Marketing techniques in supermarkets

Marketing techniques in supermarkets

We have all these things in stores. Some things: large trucks, stands and huge mirrors are made by us as a mandatory attribute of a supermarket. But few people know that this is all the tricks marketers can welcome the increase in sales. Here is a partial list of the most tricks and tricks that are going shopping for administration zombie buyers for large purchases.

It has long been known that the advertising used psychological techniques by means of which promoted a sense of dissatisfaction with the fact that the consumer has, and encourages it to all new and new purchases. However, today's marketers do not get tired to look for new motifs and tricks, pushing people to purchase goods.

Big truck = big expenses

Empty space truck on a psychological level is the buyer internal discomfort and is quite an understandable desire to quickly fill the space.

Huge mirrors in stores clothing

This shrewdness that he passed a mirror, one can not resist a glance at his own reflection temptation. There is no such person, which is 100% would be satisfied with their appearance. Solution spontaneous - an urgent need to buy something.

"3 of 299RUR"

There is no mathematical difference between a T-shirt for 100 rubles. and three for 299 rubles.! In fact, we're wasting 200 rubles.

had fallen

From the sky

On the way to the customer checkout lurk various obstacles - stands with colorful packages that attract attention. Here and there we encountered the large box with a hot commodity. Sellers know that the buyer is more inclined to make impulse purchases if the goods are put on the road.

The most needed - at the very end

The most popular products - milk, bread, cheese - shops are often located in the farthest corner of the room. These products need almost everything, but until you get to them, you are sure to see a lot more.

Man-made mess

Arriving at a clothing store and having taken a glance shelves, we unconsciously aspire not to neat piles of sweaters, and to the hanger, which look a bit erratically. Our subconscious tells us that it is there all the fun and worthwhile. Meanwhile, on hangers mess satisfied sellers themselves.

The final sale of

Popular and famous "final sales" "Complete liquidation" and "discounts in connection with the opening of the store" - is nothing more than trying to get rid of the stale store the goods (and, I must say, they always bring results).


Shops and restaurants are also cunning and often stimulate appetite customers with delicious smells. Particularly excite the zeal of buying the smell of fresh baking and coffee.

At the level of children's eyes

Products for children always lie low. If you do not want hysteria about the next "Kinder Surprise", place a child in the trolley.

The most dangerous place

Good luck dodging all temptations and standing near cash, do not rush to relax! After all, in front of your eyes, gum, chocolates, newspapers and batteries. If you look closely, it turns out that the price of goods at the box office a little different from the price of goods in the hall. In favor of the store, of course.