The worst place in the world

Thrill seekers that raise adrenaline in the blood, in our modern world can not only jump with a parachute and running from avalanches. People who do not like sports, but like to drive blood through the body, prefer to travel by strange and terrible place in different parts of our planet, which is not so little.

This is not only of Pripyat, where there was a terrible accident. These are the places of the city and even at home, who go about the whole legend. It can come and filmmakers can shoot horror movies, psychological thrillers and suspense.

The worst place in the world

Winchester House (California)

Winchester House consists of 160 rooms, 40 staircases and one big mystery. Is this huge mansion in San Jose, there lived a mad widow and a whole family of ghosts.

The history of this terrible place began with the fact that the owner of Sarah Winchester lost her beloved husband, but the legacy it inherited a multimillion-dollar fortune. Once it was the spirit of her late husband, and told her the secret of his wealth.

It turned out that all the money was earned on the human bones, the whole race of Winchester cursed and ghosts will avenge them. But there is straw, for which you can keep, to save his family - need to be reconciled with the ghosts. To do this, we must begin to build a house without stopping, otherwise, if the hammering dies down, the woman died.

Sarah, the wife of the deceased, without hesitation set about the construction. Initially, for this case, she bought an old mansion in California and hired workers. According to its plan, the house began to appear new rooms, corridors, balconies and hidden passages. There were so many that it is easy to get lost. A very large number of stairs on the floors often lead to nowhere ... So who was afraid of ghosts, Mrs. Winchester, thus hoping to mislead pursuing its ghosts.

The construction of this house did not stop more than a day, the house was growing like mushrooms after rain. As a result of this madness lasted much as 38 years!

Currently, this grand mansion lead guided tours. The only condition - you have to keep the group, not to fight back from it - otherwise it is very easy to quickly get lost in the labyrinths of these terrible rooms in which, as they say, the ghosts are still waiting for their victims.

The worst place in the world

Forest Aokigahara (Japan)

At the foot of Mount Fuji, there are so gloomy forest, that he would be fit for the filming of the picture "Blair Witch Project". Trees of this national park is so dense that through them barely make their way rays of the sun, even a compass - and they do not work!

Locals - Japanese called this place "Les suicide", it is not surprising: since the 1950s, more than five hundred people have brought to the deaf often commit suicide - so gloomy forest. According to the number of cases of suicide in front of the forest Aokigahara it is, perhaps, the only bridge "Golden Gate", which is located in San Francisco.

In the forest, hanging, at first glance, very strange signs, ads that asks the administration to think about loved ones, and there is no sign "Do not throw garbage!". So that people did not start to panic here, numbers written psychological services phones. Carried out in the forest and video surveillance.

However, people are so different (most often it is worn out employees of the modern world of office life, in business suits), manage to regularly fade and die: Sometimes tourists find peace in the forest of dead bodies or "murder weapon" in the form of tablets and rope loops. In general, there will not have to miss. Pleasant fascinating walk!

The worst place in the world

Bridge Overtoun (Scotland)

Near the Scottish village of Milton is an old arched bridge. The name of the bridge was fixed on what is next to a huge mansion Overtoun, which could become a haven for dozens of disgruntled ghosts.

However, it is not in this powerful family house, namely in the bridge. The story begins in the middle of the XX century. On the bridge began to happen very strange things: dozens of dogs suddenly rushed to the 15-meter height and fell on the rocks and smashed to death. Those who survive, anyway back to the bridge and retry.

The bridge began to be called "four-legged killer." For ten years it broke several hundred dogs. And interestingly, they all jumped from the same parapet. What happened to the four-legged friends, who, and most importantly what force they pushed on it, could not understand anybody.

We tried to solve this terrible riddle zoologists, veterinarians and other professionals. But they did not come to specific conclusions whatever. It remained only version and guesswork.

Some were of the opinion that hunting instinct driven dogs could throw in rats and minks, who lived under the bridge, while others held that might bridge is on the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead. And the penalty for their curiosity, sensing something paranormal, marching "on the trail" of the dog died. And yet the question remains open. Can you manage to solve the mystery Overtoun Bridge?

The worst place in the world


Ghost Town San Zhi (Taiwan)

Just always built luxury resorts on the coast for the local rich. For those who are tired of everyday life - the house were built in futuristic style with round rooms and curved staircases. There was dominated by beauty and luxury. However, workers in the construction realized that San Zhi is cursed. There were strange accidents: dozens of construction workers have died under mysterious circumstances: broken neck, falling from a height (even with a tether), died under the collapsed crane.

