Sexy sport

Sexy sport

The small hall is a huge mirror and two tall pole with a standard diameter of 38 millimeters. In four of the girls waiting their turn patiently, listening to the instructions of his teacher.

Teacher, she's a coach, it is also a professional dancer and stripper in the past concentrated on his iPhone picks the music. Finally, the desired track is selected and you can begin to explain.

"Keep your back straight! Boobs something to the pole Squeeze! And his feet did not scatter, compact all hold. The closer to the pole will be, the easier it "- sternly demands it from one of his students, playfully wriggle any next acrobatic trick.

Sexy sport

Lena watching wards.

Sexy sport

Deal with the sixth there will be able to each.


Name is harsh, but fair coach - Elena Kuznetsova. Stage name, alias name of the school band, which once worked Lena - Mata Hari. Now she is a dance instructor Elena Marceau school. She engaged in several dozen students.

"Working as a waitress in a club in Tula (I was born there), I saw girls dancing on stage. I came to him in the dressing room and asked: "And how to you to sign up? That's what I want. " It told me: look at yourself ", - says Elena Mata.

Sexy sport

Stretching and strength. Everyone has something to get better.

Some time later, she is still allowed to go on stage. Moreover, the first pole Lena touched in his very first exit: in a suit and honest people in the hall. He says he instinctively grabbed his arms, jumped higher, clung to the heels and the knees and the hands let go, leaning his head down. At that moment, Elena promised myself that will be the best of the best. A year later, in Tula, in her words, equal in dancing on the pole was not for her.

Sexy sport

The time to conquer the summit. And fans.

Sexy sport

Warm up before exercise.

On the dance

Pole dance, he's dancing on the pylon, he's Shestova acrobatics - it is a sport. Roughly speaking, professional striptease, but without the strip.

That is to undress in the performance of tricks on the pole you, of course, no one stops. Workers at strip clubs, trained acrobatics on the pole, and do. But in fact themselves "poldensery" believe that they are engaged in professional sports.

As artists with acrobats, they collect professional societies, associations organize, conduct multi-level competitions and learn (or teach) in special schools.

Sexy sport

Again the top.

Sexy sport

In this hand-grip can be released.

- Often confused with pole dance striptease?

- Yes. I have some friends for a long time explains the difference. She said that dance on a pole, and I answered immediately: "Oh, striptease, or what?"

In fact, the difference between a sports pole dance and striptease can be, as mentioned above, only one. Available apparel. Same Elena, for example, she danced a striptease.

However, in training will not see naked. Well, who will undress in front of each other? Already this element, in contrast to the spectacular unwinding on the pole, not to learn.

Sexy sport

is difficult, but beautiful element.

Sexy sport

On the schoolgirl

In the great hall of nine. All very different, but at the same tops and burning eyes. Before the start of classes - mandatory jogging and warm-up.

"That's the girl very well stretched from the gym came. And that's strong arms. And she learns quickly. And there is the already 2, 5 years has been, "- says Elena, pointing at the girls running around.

Sexy sport

Lena helps trick. "Back straight. Hands closer to the pole. "

- Today we will make a new item. I show.

Elena easily, quickly and difficult - several bundles - an element with a spectacular sliding down a pole and interception hands.

- Try!

Girls crumple at the poles, occasionally vsprygivaya each in its own past for testing simple tricks.

- Well, no, I did not understand what we stand for? Try, try, practice!

Girls reluctance. They fear that it can not turn.

Sexy sport

Coach support is important when learning a new trick.

"Different people come. Someone from the ballet, one of gymnastics. But most of the girls I - office. Until five or six worked, and run to me. And we learn from them to be beautiful and athletic ", - says Elena.

My attention was drawn to Kate. It is clearly more developed than in the group of friends. And looks stronger and posportivnee other men. It turns out that she had once been full and flabby body. And unremarkable exterior on this background. At some point, as he explained Lena, a girl "pereklinilo".

"She decided," All I will do is. " I began to eat right, go to the gym. And there - the girls are beautiful, with muscles. And she became jealous, she said to myself: do I want this. And now, please, "- says Lena.

Sexy sport

She is not tired. Just stretch.

Sexy sport

There is a demonstration of the new element.

On the aesthetics of

"And I have dealt with a woman 37-years. In the past - beysbolistka. Sport, but absolutely wood in terms of stretching and flexibility. In general, I rocked her for 3-4 months. Well, a year later she was bent, betrayed tricks. Then her husband to me with flowers came. " Pole - is a difficult matter. Usually it is combined with exercises on the floor. That is, there are tricks to the pole, and to them - dance with him. Classes Helena ratio pole / screed - 70% and 30% respectively. This means that, ideally, almost three-quarters of the time the dancer must demonstrate the tricks in the air. At the same time, without losing the smile on his face, flexibility, smoothness and eroticism. The task is difficult.

Sexy sport

Tenacious grip all limbs.

Group lessons in pole dance, confess erotic associations, not cause. But envy, if you yourself on this pole barely pull up - more than enough.

However, there was such a moment. At the end of the class girls are always 5-6 minutes all together perform a great dance number. Unlearning work out the tricks, beautifully feet gripped the pole and zazyvayusche dance with him. At the same time the music is louder and the lights go out in the hall. And now it looks like a real night club. It is a pity to shoot is not very convenient at this time.

The music stopped, the dance too. It turns on the light. In the silence, I hear the girls, panting, breathless and laughing.

- Tired, or what?

- Yes, Len, were driven.

- Well, then dismantled mats and are working on an extension, download news!

Sexy sport

Lena closely monitors each.

Sexy sport

The main thing - to save face.