What is it - wake up in the future

What is it - wake up in the future

Naomi Jacobs, 35 years old, student:

"I always somehow thought that amnesia occurs only in people who have suffered some very serious head injury, and to return to a normal state, a person takes years of intensive treatment. However, I have all happened differently.

April 30, 2009 I, an ordinary 32-year-old mother, who lives in Manchester and studied psychology at the University of Manchester City, as always it happens at night, went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up, and began a complete nightmare. I was sure that I am 15 years old. Terrified and confused, I tried to understand why I am lying in the lower tier of his bunk bed under a pink blanket with a picture of Marilyn Monroe in the room, where we live with his sister. I was sure that the yard in 1992 - ahead of matriculation exams, Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses (popular at the turn of 1990s Manchester rock band) and illegal rave party.

However, I was in a one-bedroom apartment in the municipal house, in a room full of books, a cat and a completely unfamiliar to me 11-year-old boy claimed that he - my son. The first few hours I spent walking around the bedroom and thought I was going crazy. I remember how, looked at herself in the mirror and screamed. What I saw through the eyes of 15-year-old girl, has put me in fear. What is this woman with unhealthy pigmentation in the skin, "crow's feet", and bags under the eyes? I ran to the phone - in my head spun someone's number, but I do not know whose. I dialed it, and I said Carrie, my close friend, who lives in the neighborhood. Kerry then came along with my sister, and they were left to look after me.

The first day or two, we all hoped that I would sleep and wake up as if nothing had happened. But alas - everything becomes worse. Passed weekend and all my fear grew. I do not understand what's going on what I read and see. The only Bush, which I heard - it was George HW Bush, who waged war in the Persian Gulf. Sister had a long time to tell me about all the horrors of the terrorist attacks in New York on 11 September 2001 and in London on 7 July 2005.

It seemed to me that I like to sleep in a world full of endless possibilities, and woke up in the world, a terrible and strange. In a world that I basically could not imagine being a teenager: e-mail, the show "Big Brother" facebook - I did not have any idea about the culture and technologies of the XXI century. At night I worried thinking that I probably brain tumor. And I fell asleep, dreaming to go back to the only life that really knew the school, best friends, a cigarette and cider in some alley, in secret, with the bad boys ... A few days after the incident, I still decided to see a doctor. The doctor explained that I had a temporary memory loss caused by a combination of several events. It turns out that not long before I lost my memory, I suffered severe stress. I was worried because of the exams at the university, had an argument with her boyfriend and sick stomach flu, which was preceded by tonsillitis. I was much exhausted - physically and emotionally. The doctor explained that my body did not withstand such a load, and a brain under all that pressure that has disabled its part, is responsible for episodic memory, which stores memories associated with emotions, time and place.

The semantic part of my memory that stores facts, not my specific experience, remained intact. Therefore, although I could not find his son, and to remember how she was pregnant and gave birth, I remember the PIN code of your credit card and driving.

The doctor said that episodic memory is returned within one to eight months. I, fortunately, took a six or seven weeks.

I had a really good doctor, who from the beginning is gradually dispelled my fears. He said that such amnesia occurs in many people all over the world, though in everyday life of her few know. He said that the best cure - let the body recover and do not force yourself to remember everything. It has been a relief for me to become a weekly conversation with the doctor, during which I was told what was going on with me. Fortunately, I have kept diaries that I kept for the past 20 years. I thought at first that I read the record of another person, but gradually some episodic and fragmented memories began to merge together.

Memory back flashes, and with them - the emotional experience that I once experienced. Hearing the familiar song, I asked my sister: "She had something to do with your outlet. How? "She said," Yes, we are in the evening went to a club, dancing to her, and very fun. Do you remember? "Surprisingly, I did something to remember.

Although I was very scared, I do not regret what happened to me. Not everyone manages to see the world through different eyes. Due to the incident, I was able to reevaluate his life, to begin to live again - in a different way and is definitely better. "