What is true happiness

Head of the Wedding Palace, the cashier of betting at the racetrack, and the person issuing the prisoners to freedom, talk about what is real happiness.

What is true happiness

Andrew Kidron, a member of the Moscow rescue service, working experience of 10 years:

"See the world through the eyes of a lifeguard difficult. A normal person standing at the bus stop and reads newspaper. I appreciate the state of asphalt, speed, rolling across the old man, I think, "Mom can not be so hard to squeeze the hand of the child, because in three years the joints weak, it is better to take the collar, and generally better in the hand"; look at the cap, which is overloaded with snow, a crack in the glass stops ... And so all my life. If you are constantly in a state of a ninja who puts all day rice, and at night, under a full moon, trains for a single fight with another master, which is likely to die both of them. The main thing - to have time. Remember each case. Your destiny randomly intertwined with the fate of another person - a girl, sliding intoxicated from the seventh floor balcony, which we had to seize the sixth; teen Sasha is going to jump from the Crimean bridge, I ubaltyvat three hours five-year Zhenyu, who locked the door and nearly set fire to the house .... We pulled people from the accident of "Nord-Ost", a water park, the Bauman market. And always the person realizes that he is not saved immediately - stress can not be turned off as the switch. At the moment of salvation, we are happy, they - after a while. The best day of my - the eight departures. In the town something - twelve million. And the situation has not changed for ten years. Changing only the scenery. The accident did not become less. These same children have grown up, which also locked the door from inside. And the same parents who cry when their children to save. " Natalia Astashkina, Head of the Wedding Palace №1 them. Griboyedov, the working experience of 30 years:

"I dreamed of becoming an actress, she gathered to enter the Shchukin. But one young man said, I have an improper shape, so I did not dare. But when I "stand" in the room - it is our professional terms - I, even I get tired, but I get great pleasure. It's the same thing that the theater. laws of the genre, they are the same. When I see that I listen to, I want to say more, but not so pathetic, and in a simple way: "You are a charming couple smiling." Here I am artist. I say: "Natasha, you have such a fun job," I say, "Guys, create happiness every day - very hard, believe me." Maybe you have children pass exams, or had a fight with her husband - but you must smile every day. But if you came here - work. In the hall we have no right to give couples some assessment - is only an expression of pleasure. But, of course, notice what people relations. I do not say that the pair shows how much they will live together, but notice all - fashion in a relationship, for example. In the early nineties, the new Russian all look alike were. And we came to the registry office - in training pants, leather jackets. Now, when it is those who are called oligarchs. It's the flip side: they aged, rich, but there is a feeling that they are getting married on the same girl - tall, with long legs, blond. In such pairs happiness, of course, comes from women. Supposedly acquired. But it surprises us hard. And in shorts came, and slippers; one somehow came up with a dog in her arms! The ceremony was led not me - I would have refused to register the marriage. In general, even if the couple undress naked and enter the room - I'm not confused, I find that they say. But when people come here and say we need to get a divorce, my first reaction is - an insult. Where, in general, you've come? With so do not even have to come to our Palace. We only happiness here. " Love Ishutina, the operator of betting offices at the Moscow Hippodrome, 14 years work experience:

"I have been working in the sector of" A "- the most expensive. Where you put twenty thousand in check. Players take a long time - thirty to fifty years, if not ruined. Players - people superstitious, each has its own rituals: some do not speak all day advance purchase program from, and while rates do not, they will not open his mouth, so as not to frighten away your luck. Some, if won, will come to "platilschitse" and say quietly: "Wrap". Many a certain dress code. Dress flashy: raincoat, cap - it is work, what to dress up? Well, again, good luck to not frighten. And those who hold high positions in the KGB for example, dress modestly so as not to attract attention. Riders - practice, players - theorists. Stand with stopwatches, view reports, know the name Riders, smiling something. Some over the years has lost a lot, but do not feel a special bitterness. For them the main thing - to compete with luck: all can be calculated, and the horse will not win, but at other times suddenly feel the support from the top! In the summer there was a case: a man mixed race, bet on the wrong horse, and this rate no one has done more - and he won a huge sum. The horse, however, the champagne to celebrate, not watered, and do not let the horses are now. Although people go and see - with the Arcane Shirvindt, for example. By the way, this Arcana in an interview always says that we unscrewed the handle in the toilets, because the players are hung. Well, where is he from? Unclear. The stupidity of some sort. "