Many people have been convinced that this town is inhabited by evil spirits. Residents told each other stories about the Japanese "death camp", which once upon a time was located in these places.

Construction ceased in the late 1980s. Developers are waiting for these "royal" San Zhi apartments will find their owners, but negotiations ended in nothing. Superstitious Taiwanese before acquiring such a luxury resort, made inquiries and learned about the area and these sinister features of this place, completely refused to invest in real estate.

In the end, this luxury resort is planned gradually turned into a ghost town. Round houses are in the form of neglect, on the beautiful beaches can not be found not a single soul, and the paths are overgrown with weeds. Local authorities want to demolish the once abandoned resort, but they have not given the wave of protests that make the locals. They are afraid and believe that after the destruction of homes evil will walk to nearby villages.

The worst place in the world

Povegliya Island (Italy)

Horrific stories accompany the history of this small island. In the XIV century, in the era of "Black Death" here were brought terminally ill with plague people who had no chance of recovery. A large number of people were dying in agony, so the mass grave was created here. According to other sources it is known that the bodies are not buried and burned, so the local soil is half the ashes of human remains. However, this is only the beginning of a terrible history.

Later, in 1922, the island was equipped with a psychiatric clinic, where all patients soon began to suffer from headaches and claim that the island is infested with ghosts of the dead.

But it was only on hand the chief doctor who force-fed the insane neuroleptics and experimented on them. On the island still remained dilapidated building clinics with barred windows, beds and medical equipment rubble. There is also a bell tower (now it serves as a beacon), which, according to legend, kooky Dr. folded in the final story.

The worst place in the world

Dzhatinga (India)

In the mountains of the Indian state of Assam in the village Dzhatinga going on something difficult: every August over the local valley there is a large flock of birds, which are thrown down, shouting and breaking on the ground. This mass suicide feathered last for several days in a row, so the locals often gather to stare at the terrible phenomenon. Indians consider it God's gift.

For many years, we study an anomaly Dzhatingi and scholars put forward several versions of what is happening: the first - is the fact that because of the physiological poultry anomalies go astray, the second - feathered, huddling fall in powerful streams of wind, because of which they lose their balance and strength and, in the end, they wind blows. Noticing razozhzhonnye fires curious onlookers, birds rush to the light, and does not calculate the distance die.

The worst place in the world

Puppet Island (Mexico)

To get into this realm of fear in the country of the Aztecs can boat on the famous canals Xochimilco. Opening types will please fans of the movie about a killer doll Chucky: every tree and every building on the island are covered with creepy bobblehead with empty eye sockets, broken limbs and crushed their heads.

All this on the island gave a guy named Julian Barrera. One day, when the girl drowned in the canal, he accidentally found on the site of her death doll. Believing that the toy is associated with the spirit of the deceased, Barrera left her on the island. And then I found another doll. And I could not stop, continuing to collect discarded in the trash PUPS over the next 50 years.

Deranged Mexican (which, by the way, liked to lay the collar) even built a hut on the island, where he settled. A collection of mutilated toys continued to grow. Once an island suddenly went under water (in Mexico this sometimes happens), and soon came up again, but its occupant had already disappeared. There were only dolls, look at that horror stories go indifferent to tourists today.

The worst place in the world

The stalemate Mary King (Edinburgh)

400 years ago, Mary King's quarter (the name of the owner of the majority of the local houses) was one of the busiest places in Edinburgh. The situation changed when the city came the plague. Legend has it that trying to prevent the spread of the disease, the authorities isolated the infected all in one area, then was surrounded by dangerous area blank wall.

People were brought to a standstill Mary King during several epidemics, and they died, left without any help from the outside. Among these unfortunates was Annie and the baby - a little girl who was excommunicated from his parents and locked in the "city of the dead" because she was infected. It is known for certain that only a part of the legend - a fiction. In fact, no wall was not, although quarantine infected who visited a doctor there. Today, underground quarters Edinburgh (over them for a long time to build a new town) turned into a tourist attraction. Why have not ceased to be terrible. The stone labyrinths better not to go without a guide, and lantern should insert new batteries - without light in the cave to do nothing. There are stories that the impasse Mary King is teeming with ghosts of dead people, and some of the "lucky" enough for the knees ghost baby Annie.