This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

That comes to the end of February, and with it the long and many had time to get bored with winter. And the closer the spring, the more active and starts to behave unpredictably all life on the planet, and in particular - the human race.

So let us admire these amazing and interesting eccentricities of the second half of the month. All of them are placed on the degree of irrationality and singularity of the 10-th place in the direction of the first.

10th - "Ikromaty"

In the Moscow subway will be vending machines selling caviar.

The project has already received the approval of underground leadership. Today in Moscow there are 10 so-called "ikromatov" installed in public places provided by the public. In particular, the devices are placed in the building of City Hall and in one of the towers of the business center.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

The familiar Office applications you Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note can now be run in the browser! Ms office web apps have become much "easier", you can edit documents from different locations and on different devices!

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

The owner of the network "ikromatov" relies not only Muscovites, but also to foreign tourists, among which this product is known to be very popular.

It is noteworthy that the owners of the coffee machines, more common in the city, afraid to install devices such unprotected places such as subways, t. To. The Vandals break even expensive phones in the office centers. However, the owners of "ikromatov" this fact does not seem to bother.

Here it is in Russian! By ikromatam only need to add blinomaty for a full snack.

9th place - "vegetable plot"

Vegetables are capable of mutual communication.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

This conclusion was made by the British employees of the university in Exeter, conducted an experiment on a cabbage. Biologists have notched growing in the garden vegetable leaves, causing him to let the gas warning neighboring undamaged germs of danger. According to scientists, this gas is the language of communication between plants. With his help, vegetables inform the world about the need to increase the level of protection. Now British biologists are going to decipher continue flora language

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

Other cabbages, of course, are now warned, but, alas, not armed.

8 place - "Men are not as interesting"

Complete extinction of men as a species will not take place.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

This is the conclusion the American scientists. The conclusion of the imminent disappearance of the men was made in 2003, a number of specialists who have studied the unique chromosome.

It is present only in the male body, is responsible for the birth of a boy, but extremely vulnerable and dependent on the external environment changes. At the time of the emergence of homo sapiens, this chromosome had fourteen hundred genes.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

Now there are men just 45. As a result, scientists have calculated that the man left to exist as a biological species from 100 thousand to 5 million years. But now US researchers have refuted these findings and claimed that the process of unique chromosomes expansion stopped.

Well, thank goodness for that!

7 place - "Pandora Japanese"

The Japanese have created the world's first avatar.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

A group of scientists from the University of Tokyo introduced a humanoid robot, which all movements can be controlled by a special system. It resembles technology that was featured in the famous film of James Cameron's "Avatar."

robot is controlled by a special helmet, suit and gloves, wearing that, a person can make any movement. A robot is connected to the system, will obediently, in real time, repeat after all human, even the most complex movements. Scientists believe that these robots will already be in the near future be used in cases where the work requires special human skills, however, is complicated by the dangerous conditions

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As always, the Japanese part of technology- ahead of the rest!

6 place - "the most cattle"

In Texas the bull the longest horns in the world.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

Their length is about 3 meters. The animal now lives in the Australian wildlife park in Queensland.

50-year-old owner of a champion Michael Bethel says that he started to breed bulls Texas 14 years ago. "I do not think that the animal knows how much attention it now receives. Bull is happy and healthy. We did not specifically limited: let feed together with a kangaroo, like other bulls ", - said Michael.

The owner added that the animal's horn will still grow, because "he was only 7 years old, so they can reach a length of at least twice as much, that is almost 6 meters.

Let's hope he's still looking for his cow halves ...

5 place - "bearded men in disgrace"

In Egypt, several police officers suspended from duty for the beard.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

As the Minister of Internal Affairs, these trends will be tough tolerated among officials. According to him, according to the Police Act, anyone who has crossed the threshold of the Police Academy shall maintain a fitting and neat appearance, including - to shave regularly.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

Meanwhile, "the bearded police" are not going to give up, referring to the "constitutional right" and that in any law not established a ban on the wearing of beards. On Facebook there was even a group called "I - a bearded policeman."

That's too lazy to shave in the morning - and go on forced leave.

4th place - "pasta parrot"

Parrot fed pasta dog.

One of Internet users posted on video sharing site YouTube video, which tells about the friendship of two pets. Apparently, they are so "baked onto" each other that when the parrot occurred to feed the dog with macaroni, she did not mind particularly.

She carefully took away noodles from the bird's beak. At some point, the parrot began to dip the pasta in the sauce - a dog and it had to taste. As the author notes, macaroni five injured during the filming of this movie.

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"I told you - the food, and you conceal my tail off daring cats, bro!"

3rd place - "Silicon airbag"

Bust top model saved from death

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

Brazilian Sheyla Hershey has survived a car accident due to their huge breasts. According to Daily Mail, she worked as an airbag.

The incident occurred when the woman went to a meeting with her husband and children. Sheila tried to drive around a dog that suddenly appeared on the road, but lost control. Car overturned and crashed into a tree.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

Life model saved her artificial breasts. Ranked in the Guinness Book of Records the breast to soften the blow. A 30-year-old Brazilian escaped with only a few bruises

Indeed, a miraculous rescue.

2 nd place - "Hen-forecaster"

In Britain, a unique hen lays eggs that foretell the weather.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

The bird, nicknamed Rosie with a small British farm stumped weather forecasting experts. According to the patterns on eggs it is possible to accurately understand what the next day - the sun or snow.

According to the host country of the chicken, it all began back in August last year, when Rosie laid two eggs in a row with a pattern in the form of sunlight. After that, two days in a row was very warm and cloudless weather.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

The woman also said that later she again found a nest egg, which was completely covered with white spots. After this finding, the whole day was a fine steady rain. Themselves experts say chicken Rosie is very strange, and noted that he had never seen anything like it.

And scrambled eggs and all you can predict the future!

1st place - "Ariel in anger"

An official from Zimbabwe accused the mermaids that they intimidate dam builders.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

During his speech before the commission of the Senate Minister of Water Resources said that all working towards them for the installation of water pumps at the dams, have refused to do it because they are afraid of mermaids.

This insanely real world - the second top-10 February

As a result, he asked the local leaders to conduct a series of rituals to appease the restless mermaids. According to the man, he tried to hire employees with a white color, in the hope that they do not believe in mermaids, but they also refused to go to work - for the same reasons.

Ingenuity there the workers can only envy!

In this review of the second half of February is coming to an end. Since the spring, my friends! Stay with us!

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