Ilya Berezin, director of automotive trends of Mercury, the working experience of 16 years:

"Buying a car Bentley came to make out of paper, he sat down across from me. We are always ready representative set of spirits, and until two o'clock, I designed the documents he drank. Fifteen minutes later his bodyguards went to "Children's World" for guitar and began to sing the buyer - it turned out to be a great voice. At that time, he had a lot of beautiful cars - he came to the cabin is not on the Volga, and Lamborghini. But when we finally went to the service to give him a car, he literally wept on my shoulder. Twenty-five years ago a Ferrari or Bentley was the fact that neither see nor feel you can not, but only timidly dreaming - as a flight to Mars. Today rational considerations such person does not need a car - it is certainly not the first and not the second machine. Here, people are buying their emotions, become unrealizable, and I'm the conductor between man and his dream. " Alexander Pryzhkin, a member of the Bryansk colony, work experience 3 years:

"I judge people released from prison. Every day I see the real lucky ones. He goes out and on the way to the train stop or feels as if flying into space. Especially happy are those who spent five years. Immediately rush somewhere, constantly looking around, they want to see more quickly, touch the trees, the ground, laughing. Buy them a ticket, they happily board the train and leave, knowing that there are no lattices. If a person is pleasant to me, I'm opening the doors, am really happy. And if not - I feel the joy that got rid of it. One guy recently to celebrate electronic clock wanted me to pay, thank - they say, I told him, "Gates of Freedom" opened, persuaded. I did not take the course. He is nothing more than these hours there. I used to work in the police, and then was asked here. Collect materials on people to court - not one of those things that bring a lot of fun. Enjoy this little. A guard of convicts - other: do not I have them here defined, but I saw them off to freedom. "

Alexander Beilin, the obstetrician, the chief doctor at the maternity ward at the hospital 67 minutes, the working experience of 57 years:

"Dima was born in a pressure chamber with a weight of seven hundred pounds. His mother suffered from heart disease - deciding to give birth, risked her life. Genera conducted in the chamber with the excess atmospheric pressure - up to four atmospheres. When the mother began to bleed heavily, and we were afraid of losing it, around the pressure chamber in a terrible excitement went Dima's father and director of the Institute of Cardiac Surgery Leo Bokeria Antonovich. And then the father showed the baby through the window, and said that his mother was still alive. Can you imagine the face of the father? Now Dima 25 years old, comes to visit sometimes. I with colleagues for about twenty years, took birth in women who never expected to have. We were the first to take delivery in the chamber with a high pressure, and as a result of our work with surgeons heart surgery during pregnancy are real. I took the first birth in 1949, but the feeling of everyday life does not come - both at the front. And when a woman gives birth, which could only dream about it, and you become an accomplice of a miracle, everything suddenly changed for the better. " Jürgen, the bartender, the working experience of 13 years:

"With our Soviet-Russian drunkenness feeling of happiness is any event - from Sat before the wedding. Came to me a girl on the verge of suicide. Life had no luck, all shit, the sun does not shine. Sat down at the bar, we talked an hour and a half, and I promised her that within two months, when it will go into a bar, all she will scream: "Mother has come!" Began to come, emancipated. Visitors And she really cried, "Mother has come!" - fell in love. Man alive. Why is that? I compare our profession to the socket. You come into a bar - like a cell phone stuck in the socket - Recharge emotions. The bartender in the first place should be a psychologist to know how one mother, father, girlfriend name, who was fined who is drinking. I won in a competition, and in the Guinness Book of Records has got - in 2001 we with a companion 60 hours behind the bar worked with one hand, and the other was chained chain. But to win the competition - it is not important. Most importantly, the bartender was as a pastor: a man came, confession, and he felt better. "

Vladimir Yeranosyan, the leading lottery in the casino, working experience 3 years:

"The other day, one player has won 50 thousand dollars and gave tips on happiness for the amount of twice as much. And in the next room someone has lost $ 100 and almost cried, yelled at everyone. Another won the SUV - probably sixteenth car in the garage, and happy as a child! But the right of all plays a guy who just enjoys what is happening - watch the show, talking to people, glad that is healthy, that he was sitting in the expensive Moscow casinos. This will not fall below the waterline without selling the dust. He almost did not win, but it looks like him and this is not necessary: ​​it is one of the basic tenets of happiness - be thankful. "