Do not part with your beloved

Do not part with your beloved

I know Katya as I can remember. My mother and I (his father was a truck driver, died when I was 2 years old) lived with Katina family on the same landing.

We went to kindergarten, in the same group. In the yard we have released only a walk together, and we are, in general, this is not opposed - along fun. So we had and were fucking friends.

When we went to school, we were in parallel classes, but went home together forever. If they had more lessons, I was waiting for her, and if I was late, she was waiting for me. I wore touching her portfolio, and everyone called us "a sweet couple" in our street.

During the summer holidays, when the whole gang rebyatni going, Katya has always been "patsanskoy" pack. To be honest, I do not remember that she was playing with the girls in the gum rope, hoop. Katka has always played with us - in the tag on the construction sites, "war games", a little later - hung with us in the garage, where we repaired the great and mopeds.

She and I went to rest in summer camp, secretly from his parents fled to bathe in the river, stealing apples and pears in the orchards, well, and even for our pranks neck we got together. In general, Katya was for us, "her boyfriend".

A little later, with fourteen years - the coolest memories gazebo in the yard, the long evenings, Choi Song, Hui and GO to the guitar, the first shy kisses and hugs, the first cigarette and port - so self-indulgence, but it's nice to remember!

We had a fucking carefree childhood, however, like most children in recent years, the great Soviet Union.

Soon not become our homeland, and after a couple of years, everything fell on its head. I distinctly remember how it all began (when we were 16 years old). Slavik killed, our peers, from next door. They killed just like that, was stabbed in the train, when he returned from school (he left after grade 9, and we were still at school). Slavik was the soul of our company, the eternal optimist, guitarist and leader of the ringleader. And, most importantly, he was Katyushkinym cousin. After that, of course, our company collapsed. Kate went to, we continued to meet after school, but somehow by inertia: "Hello - go for a walk - well, so far." Passed the exhaust - we have to go to college. Kate went on teaching, I Polytechnic, in different cities. And our paths diverged.

We saw each other rarely, maybe once a week, when he came home for the weekend. And at the end of the first course I had a trouble. I beat one idiot, defended his classmate from his drunken molestation, and he was the son of a "large" ment. I was expelled. And, of course, taken into the army. Mowing and hide, I did not want to - it was not in vogue at children of those years. Besides, I was strong and healthy guy. This led me to the Airborne. And I got to the first Chechen.

Grinder I will not describe, and be glad he did not remember. I was lucky to have survived after the explosion, after I was covered with rubble brick dvuhetazhki on the outskirts of Grozny. I only broke, but I was alive. I'm almost a month lain in a coma in a military hospital.

When I came to, I felt a hand on his cheek. It was Kate, I will always be grateful to her for it. Through drug half asleep, I heard her for something asked for forgiveness and told about my mother's death (experience for me quite crippled her health). Then Kate went, disappearing from my life for many years.

After a course of treatment and rehabilitation (a little more than a year), I came back home, already disabled. The house was very empty and lonely. I started to drink because he felt himself thrown out of life. I've earned it here and there, a permanent job did not take.

I drank more and more often, and I saw that in front of a dead end, and no prospects. Maybe so and I would have ended my story would have drunk to hell, but once went to Katya's mother take a little money, and was surprised that occurred in it change - it is like something very old and withdrew. He looked at me with disapproval, and said that I rolled back! I asked him what it means: "And I" ?! And Katina mother began to tell. We sat talking with her for a few hours. And what I found out about Kate, shocked me. After I was taken to the army, Katya got in touch with some kind of a bad company. She stopped coming home on a regular basis, and when she came, it made these days of hell for his mother - went for a walk, we arrive at "zero" drunk at dawn, with a fancy man, and sometimes two or three. They arranged a sex orgy in an apartment directly on the carpet in the room, not embarrassed that the wall Katya's mother, who was crying and praying to God for his dissolute daughter.

Then Katya disappeared for a couple of months, Mother filed a search. A few days later she was found naked in some stinking drug houses, on the outskirts. Her veins were pricked, she did not realize anything was completely insane. Svetlana E. (her mother) sent her for treatment, I spent every last ruble.

After treatment Katka like even took up the mind, lived at home, she found a job. Just at this time I was wounded, my mother died. Katya helped with the funeral, commemoration, and left me in the hospital. After that was gone again.

Svetlana E. once again turned to the police, the search for a long time did not give anything. And once it came to the precinct and said that Katka recently detained in Moscow for prostitution. And it caused a decisive blow to the heart of Katya's mother. She said that since she is no longer her daughter.

I listened to it all with a stony heart, not wanting to imagine that this is Katya ... Katya ... Kate ... I'll be fighting girlfriend, the one whose gentle hand I brought out of the coma, the one whom I have loved all my life ...! I LOVED! And I somehow realized what you do not understand before. And I still did not believe that all this dirt about her. And I realized that I wanted to find her, talk and just look into her eyes. But I had no idea how long time it will be. After this conversation, I have opened a new perspective on my life. I realized that the abyss into which I roll, has no bottom, but the slopes of the abyss is not so steep, that it was impossible for him to climb back.

I gave up the company of his drunken cronies, absolutely and flatly refused alcohol. Work is still not taken, and I spit on all the officials and the capitalists, took a loan on the security of the apartment and opened his business.

I remembered that I was good carpenter, he loved to work with wood. I bought an abandoned shop on the outskirts, it has converted, purchased machinery and began to make furniture from natural oak (fell into the stream, as they say - after the default of 1998, I would have probably failed).

Things were not shaky or rolls, but business brought ample income for me. The bandits did not pay any attention to such a trifle as I, too, officials are not stifled especially - what to take something from a private entrepreneur who does all the work himself. And the crisis of 1998 stepped over without touching me. And what savings I have almost was not (the money has driven into the material and tools), with a loan paid directly to the default.

After the collapse of the ruble most competitors have closed or gone into debt, I realized that was a winning ticket, and at times to increase his business. By the beginning of the new millennium, I was already a factory and 2 stores in Moscow. In general, he became a solid businessman.

In November 2004, I moved to the capital. You may say that this can not be, that is the theory of probability, but on the second day of my life in Moscow I met Katya. Met on the streets, the crowd saw in childhood flashed a familiar face. I caught up to her, took her hand and turned to him. She cried out in surprise, and recognized me, turned away. On her eyes were tears. Once again, I turned to Katya to her, looked into her eyes. And she realized that I know everything about her life. We stood in silence, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes for twenty minutes. Her face tears flowed in streams. Kate whispered, "Darling, I'm sorry!" I hugged her and said, "Let's go home, darling!"

We held hands and went to my house. All night we talked, sitting in the kitchen. Towards morning I fell asleep in a chair, but abruptly woke up, as if I pushed. My lap was a note:

"Earrings, I know that you love me and hate me. Your hatred I can understand, and love is not! For that you can love a creature what I am? I can only hate! I, too, a long time ago I love you, and ran away from you, because it is not worthy even to look at you, because I do not want to muck your life its mud. Live in peace without me. Goodbye"!

I jumped up, with the feeling that going to happen something irreparable ... and I pulled her body out of the bloody bath, bandaged wrist ...

The doctors said that I hesitated a minute or two, Katie would not be alive.

And now we live together the eighth year. Our girls twins soon 5 years. Toscha often happens with us, and immensely grateful to me for saving her daughter. Do not believe it, but Kate was the same, that my faithful friend, and now his wife.

I know that many will laugh at me, saying that it is unthinkable - marrying a former drug addict and prostitute (as well as the fact that they are failing to come), but it only means that you have never even really disliked and in response just did not like you.