Eternal questions about the relationship

Above them periodically scratching their heads, both men and women. There is a possibility that concentrated answers inspire those and others on the creative work on themselves.

Eternal questions about the relationship

Who do we "sink" at once?

Man: On a beautiful face and a good figure. And we do endow a person with a figure of all conceivable intellectual and moral perfections. Silent? - So mysterious. He talks nonsense? - But it turns out she is so cute. Mother, like a trooper? - What is the general custom nature! Then the curtains falling down. Alas.

Woman: On a purely washed mates with a sense of humor. To start this, perhaps, is enough. The main thing that a man did not seem that he has a sense of humor, but it was really him. That is, we would have thought so.

... and to whom - a long time?

Man: The two main requirements - it should be interesting, and it must create the desire. If both of these elements are present, a woman can keep us at bay for as long as she wants.

Woman: The number of claims is growing along with the experience of love. And so as long as it (experience) it reaches about a year. So a year later love a man can relax and know that nothing new from him is not necessary. Only to be generous, kind, reliable, smart, strong, neat, responsible, hard-working, romantic, polite, confident, attentive ...

From whom we are trying to stay away?

Man From brash and at the same time ugly. These qualities alone is quite tolerant, but in the complex - it is horror, flying on the wings of the night ... Woman From nerds. By tram boors. From the rich and vazhnenkih men who never for a moment forget about his "high profile." If, however, they may disengage from it, relax and just enjoy life in general and of our society in particular - that is, on the contrary, a very pleasant option.

What are we doing to catch whoever we liked?

Man All. In fact, everything.

Woman: Honestly - stupidity. And try to please all who are around him.

... to retain the trophy for a long time?

Man:. See the point above.

Woman: We try not mischievous, whether we are talking about dirty dishes, his favorite shirt disgusting or nasty inclinations of his dog. However, to a certain extent.

The most beautiful thing that a partner can do in bed?

Man: was there. But everything else - is very dependent on the situation. Sometimes you want a woman to take an active role. Sometimes - it is fully obeyed.

Woman: This is very individual, in the sense that every woman likes something different. Yes, perhaps the most beautiful - is when a man is puzzled by the question, what is it like that woman who in bed with him at the moment, and does not remember that like the last, before last, and pozapozaproshloy.

The worst thing that partner can do in bed?

Man: A woman can not do anything awful in bed. However, it is unpleasant, if during sex, she begins to talk about other things. And it is quite sad that so many ladies consider it their duty at this time to make a pained face, plaintive moan and shudder as if in pain. Who taught them that it excites us? Smile and pronounced pleasure give birth to men much more than the suffering of orphans Cassis. Woman: go to sleep right after ... And when he persists in his error - for example, trying to arouse your way, which you obviously insensitive. So you see for this his former girlfriend, who just this way and excited. And now he can not understand why it "does not take" you. That's where the shoe pinches in male talk about frigidity in women - are often the ones who just do not like their former girlfriends.

Who often vomits relationships (male or female)?

Man: Woman. But under pressure from men. The final word is usually pronounced it - but we've been trying to coerce her to do so.

Woman: Man. And very often some wacky ways such as "I'm afraid you leave me ... By the way, in the next six months, we are unlikely to see - the work is complete and all ...".

The three most common reasons why rush a relationship?

Man: Boredom. Treason. Material disorder.

Woman: Boredom. False or true feeling that we deserve more. Radically different attitudes to life (for example, one partner thereon fixated, and the other focus not notice).

It's so boring when the ...

Man: ... everything is known in advance. When one day is like another, and when there is no space adventure. There is a feeling slammed mousetrap.

Woman: ... surprise surprise spilling over, opening the opening. And very often - unpleasant.

Why are we afraid of (or fear) of being alone?

Man: We are not afraid. If you do not want to own - alone you do not stay. In a world of living three billion women - here it is necessary to manage to not find a mate. Woman: We are afraid. Explanations in this respect and a million ... no exhaustive. Most likely, it is an instinct, and nothing really can not be helped.

The best compliment that we can do?

Man: Five minutes after they met to agree to go with you to the North Pole. With hibernation.

Woman: A compliment about our weakest (as in our opinion) place. For example, if you consider yourself a chubby girl, and he assures you that you are fantastically composed, and you - do not subtract nothing to add. So sincerely he says, with feeling.

The perfect declaration of love

Man: Perfect recognition - this is when it says the one from which you want to hear it. Neither the place nor the way in this case do not matter.

Woman: "Let's give birth to a baby!" Provided, of course, that you want from this man of the same - if not right this minute.