimes guys lose consciousness. This happened not because of overload, but because the main enemy pervopostnikov - watering machine. She washes the dust with water, and, after the rain, ozone remains clean. And you've got the body is weakened by the end of an hour the whole blood in glass boots. Then breath of fresh air, and leads you so that you lose the sense of space. When a person begins to slip, the second time fast approaches him and removes the shotgun so that he stabbed with a bayonet.

And once there was a case. 4-6 o'clock in the morning. In Spassky always takes place at night pulled an iron wire to the car did not pass. Suddenly turned off in this pass light, and the change coming up to it, were killed. Caught in the rope and fell - all! The guards in white gloves with a braid, in full dress, crawling in the dark, looking for rifles. And the time is right ... In general, this miserable change ran out of the passage of the Savior, instead of having to go marched. Aiguillettes torn, dirty gloves, scarves crept. Already under the chiming clock guards still stood for the post. In general, it is impossible to speak calmly. Here you go. Square packed with people, and it seems they only look at you. Usually, the first chime of bells guards lifted his leg, the second they already have to go. But we kept the legs raised up to the last, the twelfth stroke. The crowd went wild at this time, everything went crazy. Bravo shouted. Imagine, you are just a soldier, and you shout bravo. Inexpressible feelings. Sometimes, under the feet of the soldiers threw flowers. It should be a charming girl who you do not know. She saw you, and delight throws flowers. And you just go for it.

In Chirac's first visit to Moscow as prime minister just our shift was. Then we included two anti-aircraft searchlight and we completely blinded. I had to go to the Mausoleum blindly, we could not see where we are going in general. Once they are gone from memory.

Igor Plotnikov, a lawyer

Thoughts during Lent was always a swarm. About life in the civilian world thought about the house. But the dream is not particularly successful. Still, the specifics of this service is that you have to stand absolutely still on such a responsible position, but still monitor the situation. If something unforeseen occurred, it was necessary to knock a ramrod, and the Mausoleum of the officer out.

Cap we were on the line, so that the wind has not blown off. Once, when after a change of leaving office, from the back of a strong wind blew my cap still flew and rolled. The guard had to run after her and then to move it to me pull down over one's eyes. And we, of course, as if nothing had happened continued to walk.

In the summer when it's hot, and you all in full - jacket, uniform, boots ... When the sweat is already flooded eyes, tapping his fingers on the ramrod, leaves an officer with a handkerchief and rub your face. One time when I was, like a statue, rubbing, passing by the baby with her with surprise says, "Babul, and they live?" I think that when you look from the side, it does appear that the soldier is made of wax. In the summer of mosquitoes biting impossible. Standing on a post, and do not wave away. I had to somehow take the rap. Most bitten neck.

And in the winter, in the extreme cold, they gave us boots or bear fur boots and big gloves. We face smeared with some special grease, so as not to freeze. Otherwise, come without a nose. Then stand on the first post, so beautiful, shines ... But it is only at night, when people no one.

Sometimes a little bully. Carbine, e.g., twisted. This was not according to the ordinance. Now officially allowed, but before that, because turning the snap hook can be for a day in order to get there.

During the service, the first post was for us a kind of safety valve. All the same street, people ... not to communicate with them, but their presence felt. I am the way, the dreams are still dreams, I'm on duty.

Vladislav Dudakov, network president, "Coffee House"

It is only from the side it seems that the clock an hour standing silently and motionless. You can move his fingers in his boots, his left hand move, because it is not actually visible. Another corner of his mouth, we talked to each other. One did not survive - laughed. And so do sleep very much like always.

The Kremlin regiment all very strict. Leg raised above provisions - offense. And we did not like to go with a low rise, we thought it was ugly. Legs raised 90 degrees and even higher - sometimes, when the end of the post went to the mausoleum, to the level of a person's face. People stand, look around, and suddenly in front of them - again! - three spikes. The crowd retreated back by inertia. And aerobatics we thought so lower the hooks to knock turned the whole area. And it is not threefold, and necessarily synchronous.

A guard at the mausoleum - for us it was almost like a dismissal. You could see the people alive. During the fast, and they have me for two years, it was eighty, I have several times in the head cranked all that was in my life to the army. My mother's dumplings recalled his grandmother's pies. Just in case of life: how to grandfather roof wings like with friends on motorcycles rode ... still I think that when the service is over, will the freedom, I'm getting married to Marina. I, by the way, my wife and I met his future there. She often came to see me when I was on duty. Specially got up so that I could see it, too, and we looked at each other, just like in the movie. Marina and I met in the second year of my service, and, of course, since all my thoughts were only on duty about it. A couple of years ago, on my birthday, we have a friend of mine, a colleague went to Red Square at night, and there began to walk. We have, incidentally, turned out great - clear synchronously. All this is somewhere we have signed up, and remains forever.

Alexander Kuchma, businessman

Prior to serving in the army, I saw Lenin only in pictures. Therefore, one of the most exciting moments was the first visit to the Mausoleum. I'm really worried. With every step, aware that getting closer to Lenin himself, which many read, heard so much. And when I finally saw a little surprised. To me, it had to be at least twice more. I thought that the leader must be a hero.

Outwardly, it seems that the guards stand motionless. In fact they are still slightly moving, wiggling his fingers. It is necessary that the blood ran through his veins, because muscle tension can lead to seizures. But then that for me was not particularly important. I was ready to defend and two and three hours.

Sometimes we still had to break away from the post. It was allowed only in case of emergencies. For example, in the spring of 1990 was an attempt to set fire to the mausoleum. Mentally ill man carried in a bag some liquid and threw it toward the main entrance. Time this man arrested, had to work the butt. In the late eighties of the nationalist group "Memory" was active in Moscow, and was a case where someone ran the chain, reached the monuments that are behind the Mausoleum and Stalin mount knocked nose. His long time afterwards restored. And we were in the chain at the mausoleum, where the parade on November 7 (1990 - Esquire) was an attempt on Gorbachev.

There were, of course, and pleasant moments. Once, on my birthday I arrived in Moscow all my family. On the day I just was on duty at the mausoleum, and my parents, brother and sister came to see me. The result was a very touching moment. Although we looked at each other in silence, I felt like all my pride. Remember the ads, there was a clock, and he shouted: "Kolya, Wave handle mom!" If anyone of us waved a pen like this, he went to serve in the construction battalion somewhere beyond the Urals and the Far East. You could say that I was the last of the Mohicans. I retired to the reserve in June of 1991, and in August there was no longer the Soviet Union.