Rules of Life Natalie Portman

Rules of Life Natalie Portman

I'm actually 85-year-old dwarf.

One day I was walking down the street and suddenly someone shouted: "Oh my God, look, it's Winona Ryder." I turned to see her, but then I realized that everyone was looking at me.

His first role I played in 11 years, so I'm closer to the twenty already being said to myself enough.

"Leon" has not brought me much joy. I am proud that I starred in it, but it was so strange - in 12 years suddenly feel like sex objects.

It's so strange - to be a child on the set. While we are working, you're the same as all, but once announced the break, all the actors go to their room - sleep or have a beer, and you take a book and go to school.

A really smart people do not get five. They know that the evaluation does not really mean anything.

I'm glad I went through it all. I had time to visit one, whom my parents would like to see; the one who wanted to see the producers; and the one who wanted to see the audience.

In the list of actresses I seem to trudge in the tail. On average, I'm doing a couple of films a year, and many of my colleagues - even those who are younger - have long acted in forty.

After "Star Wars", I suddenly realized that all my life I shall actress. It is impossible to become a lawyer, doctor, or someone else after you starred in this film.

When I look at her doll from the "Star Wars", I think it's so strange: somewhere far away Now little kids playing me. I - a child of the eighties. I had a Barbie and My Little Pony, but I always spoil them - izrisovyvala face and cut his hair.

As a child I wanted to become an astronaut, a doctor and a vet, but before that, of course, a mermaid.

I think I grew up faster than she should grow.

I'd like to have the same daughter like me - cute, witty, educated, knowledgeable many people and also able to earn a lot of money.

My father was a broken-down "Chevy", and my mother was broken-down "Oldsmobile". My parents do not spend big houses and buy good cars, but we looked at all the premieres and traveled a lot.

My father taught me one simple rule: what can not be in life, should not be on the screen.

Once, when I was eight, my father took me to one of their medical conferences. He demonstrated laser surgery on a chicken, and everyone applauded, and I was furious, because the chicken died. Since I do not eat meat.

Rules of Life Natalie Portman

My grandfather, a Polish Jew, was an ardent socialist. In the thirties he organized camps where those who wanted to go to Palestine, taught agriculture. The first kibbutz was founded by people who have been through just such a camp.

I speak Hebrew well, and even think it - when they are in Israel.

You never know how rumors are born. For example, when I was tonsured heads, about me began to say that I am either neonatsistka or lesbian or had cancer. Well at least not all at once. I try not to take on the role of Jews. Every month I send twenty scenarios about the Holocaust, but I hate that genre.

I want as much as possible to act in comedies because it still has not seen any really funny.

I like it when people tell me that I look like a Jew.

I know that I have beautiful ears, although I have no lobes. But I learned to love their ears as they are. After all, live without lobes - is not the end of the world.

I always thought that the hands - the most beautiful and expressive part of the body.

I hate the people waving her tits.

Men are strange. At school I was a guy, and when I kissed him on the first date, about me began to say: whore.

It seems to me it is destined to be the woman who would declare war on studs. Everything they say I should wear shoes with high heels, but I've never understood this strange concept: the longer the legs, so they are more attractive.

I was terribly interested in how the human race has come to the fact that women should shave their underarms and legs.

I seldom swear at people, but one day I had an argument with a man who said that I think too much about everyone.

Smart women love smart men more than smart men like smart women.

I hate to raise your voice. When I'm angry, I cry.

I do not like being called cute. "Honey" - a word that is more suitable for your cat. A designer once told me that if I wear his clothes, that sales of its brand soar. I remember I was very upset. The last thing I would like to have influence on people - it is a fashion.

No need to be an actor. In the world there is something to do.

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do - is to say "no."

I love to sleep. Many people jump on an alarm clock in the morning, even if they will not need to rush. They consider sleep a waste of life, but I always thought that the dream, on the contrary - it is the best way to spend time.

The older you get, the less you should worry what others think about you.

I'm a complete technical idiot. The problems start even when I turn on the TV.

I'm on the phone forever, because I will never get a long time to be with those with whom I really want to be.

I do not like when producers waving me as plush Mickey Mouse.

Most honest was Woody Allen with me. He said, "God, you're horrible!"

As a child, everyone thinks that they can change the world.

Dreams - it's just popukivanie brain.

When my friends first tried marijuana, I just was not at home.

I love being at home.