About cat

About cat

night, summer. I'm sitting in the car in the field, watching the stars and drinking red wine, eating a bun with cheese and fruit. Here's a dinner, I decided to arrange themselves.

The doors are open wide open, hear the chirping crickets or cicadas ... - I do not know ... It smells field. Behind-time, ahead of the weekend, then leave for 10 days ...

Before cottages kilometer - no police, but if that - I will go home on foot, leaving the car here. Silence. Only planes sometimes fly. Lepota.

Suddenly I heard a squeak in the grass. I looked carefully - two fluffy lumps lost nurse. A little more than a month to kids. How did they get here? And where they nurse?

Probably got lost and came here from the farm - which is about three kilometers from here.

I can not communicate with cats - terrible allergy. If you go to visit a family where there is a cat - medication pack with a take and try to knock earlier. As a child, a couple came to the laryngeal edema - eating rescued.

I looked at the two little ones and I thought that should be near the cat. In the grass something stirred. "Cat" - flashed through me. But no! The clearing jumped three huge dogs. Little silly squeaked. "Well, not moved as their dogs."

Meanwhile, the dogs growled and rushed to the kittens. I jumped out of the car, grabbed from under the seat mount and rushed into the fight. These fanged creature began to chew on the kittens, they were shouting, I ohazhival dogs a piece of iron and shouted: "Go away, do not touch, fu". Where there ...

The leg is then dug, without looking at me, leaving a gaping toward pain. dog squealing, she fell, I was once again struck her on the head mount. I saw that one kitten took the other dog's mouth.

In two strides I found myself next to a kitten and repulsed, with all the dope hit the dog on the head. The third dog to run away. The second kitten was lying nearby. I'm not trying to figure out what I was doing, grabbed the kitten, shook them in a shawl, sat in the car, the engine roared, and I rushed to the only familiar to me clock veterinary clinic. Tears streamed from his eyes. I understand that the kittens were dead or severely crippled and will not survive, but the hope did not die .. roundhouse having flown into the courtyard (thanks to the school of extreme driving), I ran into the hall and the clinic stopped the first available person in a robe.

- Help me, their dog was bitten. - I held her shawl, which were kittens. The doctor carefully unwrapped the cloth, and called for backup:

- Lena, Katya! Help me. And you too would not hurt to see a doctor. You have blood on his trousers.

- Yes, this is nonsense. Koshak alive?

- One does not. Sorry. Second try to pull it off. Although ... all difficult. - A tall, thin guy with a tired face scratched his stubble. Gave the kittens ran girls.

- Doctor, how much to pay? Well, I do not know, to bury one .. or whatever you do ... and the second cure.

I got the money. It turned out that little money. But it was enough. Just as it was needed.

- You travel to the doctor. We'll come up with something. And where did you get them? - The doctor was about to go somewhere, but stopped.

- Yes, I found in a field.

- Clearly, the homeless. Probably blohasto. Well nothing. We will understand. Your phone will leave?

- Sure. Record. - I dictated the number, name. - Doctor, just be sure to call me.

- Of course, the call. Anyway.

I went out on the porch clinics, lit. Damn, I drank wine. What doctors what kind of car. I have reached here a miracle - no one stopped. I dialed a number, called a taxi and went home, leaving her swallow some clinics.

Houses examined herself. It turned out, in addition to a wound on the ankle were not particularly strong scratches and abrasions. This is nonsense, tomorrow will do my best shots, as long as the wound Rinse and disinfect. Having done all the procedures, I took a shovel, gloves and went to bury the slain dogs me. The next morning I arrived at the hospital and found there another doctor. He just did not like me.

- It's you last night brought two kittens? So, one podoh. The second is also not the tenant. Let him put to sleep. He will not suffer.

- No, doctor, let's leave it. How long does it - I'll pay.

- Here's the money nowhere to go.

- Then give a kitten. I can pick it up?

- Yes, please, take. Die - there he and the road.

- What are you bastard, Dr ...

I took the kitten home, absolutely not knowing what to do with him now. He was lying face down in the box. Children do not fit. I looked at him and thought, what now to do with it? How to treat it? Both the fight allergies?

Well, I'm drunk drugs. But this can not last permanently. Suddenly, the phone rang.

- Hello, is that you were yesterday with the kittens? - "Good," the doctor called.

- Yes. I picked up the kitten. What to do with him?

- Why does it have left?

- He will lull him, I can not afford ... - I burst into tears.

- Quiet, calm down. If he did not die for the night - nothing to it will not happen. - He's where?

- In the box, sleeping. Or sleeps. He lies and blinks only very slowly blinks ...

- Drink it let ordinary water, feed is not yet necessary. Water through a cloth, every two hours for five to ten drops. It is better not to touch, not to take in hand. And tomorrow, I'll come, bring medicines. Dictate address.

"That's Aibolit!" - I thought.

The next morning came, Leonid, was the name of a doctor. He examined the patient, injected drug instructed how and what to do in a week ... Kitten oklemalsya, was nicknamed Plague. I ate protivoallergennoe packs.

She slept fitfully, not getting enough sleep. kitten carry with them everywhere - it is needed to feed, I spent the whole day at work, the children are learning, my mother also works. Bottles of milk used to take with him, stuffing in a thermos. Sex in the car was laid out with diapers - to go to the toilet a kitten. In the car, there was persistent smell of cat. I no longer feel the smells, the eyes began to fester. The skin turned red, cracked lips. Appeared to cough vomiting, I began to choke. I understood that drive themselves.

Côte stronger. The guests came from far away relative. We live near Moscow, it is - in the area of ​​Salekhard. Saw Pox, I requested pick.

I understand that it is impossible for me to keep, had to give. I sobbed week. But nothing, time heals all ...

Four months ago, she had it gone. He escaped through the window. I place myself did not find ...

I fought for him, suffered allergies ... and he ... for some cat ... eh, male ...

Yesterday meal with work - sitting on the porch. I do not believe my eyes.

Can not be. This simply can not be ... It is! And his torn ear and a scar across his nose, and his spots ...

Dragged him home, namyla (on the road picked up fleas). Who ate and slept in a box ... And I sit, drink wine, cry and write this nonsense.

Allergies at me for some reason does not appear ...

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