15 little-known facts about giraffes

• 15 little-known facts about giraffes

The popular hero of many works of art are not able to yawn, he loves onions (not photographed, and raw) and is able to organize a kindergarten.

15 little-known facts about giraffes

1. Giraffes - the only animals that can not yawn. Virtually all warm-blooded and cold-blooded periodically plowing mouth in an attempt to get enough oxygen - this sin birds, fish and mammals. The average person yawns for their lives about 250 thousand times. But the giraffe is not. He is a lifetime do not yawn once. At least, the entire history of observations of giraffes scientists could not catch in the act no long-necked.

2. But giraffes are able to hum, hiss, growl and whistle. This whole set of sounds they use to communicate with relatives.

3. giraffe tongue length of about 50 centimeters.

4. In addition to the outstanding neck and tongue, giraffes outperform all other mammals tail length - it can reach a length of 2, 5 meters.

5. Giraffes like raw onions.

6. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the giraffe - it is the fruit of passionate love leopard and camel.

7. Anxious giraffe's heart beats 170 times a minute.

8. Mothers of young giraffes often organize a kindergarten, one adult female is looking for the calves, and all the other friendly crowd go get food.

9. Despite the enormous length of the giraffe's neck is really too short, so that it can reach the ground. Therefore, to pick something up from the floor, they have to kneel or widely set forelegs. So if you scare the giraffe, he physically can not behave like an ostrich. 10. The only predators that dare to hunt giraffes - lions. However, giraffes have a great weapon that they use to protect their offspring - the hoof.

11. Language giraffe black.

12. In contrast to the man standing giraffes know how to relax. Usually sleep session on his feet does not last more than 5 minutes. But when a giraffe need to sleep, he falls to the ground, running out for themselves the front legs, bends his head back and puts her on the rump. The total duration of sleep for days in giraffes rarely exceeds 60 minutes.

13. From 16 to 20 hours a day giraffes devote to this exciting venture, as the food. Thus, they consume huge amounts of food, even though the adult giraffe would be quite enough for the six kilograms per day.

14. An hour later, after the birth of baby giraffe begins to walk.

15. Age giraffe can be determined by the color of the spots on the skin - darker than they, the older individual. Drawing on the skin of the giraffe is unique, like fingerprints in humans.