What is it - learn to read in 60 years

• What is it - learn to read

60 years

What is it - learn to read in 60 years

Sue Chapman, Housewife, 62 years old:

"When I realized that the word" watermelon "begins with the letter" a ", it was incredible. My life changed in an instant, and in fact I was retired and raised her grandchildren. Many, many years I hid from all the terrible secret: I do not know how to read and write.

All my adult years I have lived half wasted, not daring to meet new people, get a job, and even try to cook a new dish, because I was afraid that I will bring to clean water. Since my childhood I was a very slow-witted child. Teachers quickly think me stupid and lazy, and I leave it at that.

I get the hand to hide the fact that I never learned to read. Looking at other children, I enjoy reading in the library, and to imitate them, and sometimes even laughed at a book to appear more convincing. At the same time I did not even realize that turning the pages in reverse order.

Me terribly abused children, I had no friends. My parents were not interested in my difficulties in the classroom, and I was so used to the fact that I feel stupid that she believed in it. Self-esteem I had nowhere to below, and I left school at 15 years old. But at the same job, I found myself not just anywhere, but in the printing. From time to time I had to read print results, and I pretended to be doing this. Perhaps I made thousands of punctures, but my secret so no one opened. Before the wedding I went to work, and my husband for the time of our family life and did not know that I can not read. I arranged everything so that different paper works involved in it, and I took over the work on the house - I was sure that he would leave me when he finds out that I'm illiterate. Two sons were born. Because from the beginning I had not read them, and the questions they did not have. When they went to school, I began to invite their friends over for tea, so they prepared the lessons together. Then my husband left me. When I became a single mother, she had to show a hefty ingenuity to support the family.

Since I could not even write the date of the campaign to the doctor, then came out of the office, once called home and left a message on the answering machine itself, not to forget.

The turning point came when I was 60 and I was depressed. From a local charity woman came to keep me company and to read something aloud. When she offered to read to each other one by one, I declined, but she was so affectionate that I finally broke down and told her the truth. She immediately arranged for me to courses for adults, but I was so scared that I had to do three laps around the parking lot before I decided to put the car and go to class.

To my relief, the teacher tried hard to encourage me. The training started with a picture book about an apple and a worm. English is not easy. I was very, very difficult. We sculpted letters from clay, and, to my delight, after six months, I could write a whole sentence. A year later I won the adult learners competition prize and spent 200 pounds on the Kindle. Finally, I can read all the books that I really always so interested. Now I read "Tess of the genus d'Ebervilley" (novel by Thomas Hardy, English literature classics).

I re-opened the world - I have counted that now I had 63 new lessons. Such joy - read the book to my grandson Freddie, and yet I'm going to get a matriculation certificate.

When I revealed my secret to the family, they were amazed. And they were offended because I thought that they did not support me.

And it is a pity that my teachers did not live up to this - I would prove to them that I'm not stupid. Even then I could learn to read. Just someone had to show me how to do it. "