Relationship - blood betrayal

Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons ... No chains tighter, more sacred than the blood ties. Not for nothing because the song says: "The parental home, the starting point. You're in my berth reliable life. "

In turn, the child to the parents - is not just a descendant, not just the person to continue to race. It is the fruit of love, men and women, the synthesis of their souls, the result of their passion ... This is the ideal. But is it always so in reality?

Relationship - blood betrayal

The first word that pronounces kid on the dawn of their lives - the word "mama", indicating the woman who had given him their child, the opportunity to come into this world, to feel joy and pain, laughter and tears, learn about the world and show the world yourself - one more representative of the human race. My mother's warm hands, tender kisses and soothing voice - these are childhood memories of the native people most of us.

Father - he is usually somewhat in the background, but it is certainly no less important in the life of any child. With him are associated strong hands juggle our favorite child up game of "horse" and a sense of security.

But there are children who have the word "mother" causes confusion, and the word "father" makes shrink in fear.

Once Valera had a happy family. Four years ago, everything changed: the father was drinking heavily. Maybe work took too many nerves and mental strength (he served in law enforcement), maybe something like that ... But something made adult, held a person to lose a human face. First, father of the family was drinking on the weekends, then a few times a week. After all, drinking became a habit: Nikolai "took fashion" tumble drunk in the house every night after work. And okay, if quietly lay down and fell asleep. So there, in the doorway began to row with the wife, the mother of his son - in general, "to produce a pair" in a circle of close friends.

Relationship - blood betrayal

With the passage of time his behavior even more aggravated: Nicholas has become the norm for "dismiss his hands." Moreover, the latter circumstance was not just lawful spouse - often battered child.

Anna, like any other wife and mother, was trying to deal with an addiction husband secretly slipped into his food products, causing an aversion to alcohol, I turned to magicians, attracted relatives, even a couple of times to call the police.

All this does not have the desired effect, but only worsen the situation. The parents insisted on a divorce, but naive daughter got it in his head that he can not leave her beloved husband. It all ended in failure. Once Valera came home from school and saw sleeping on the couch mother, and next on the floor - empty bottle of wine. Anna found a "way out" escape from reality, taking advantage of her husband beaten track.

For two years now, as a fourteen-year-Valera brought grandmother. An orphan whose parents are alive ... Last deprived of rights to the child, but these people washed-this fact has not touched: who knows how much time they needed to stoke their own hands destroyed the life in alcoholic River ... Betrayal of the children's parents - it's scary. But with no less force affects offspring cruelty to people, put them into life.

Claudia L. - former prisoner of the concentration camp. Enemy does not want a small part of what she had to endure. Husband lost early at the hands of two children left, which brings up completely alone. Who just did not work to feed their families ... In all deny yourself, as long as the children were fed and clothed.

Grown fledglings Claudia Barto, scattered in all directions: son in Moscow left behind a daughter married a northerner. For all the time only once to visit, citing the long distances and high costs, or referring to employment.

Initially called often wrote letters, but gradually it all came to naught. One woman became very ill, so much so that it came to hospitalization. Asked the neighbor to give children a telegram: "Death is not far off, tea, no longer young."

Do you think anyone here? The old lady every day asked the medical staff to inform children at least on the phone about what happened to her, naively believing that the telegram did not find their target. I did not know Claudia L., the son and daughter in the course of her illness, just their own problems they are much more important ... not krovinochku and compassionate neighbor was visiting an old woman every day, then I picked up from the hospital to him and looked up to as long as the illness has not receded.

Relationship - blood betrayal

But finally retired satisfied callousness own children when I called son and complained about the impossibility of living a lonely because abominable health and giving an effect of age. The answer shocked a woman: it was the advice to contact the Center for Social Protection with a request to arrange it for permanent residence in a nursing home ... "We have a two-room apartment: where I love you Dan? A sister - know yourself - with the parents of her husband lives ... "- and said that the man with whom she had many years ago, did not sleep at night, crying, when he was sick, he gave the last ...

What caused the irresponsibility of some parents? What triggers the ingratitude of those or other children? Thousands of elderly people, as mothers and fathers, are out of work, often destitute, without affection and care.

Thousands of young people on the planet live in children's homes, shelters or become "street children", wander - often in the presence of the shiftless parents. How many babies froze in the harsh winters, choked with sewage, ended up in dumpsters at the behest of their mothers? All these questions remain unanswered. But the likely causes of child abuse can be assumed.

Relationship - blood betrayal

1. Genetics - a serious thing. Inherent in the nature of man does not corrode. It often happens that a child like character is not his father or his mother, and some great-aunt. It turns out that a happy family grows stale egoist or a drug addict.

Relationship - blood betrayal

2. On the other hand, means a lot upbringing. If children are left to themselves, are growing like a burr in the field, it is likely that they will grow cruel and inhuman. As a result, the claims of parents for their children of an adult will lack any justification. These people and their children will not be able to bring up properly, getting in late life boomerang effect. 3. Cultivation in selfishness child will cause that turned into an adult person, he will continue to love only himself. Their children a parent dooms one to a lack of attention on their part. This, in particular, is due to disregard for some mothers and fathers to their offspring.

4. Equally important, in my opinion, has the What is the light that appears on the child: welcome or unwelcome, random, mandatory ( "like everyone else"). Already the child in the womb feels like if him if he needed his parents. In reality, "the fruit of love" has all chances to become later a real person.

Relationship - blood betrayal

Can any endure the betrayal: the beloved, wife, best friend (friend). But the betrayal of those closest to you: the child and the parents - the time is not able to cure. With this I have to live ...

Nadezhda Ponomarenko, especially for our website