Rules of Life Eldar Ryazanov

• Rules of Life Eldar Ryazanov

Rules of Life Eldar Ryazanov

I like all shabby and torn.

I have such a good memory that I remember even their prewar phone: G-69132. I remember that the Bank of crabs in the war was worth 77 cents. You come into any store - and there is some crabs; they did not buy one. What is it and where it is found - one guys are known.

I've done an interview with someone - Belmondo, Claude Lellouche, Philippe Noiret, Alberto Sordi, but only when I went to Fellini, I walked and thought: 'I go to the king. " I experienced a similar feeling in 1968 or in 1969, when carried with "Mosfilm" Solzhenitsyn to his home. I felt that my car is something priceless.

Only fools think about how to present yourself. This is, perhaps, most importantly, what I learned from Eisenstein.

The current political situation through it I absolutely did not miss. I do not know what country I live, I do not know what we build. I do not know, let's say, for what sits Khodorkovsky and the other oligarchs why not sit. I know one thing: in addition to the Russian language, we have nothing else in common. Today, I do not live in the country, and on its territory.

You did not see my "Andersen"? Afraid of what I've done shit? And I lived the last two years for this film. Andersen - boiling water with ice and pepper jam. All mixed up here. His mother - an alcoholic sister - a prostitute, his grandfather - a madman, and he - a genius. Yes, he abdicated and sister did not come to his mother's funeral, but he's not a criminal. Let each in his biography will look, if he did not betray his mother, if he renounced his relatives, if he had any cockroaches in my head. Where there is humor - and there is truth.

"Playing the Victim" - antipokolencheskaya thing. Abusive investigator monologue about young people, which all give a damn - it's hard. I do not like the picture with the mat, but I'm in his place would say the same. I hate this ignorant tribe of boys and girls.

Russian, if you read folklore, always wanted to get everything at once, and many, and it does not work. Russian fairy tale - this is, unfortunately, the national idea. Mentality, which, to put it mildly, does not cause sympathy. The best people in Russia, there are always contrary to it.

The most difficult but also the most interesting and rewarding - to do a comedy about good and kind people. Moliere never wrote a comedy where the characters would act, we want to sympathize. In order to work in this direction, it is necessary to have such a flair and so love the people, as few can. In our movie in this genre but us with Emil Braginsky none worked. Chaplin did that, but just better than us.

What touched me in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties - it's touch and a great number of people, the majority. Today, people like me less and less. Fellini eighties said: "My audience is already dead." This is a terrible truth.