This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

The first week of June were marked by unprecedented spirit of competition. It seemed that all life seeks to establish a new and crazy bargain records. Well, the beginning of summer after all, and have a lot to get done.

All interesting incident posted on the degree of irrationality and singularity of the 10-th place in the direction of the first.

10th - "Sponge Bobische"

Auburn giant nicknamed Sponge Bob claims to be the largest cat on the planet.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

In its nine years of British pet weighs 15 kg, such as a four-child or adult Labrador. Coverage waist cat of almost 70 centimeters.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

Cute Bob corrected so that it is difficult to walk and grooming. So it raskormili previous owners, who spared no food. Spungen is now living in an animal shelter, where he was put on a medical diet.

Natural cat Behemoth. The main thing that the curtains did not climb.

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9th place - "In a distant galaxy, the American ..."

US police announced wanted by Darth Vader.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

According to local media, this suit is a character from "Star Wars" chose a robber who attacked a bank in the city of Toledo (Ohio). However, he did not use his lightsaber, and semi-automatic pistol, which threatened bank employees.

Capturing prey, the offender fled the scene on a BMX bike. Interestingly, this is not the fastest means of transportation did not prevent an attacker to escape, police stumped. The police believe that the robber about 25 years, and to describe the rest will just look the saga of battles in the galaxy far far away. And on the lookout in the meantime it was Palpatine ...

8 place - "Size Matters"

Graduate came to the test with a 11-meter "spur".

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

In Kazakhstan, in one of the city Ridder school graduates seized the crib, the length of which was 11 meters. On the tape it was written about 25 thousand responses in subjects that are part of the Unified National Test (UNT).

Such a long crib student made by gluing strips of paper. It is known that the graduate has not had time to use it. However, the supervisory commission officers seized a crib only during testing: the student was able to carry a neatly folded tape in class.

The incident with the student upset head of the city department of education, who noted that the child is ready: "It's also a job."

Interestingly, a table of contents and a list of references there are?

7 place - "Music Around Us"

Bananas and cats turned into the keyboard.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

The staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a set that allows you to convert a variety of objects and living beings in the computer keys.

From the point of view of science device is nothing special. The kit, called MakeyMakey, part of the fee that can be connected to a computer via USB, as well as a number of wires with clips. They are supposed to be attached to the conductive object.

While working on this subject is fed a slight tension, which changes on contact with them, for example, a human hand. This change is detected and transmitted to the board, which, in turn, sends a signal to the computer. To create a device can be used as keys to a wide variety of subjects. For example, in MakeyMakey video as a key advocate steps. When you "click" on them there is the sound of the piano notes taken. In another fragment of the keys are the bananas. Furthermore, the makers explained in that the keyboard can be used and animals, such as cats.

Now, a banana and a keyboard solo on Mike Farley - a common occurrence.

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6 place - the "last straw"

Two 115-year-old turtle filed for divorce.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

Animals in the Austrian zoo has recently ceased to communicate with each other and do not want to share the same cage. Experts in the field of wildlife are not yet able to help the turtles reunite, despite the romantic food and attempts to take their joint games.

Zoo staff realized that the animals are no longer willing to talk after female Bibi start regularly attack male named Poldi and even took a bite of his shell. Turtles grew up together, and then became a couple, and their marriage has more than a dozen years.

It seems involved here is another beauty in the shell.

5 place - "Happy money is not observed"

Israeli couple began their "honeymoon" in a landfill.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

After the wedding, the newly formed couple went to the hotel. The room was dismantled husband and wife donated the presents, and the cash receipts and greeting cards are laid down in a separate package.

The next morning, the pair left the hotel, but after a few hours, the couple realized that made a mistake, forgetting to pack with checks in the room. Young people immediately returned to the hotel, but the room was already tidied up. The audit showed that municipal services have already managed to take out the trash to the city dump.

Newlyweds said its director, that were invited to the wedding guests were very generous. All at the ceremony attended by about 500 people. Permeated with sympathy for the couple, director dumps sent to help the newlyweds a few employees to help find a package with checks. However, it is unable to detect the precious bag.

Only the cleaning lady with the enigmatic smile went to write a statement on vacation ...

4th place - "hot spot"

Russian for lunch had stolen 850 kilograms of oats.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

In one of the agricultural enterprises of Leninsk-Kuznetsky missed nearly a ton of cereal - corn gone directly from the warehouse. Long to find a mountain of oats, as well as of the kidnapper, it was not necessary. It appeared to be mechanic of the same enterprise.

As it turned out, during the working day he had free access and to the storerooms, and a special technique, but because once decided to try his luck. At lunchtime, when other workers are absent, the man scooped up a bucket loader oats and right it took the load to his home. After that, he had several times repeated the operation.

In total, mechanic drove to his home about 850 kilograms of oats. police seized stolen grass and returned to the farm. Against men prosecuted.

Shoulder "pilferer", definitely!

3rd place - "Grandma-Khalq"

World champion in powerlifting was the 81-year-old resident of Sochi.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

Galina Tsveri won in competitions on bench press in the weight category of 70 to 75 kilograms. In the championship was attended by over six hundred athletes aged from 9 to 81 years. Galina acts in the category of people with disabilities. She is also a member of the club for like-minded people with disabilities and orphans. "In July I will be 82, and the health I do not complain" - added the athlete, recalling that she had been repeatedly defeated in the Russian and European championships and became the world champion for the second time.

Now the phrase "Grandma pancakes" becomes another matter!

2 nd place - "These crazy Russian"

Russian Internet ekstremaly surprised dangerous stunts on top.

Deadly and extreme stunts, done at the height of a multistory home of our youth, surprised the foreign media. Posted on the Internet a video in which Russian children without insurance are pulled, squeezed, somersault and swing press on the crane structure, published by the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

Where it practiced fans of extreme entertainment is unknown, the newspaper writes in an article on "crazy Russian". First, the camera shoots, young people climbing to the top of the crane boom, and then start to show stunts, breathtaking. On the record shows that at the height of blowing very strong wind, which makes it even more dangerous push-ups and handstands that perform children.

Commentators video divided in their assessments of what he saw: some thought young people "idiots" and "insane", while others predicted that such good fun all the same will not run, others just thought that it was cool.

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The next candidates for the Darwin Award?

1st place - "Chinese Ninja"

BMW for the Chinese, not moving, stood for 87 hours.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

In the city of Chengdu (Sichuan Province), 27-year-old man stood for four days and three nights in order to win the contest, the main prize of which was a car. Competitors endurance were to stand still, putting a hand on a certain part of the BMW, which was next to them.

This insanely real world - the first top-June 10

In order to win in the competition had to be the last one left standing. The winner received the right to dispose of the car over the next five years. It should be noted that 120 people took part in the action. Winner was determined 87 hours after the start of the competition.

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In this review the first half of June is coming to an end. What else has prepared for us in June? Find out very soon, so stay tuned!

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