What is left-handed right-handed people to live in peace

• What is left-handed right-handed people live in the world

Crows, as the people are divided into right and left the majority of the minority: they peck something, that are predominantly one of the two sides of its beak. Pravoklyuvye dislike levoklyuvyh, chase them, but levoklyuvye more inventive and more cunning ... And yet, it is difficult to live in the world of right-handed left-hander!

What is left-handed right-handed people to live in peace

In many languages, the word left - synonymous: awkward, false, insincere, causing suspicion - that is, as a rule, is painted in the negative. The English synonyms for left-handed means "clumsy", "incompetent", "ambiguous" and "doubtful". French gauche means not only "left", but also "unfair".

Left-handedness was considered serious and a physical defect but were even more suspicious of all activities associated with the left side. Witnesses at the medieval trials of witches show that the defendant has "touched the beast with his left hand," and if anyone had seen the accused avoided right someone's house (and the house burned down shortly), the miserable wine was considered practically proven.

According to some historical records, almost a decisive role in the decision of the judges of the burning of Joan of Arc was the fact that she was left-handed. In Japan, discovered his wife's left-handedness could be grounds for immediate divorce.

In many African tribes and Indian villages still believe that the left-hander - born poisoners, and so just in case keep them away from the kitchen. retraining methods of left-handers with the most brutal: the left arm burned or wounded in order to deprive the unfortunate left-handed opportunities to use it.

In extreme situations, in a state of extreme fatigue or stress when in a few seconds to make a decision and act - left-handed, even retrained, will always act instinctively with his left hand. A case where the pilot left-handed lost due to the fact that he could not find time to ring opening of the parachute, which is to the right. And what, for example, the policeman left-handed, if he as the duty holster should hang right?

If the left-hander is necessary to spend on a 20-centimeter ruler line length of 3 cm, it is necessary first of brainstorming, subtract 3 from 20, and then lead the line from 20 to 17. The right-hander simply draws a line from zero to three. Or, for example, try to draw an arrow with his left hand mechanical clock. To do this, turn the clock upside down. Left-handed men are not lucky with zippers and buttons, especially in the inner pockets in the jacket or jackets. Try it if you're right handed, your left hand to fasten the buttons on his trousers.

The number of left-handers all the time is reduced. In the Stone Age, there were 50%, in the Bronze - 25%, and now - only 5%. Around 2500 lefties die every year in accidents related to the use of articles intended only for right-handers.

Spiral staircases in medieval castles are always twisted in a clockwise direction. This is a very simple explanation - rising knights, holding a sword in his right hand, is much more difficult to fight than defending the Knights right-handed. The system is good, but does not consider the case when the upcoming Knight lefty. However, the builders of castles have been assured that there will be no left-handed hitters among the knights: lefties were considered associated with the devil, and the left-hander could not become a knight.